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Your Chance at a 500GB Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Drive

By  |  Posted at 8:17 am on Thursday, May 6, 2010


On Tuesday evening in San Francisco, we threw a party we called SpringThing at a cool art gallery called 12 Gallagher Lane. Our cohost/sponsor was Seagate, which gave demos of its just-announced line of FreeAgent GoFlex external hard drives. The folks in the photo above (by Ken Yeung) all look so attentive because they’re watching the giveaway drawing we did for five GoFlex drives. We can’t recreate the whole nifty SpringThing experience online, but here’s the next best thing: we’re replicate the giveaway drawing.

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Get an Early Halo: Reach Beta Code

By  |  Posted at 12:40 am on Wednesday, April 28, 2010


[UPDATE: We're closing the contest--thanks to everyone who entered! We'll notify winners soon.]

Want early access to the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta? Courtesy of Microsoft, we’ve got seven codes to give away. These will let you start playing on Thursday, April 29, so you won’t have to wait until May 3 and you won’t need a copy of last year’s Halo 3: ODST. As long as you can download the beta over Xbox Live, you’re good to go.

Here’s what you need to do for a chance at one of the codes:

  • Comment on this blog post with your thoughts about Halo: Reach. Use your valid e-mail address (it won’t be displayed, but we’ll need it to contact the winners).
  • You can alsot Tweet your answer to Harry (who’s @harrymccracken), if it fits in 140 characters including the @harrymccracken.
  • We’ll select people at random and deliver the code on April 29 by e-mail or direct message, so you must follow Harry on Twitter or use a valid e-mail address.

A brief primer on Halo: Reach’s multiplayer: The fundamentals of cat-and-mouse first-person shooting are the same as they’ve always been, but the developers at Bungie added new weapons and tweaked old ones, gave special armor powers that players can choose at the start of match, and created new modes (Ars Technica’s preview has a solid guide to what’s new). The beta allows people to get excited for the game while letting Bungie make adjustments based on how people play in the real world.

Good luck to those who enter. If you don’t win, you can still access the beta on May 3 with a copy of Halo 3: ODST. Either way, you’ll find me playing the beta on Xbox Live as ThePimpOfSound. I’ll destroy you all.

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Livescribe, creators of the Pulse smartpen, opened an app store for third-party software back in November–and now it’s holding a contest to reward the coolest programs. I’m a judge, but anyone who’s interested can vote. You don’t need to have a Pulse pen–there are video demos of all entries–but you do need to hurry, since voting closes tomorrow…

Posted by Harry at 10:52 am

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Envision Apple’s Tablet, Get a Shot at a $100 Apple Gift Card

By  |  Posted at 1:56 pm on Thursday, January 21, 2010

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With less than a week to go until Apple (probably) tells all about its tablet, time is rapidly running out to discuss it without really knowing what the heck we’re talking about. So while you still can, please participate in Technologizer’s Apple Tablet Prediction Project. Just spend a few minutes answering multiple choice questions about what you think Apple is geting ready to announce. We’ll tally up the responses into an aggregate prediction, and compare it to the real thing next week–assuming it shows up. And we’ll choose a name at random from the entries and award that person a $100 Apple Store (U.S.) gift card.

We were originally going to wrap things up at 5pm PT today, but what the heck–let’s leave the survey open until 5pm PT tomorrow. Please enter, tell your pals, and have fun!

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Name the Apple Tablet, Win a $100 Apple Store Gift Card

By  |  Posted at 11:18 am on Tuesday, December 29, 2009


When the biggest news story involves speculation about the name of a product that may or may not exist, you know it’s a slow news week. So let’s turn iLemons into iLemonade and have a little contest.

What will Apple name its tablet? Please register your guess by adding a comment to this post–one guess per entrant, please. Once the tablet is unveiled–assuming it does get unveiled–we’ll check all the comments. And if anyone got the name right, we’ll give that person a $100 Apple Store gift card. (Consider it a down payment on the Apple tablet if you like.)

It’s OK to guess a name that someone else has already entered–if more than one person has the right name, we’ll do a random drawing that will include everyone who predicted correctly.

If you can’t think of a name that seems likely–well, enter one that seems unlikely. Or wholly implausible. (It’s possible you’ll still have a shot at winning–see rule #3 below.)

