Scrabulous is Dead–Long Live Wordscraper, I Guess!

By  |  Wednesday, July 30, 2008 at 10:50 pm

As Mashable is reporting, the Agarwalla brothers, who yesterday were forced to pull Scrabble clone Scrabulous from Facebook are back–with a new Facebook game called Wordscraper. It involves piecing letters together into words on a grid in which different positions provide different scores, and…well, it looks a lot like Scrabble. But less so than Scrabulous did. (For one thing, the letters are on circlular “titles,” not squares.)

I cheerfully admit being a lousy person to judge Wordscraper, having little experience with either Scrabble or Scrabulous. If you have a more well-informed opinion than I could muster, I’d love to hear it…and let’s hope that Wordscraper is a distant enough bastard cousin of Scrabble that avoids the wrath of Hasbro’s lawyers.

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