Yahoo Lets You Take the Personalization Out of Advertising

By  |  Friday, August 8, 2008 at 2:18 pm

I’m generally OK with sites attempting to serve me ads that are relevant to my interests–even though the tech is still so crude that I often can’t tell if they’re doing it. But if personalization creeps you out, Yahoo is listening.

Yahoo and Google Ads: Privacy, More Easily
Yahoo has announced that it will let users opt out of customized advertising, news that comes a day after Google introduced a one-click opt-out feature for customized advertising. Yahoo’s announcement doesn’t say that it’ll collect any less information about users–just that it won’t display customized advertising. And personally, if I’m going to be pelted with ads I’d prefer that they were customized. But more privacy options rather than fewer are unquestionably a good thing, especially when they’re easy to find and use.
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Microsoft Loses Money
Microsoft has quietly announced that Money, its personal-finance package, will no longer be available as boxed software, and won’t receive a 2009 update. More thoughts on why this is a sign of things to come for the software industry–and not necessarily a bad thing for the folks who use Money–here.
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If I Were a Rich Man
Armin Heinrich’s $1000 I Am Rich iPhone application continues to attract attention in the blogopshere, even though it’s no longer available on Apple’s App Store. In an e-mail exchange with the Los Angeles Times, Heinrich said that he sold eight copies of his application; no word on whether his customers were foolish, rich, or foolish rich people.

Olympic Fever
Confession time: I’m not much of an Olympics fan. I’m not planning to follow all the excitement on my TV, let alone my PC or my phone. But for all of you who will be, here are a few links about ways to keep tabs on what’s going on in Beijing without tuning into NBC.Read more at: Google Mobile, Microsoft Live Search, Google Lat Long, ZDNet, Lifehacker, Wired News, GottaBeMobile

Google Translate in Your Pocket
I’m mostly used to using Google Translate to translate snippets of Web pages, with results that are generally at least somewhat helpful, and sometimes hilarious. But I think I’ll find its new iPhone version pretty darn helpful when I’m out and about in a country whose language I don’t speak. Wonder how long it’ll be until there’s a version that can speak the translations out loud, letting my iPhone ask passers-by where I can find a restroom?
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