The fine print:

1. The names “iSlate,” “iGuide,” and “Magic Slate” are being widely bandied about; you can enter them, but you might just end up being one of many. We’d love to see other names get nominated, too–lots of them.

2. We’ll judge the contest and announce a winner–if anyone gets it right–within 48 hours of the day Apple actually announces the tablet, if it does.

3. If Apple announces a tablet and nobody got the name right–or December 31st, 2010 comes and Apple still hasn’t announced a tablet–we’ll do a random drawing that includes all entrants.

4. If you enter more than one guess, your entries are disqualified.

5. The judges’ decision is final.

6. Be sure and use a real e-mail address when you leave a comment; it won’t show up publicly, and we’ll only use it in the event that you’ve won the contest.

7. Have fun!

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DARPA Offers $40,000 to Spot Ten Red Balloons

By  |  Posted at 1:26 pm on Friday, December 4, 2009


The Defense Department’s DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) program will be looking at how information spreads virally on the internet through a contest looking to see who can be the first to correctly spot ten red weather balloons around the country.

These balloons will be launched from “readily accessible locations and visible from nearby roads” on Saturday. Those wishing to participate in the contest must first register at DARPA’s website and would have until December 14 to complete their submissions.

The agency hopes to understand how information goes viral. Specifically, the website says the effort “will explore the roles the Internet and social networking play in the timely communication, wide-area team-building, and urgent mobilization required to solve broad-scope, time-critical problems.”

Participants are already harnessing the social aspects of the Internet in order to compete. Websites such as have popped up to centralize and verify reports, and in some cases, if a team wins the winnings would be divided among those who correctly report balloon locations.

DARPA has made sure that no one person would be able to spot all of the balloons, thus they would be spread out pretty far across the entire country, according to reports. About 1,500 have signed up to participate, with another 1,000 expected to register before the contest begins.

It will certainly be interesting to see how this contest pans out, as it could have some real world implications. Obviously, the Defense Department would like to understand how information spreads — especially to assist in counterterrorism measures.

We’d like to know if you spot a balloon tomorrow. Let us know here in the comments. (Maybe we should have a Technologizer team?)

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Our Quest for the Worst PC in America Ends Today

By  |  Posted at 8:27 am on Friday, October 16, 2009


Worst PC in AmericaOver the past couple of weeks, members of the Technology community have been gracing this site with words, pictures, and videos about some truly terrible personal computers. But it’ll all end tonight at 5pm PDT, when we stop accepting entries in our Worst PC in America contest.

We’ll then pick an, um, winner based on both the badness of the PC and the creativity of the entry–and its owner will receive HP’s slick new Envy 13 notebook, courtesy of HP.

HP Envy 13
If you’ve been too shy to share your clunker with us, now’s the perfect time to fess up. Go here to read the rules. To enter, reply to this forum thread–which contains all the entries so far–and tell us about your machine.


We’re Looking for the Worst PC in America

Tell us about your hunk of junk, and you might win an HP Envy 13 notebook.

By  |  Posted at 2:06 am on Tuesday, October 6, 2009

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The Worst PC in AmericaAttention, computer owners! Some of you own some really lousy PCs–either ones that were dogs in the first place, or which have gotten so roughed up over time that they’re just plain sad. Maybe most of these machines aren’t in active use–I sure hope not–but if they aren’t, they’re lurking in closets and attics across this great nation. I just know it.

And we want to hear about them, since the one type of computer more memorable than a great one is a bizarrely terrible one. Here’s your incentive to spill your guts: Courtesy of HP, we’ll pick a winner from among all people who tell us about their bad PCs–and that person will receive HP’s extremely slick, feature-laden Envy 13 notebook as a prize. (Thanks to HP for providing it.)

Envy 13

Enter the contest, won’t you? It’s easy–just tell us about your crummy machine in words, pictures, and/or video. Go here for full details on how to do that–you have until 5pm PDT on October 16th to tell your tale. (Comments are closed on this post so nobody accidentally enters here.)

Please spread the word by telling your loved ones, friends, coworkers, and random strangers to visit–the more rotten computers we uncover the merrier…

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