My Declaration of Independence

By  |  Monday, June 9, 2008 at 8:00 pm

My name is Harry McCracken. I’m the founder of Technologizer. We haven’t officially launched yet, but I’m glad you found us.

Technologizer will cover the fun, fascinating, and sometimes frustrating world of personal technology–from the Web to digital entertainment to both PCs and Macs. My goal is to create a site that’s always forthright, always opinionated, and always entertaining. Whenever possible, we’ll put products through their paces in hands-on tests before we write about them. And I want all the folks who visit the site to have the opportunity to share their opinions and expertise, too.

I feel like my whole life has led to this project. I’ve been an avid user of personal computers and related stuff for almost as long as there have been “personal computers.” For almost fourteen years, I was a journalist at PC World, the planet’s largest computing magazine and one of its biggest tech sites. I worked with amazing colleagues, helped PCW win a bunch of awards, and ended up as editor in chief. And in general, I had a ball. But in May, 2008 I resigned to try my hand at building something from scratch. Technologizer will be that something.

Technologizer will be an independent site, owned and operated by me. (If you don’t like it, you’ll know who to blame.) But I’m extremely pleased to say that I’m starting it in partnership with the smart people at Federated Media. FM will be handling ad sales for the site and providing other forms of help on the business side–just as they do for a bunch of the biggest blogs on the Web, including several of my favorites.

The site will launch…well, I’m saying later this summer, but it won’t be very long. And I may blog a bit on this preview site a bit before the full-blown Technologizer site goes live.

Meanwhile, here’s some shameless self promotion for me. And if you want to reach me for some reason, you can do so here.

See you soon!

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  1. Jeremiah Owyang Says:

    Good luck Harry, despite this being a crowded space to cover, you come with a built in audience, great perspective, and a friendly attitude we like.

    Wishing you the best on your bold new adventure on your own.

  2. Ian Lamont Says:

    Sounds like an interesting venture, Harry. There are lots of opportunities for quality analysis and commentary, especially from someone who has been writing and using technology for so long.

    Looking forward to the launch!

    Ian Lamont
    The Industry Standard

  3. Andrew Mager Says:

    Very excited to follow this! I know it will be fantastic.

  4. Brenda Says:

    Hi, Harry…looking forward to the “official” launch!



  5. Jeremy Toeman Says:

    Congrats Harry, subscribed!

  6. Michael D. Williams Says:

    Good luck Harry… looking forward to seeing your latest creation become reality!

  7. Bob Stepno Says:

    Finally, a site for folks like me… Oh, wait… It’s not “technologeezer” after all. Damn trifocals…

    In any case, here’s wishing you the technologified equivalent of “Break a leg, Harry!”

    Ol’ Bob

  8. Jan Sandred Says:

    Way to go, Harry! Keep up the good work.

  9. Wayne Says:

    Best of luck my old friend!

  10. Laura Ciekot Says:

    Great to see you yesterday, Harry! Congratulations on the new venture. Can’t wait for what’s to come.

  11. Kevin G. Clark Says:

    Congratulations Harry!
    It’s been yonks since I rolled into your office on a PR Press Tour to demo the latest 3D software. I’m still doing 3D – now with SOFTIMAGE – in Montreal, Quebec. (Fantastic City)!!

    Best of luck in your new venture!

    Kevin G.

  12. Patrick Hinojosa Says:

    Way to go Harry! Look forward to the new site & venture. Site is now bookmarked.


  13. Chris Shipley Says:

    Congratulations for taking the plunge. I’m looking forward to your launch and wish you every success.


  14. John Hoye Says:

    Congratulations Harry!

    Really looking forward to the launch of the new site.

    Best of luck in your new gig!


  15. Slinger Says:

    Congrats on the launch.

    Oh and BTW…

    What a great photo of you, Harry!

    Kudos to the photog!

  16. Mike Ruiz Says:

    Good luck Harry. Looking foward to this… no pressure. 😉

  17. Chris Birdsong Says:

    Congratulations! I’m listening to you on TWIT right now. I can’t wait for the launch. Good luck.

