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Coming on Thursday: Live Blog Coverage of Apple’s Education Event

By  |  Posted at 12:13 am on Monday, January 16, 2012


On Thursday, January 19th, Apple is holding a press event in New York at the Guggenheim Museum. It says that the topic involves education. Lots of folks are logically assuming that iPad textbooks are at least part of the story. We won’t know any more details for sure until the event gets underway at 10am ET, but once it does, I’ll liveblog the whole thing at–and I hope you’ll join me. (Head there now if you’d like to get an e-mail reminder when the event begins.)

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Coming on Tuesday: Live Coverage of Microsoft’s Windows 8 Keynote

By  |  Posted at 11:22 pm on Sunday, September 11, 2011


I’m in Anaheim, holed up in my hotel room next door to the Anaheim Convention Center, where Microsoft will be holding its BUILD conference this week. It’ll serve as the launching pad for Windows 8, and will give us our first opportunity to see more than glimpses of the OS. A new version of Windows 8 is still a big deal, so I chose to come here rather than attend any of the other tech conferences that are going on this week in other locales. (Boy, are there a lot of them: DEMO, TechCrunch Disrupt, the Intel Developer Forum, the Information Week 500, and the Tokyo Game Show.)

On Tuesday morning at 9am PT, Microsoft will hold a BUILD keynote that’s likely to involve lots and lots of new details about Windows 8, an operating system we still don’t know all that much about. I’ll liveblog the whole event at Hope to see you there–and stay tuned for other Windows 8 news this week as it develops.

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Reminder: I’ll be liveblogging Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 launch event here in New York, starting at 9:30am ET. (Hey, that’s less than ninety minutes from now.) Join us at

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Quick reminder: I’ve been invited to watch a Webcast with Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, and tweet my thoughts. It’s at 2pm PT today. More information here, or go here to watch.

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Got Any Questions for Zappos’ Tony Hsieh?

By  |  Posted at 10:48 am on Monday, September 20, 2010

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I’m not a customer of shoe/fashion/housewares superstore Zappos, but I’ve never met anyone who was and didn’t rave about the site. So I’m pleased to have been invited to guest-tweet a live Webcast with Zappos founder/CEO Tony Hsieh this Friday, September 24, at 2pm PT.  I’ll watch, listen, and tweet some thoughts as I do.

The topic of the Webcast is “Service and the Evolution of the New Customer,” and I doubt that there’s a merchant on the Web who knows more about the subject than Hsieh. (He recently wrote a New York Times bestseller about it.)

You can participate (and share your own questions and impressions via Twitter) by joining us here on Friday. In the meantime, if you’ve got any questions for Hsieh, feel free to share them as a comment on this post–we’ll round ‘em up for the Webcast.

(Full disclosure: Like other Webcasts I’ve observed and tweeted, this one is sponsored by HP and hosted at one of its sites. The hashtag for the event is #hpio.)

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Live Google Mobile Event Coverage

By  |  Posted at 8:37 am on Thursday, August 12, 2010

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Quick reminder: I’ll be liveblogging Google’s mobile-related press event this morning. It starts in less than ninety minutes at 10amPT–join us at


What Will Google Announce This Thursday?

By  |  Posted at 12:17 am on Wednesday, August 11, 2010

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On this Thursday at 10am PT, Google will be holding an event at its San Francisco offices to announce “a couple of cool new mobile features.”  Kara Swisher wonders if the news will involve FaceTime-like video calling. [UPDATE/CLARIFICATION: She said sources said the event wouldn't involve such news, but said it should.] I lean very slightly towards thinking it won’t, for one non-definitive reason: Every event I’ve been to at Google SF has been in a smallish event with a smallish number of media representatives. (In fact, the invite for this one calls it “a small press gathering.”) Video calling sounds like a big deal that would merit a major unveiling at the Googleplex in Mountain View.

Whatever happens, I’ll be there–and I’ll blog the news it happens. Join me at for live Technologizer coverage of the event, won’t you?