  18. giovanni gallucci Says:


    What an exciting time for you! Caught you on TWiT and we all wish you the best in your new endeavor.

    giovanni gallucci, viewzi evangelist

  19. TinRoof Says:

    Heard about your new venture on Twit. Way to go.

  20. ec_lug Says:

    You said you will cover “both PCs and Macs” Do you have any plans to cover Linux too?
    Thank you and good luck.

  21. George Says:

    Congrats! Heard about your new blog / website on TWIT (just now), and found it right away. Hope it’s a great success, with lots of great stories. Good luck – subscribing right away, and looking forward to the official launch. — GJ

  22. Bob C. Says:

    Looking forward to the launch! Best of luck! I suspect this will be great!

  23. Dennis O. Says:

    Creative Computing, that brings back some pleasant memories. I’ll be sure to check things out when you go live.

  24. klein Says:


    I heard you on TWiT and I love that you’re serving the more mainstream “tech guy”. I am your target market. I’d love it if as you cover things on a more macro level, you could point out resources to learn more for those of us looking to find the niche information as well.

    I know a ton of guys who will love your mission.


  25. Mr Internet Says:

    Heard you on TWIT, looking forward to it, here down-under.
    Good Luck.

  26. Lee Says:

    Caught you on TWiT. Looking forward to launch day.

  27. Brian M. Says:

    Harry – I heard you for the first time on TWiT. I thought you brought a fresh voice and perspective to the show. As a longtime PC World subscriber I’ve also enjoyed your Techlog columns. Best of luck with the new blog. I hope one day to be able to make a contribution to it.

  28. Sammy Brence Says:

    I Cant wait. Always loved your articles. and when I heard on TWiT you where going to have your own Site I had to bookmark it and make it one of my daily rounds of sites to read. Thanks! Cant wait for the official site launch.

  29. Anders Steele Says:

    I’m looking forward to the launch of the site. Best of luck.

  30. Viktor Says:

    Hi, I’m a casual listener of This Week in Tech and I recently heard your plug on the show. Just had to stop by and say that I think ‘technologizer’ is the coolest domain name ever, very catchy. Best of luck.

  31. Pete Lewis Says:

    Aiming a giant Positronic Success Ray Gun at you, Harry. Best of luck –

  32. Dan Heather Says:

    Outstanding news, Harry! You’ve come a long ways since your days at 31 St. James in Boston! And you look a lot different, too (no more ripped jeans, huh?). Good luck on fulfilling your dreams…

    Dan Heather
    Network Control Group, Inc.

  33. Sammy Brence Says:

    Round About when are you gonna open up the site Harry?

  34. Brett Zajac Says:

    I heard about your site on TWIT and i can’t wait until your up and running.
    All the best.
    Brett Zajac

  35. ShizleMcNizzle Says:

    Technologize me bro. Are you as pumped to kick out the blogs as I’m am to link to them from my Diggz account? Peace out and merry July 4th Peoplez.

  36. George Stanton Says:

    Just got uo to date with TWiT. I am so looking forward to this new venture. You came across as someone who really does know his stuff and with so much common sense. The content you are talking of sounds great too. Three fantastic ingredients. It’s got to be a success!

  37. Travis Good Says:

    Your exposure on TWIT obviously served you well.
    We enlistees of the TWIT Army await your launch.
    See what a popular tech podcast can accomplish?

  38. Sam Bhavnani Says:

    Harry this is going to be great. Learned about it on Twitter today FYI.

  39. Leonard Leong Says:

    Harry best of luck. Looking forward to it.

  40. C O'Connor Says:

    Also TWIT discovered.

    How about an iPhone homescreen icon. 😉

    Good luck!

  41. ALEX SPENCER Says:


  42. Andreas Perband Says:

    Hi Harry,

    good luck with your new site! I am happy to see you back as a tech journalist! Looking forward to the 'official' launch!

    Andreas Perband

  43. 5minute membership Says:

    great site full of great info

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