Good Grief, Are Even Our Clipboards Not Sacrosanct?

By  |  Monday, August 18, 2008 at 9:12 am

Here’s a good computing rule of thumb: If you discover a mysterious link in your Clipboard for a piece of security software you’ve never heard of, DON’T CLICK ON THE LINK AND BUY THE SOFTWARE!

Clipboards Under Attack
The BBC has an alarming story about a piece of malware that apparently uses a vulnerability in Flash to insert a link into the Clipboard of Firefox users on both Windows and Mac computers. The link leads to a site hawking fake security software, and the Beeb says it’s difficult to get rid of (although it also seems to say that rebooting your computer or killing the browser thread will remove it, which doesn’t sound that onerous). It all sounds annoying rather than dangerous, but it sounds really annoying, like finding a grifter hawking fake Rolexes in your living room, and having trouble getting rid of him. And it attacks Flash, Firefox, and Macs, three platforms I don’t associate with major security headaches.
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Pandora We Hardly Knew Ye?
The CEO of Pandora, the wonderful personalized music service that’s a hit on the Web and even neater as an iPhone service, says that the new, much higher royalty rates for Internet radio stations may drive it out of business soon. That would be tremendously sad. And wile I’m all for music owners getting paid–and even for them being allowed to make dumb, self-defeating business decisions–I haven’t heard anyone explain how it can be good for anyone involved if the royalty rates are set so high that nobody can afford to pay them.

Cloud Computing: It’s For Everybody
The Patent Office has denied Dell’s attempt to trademark the phrase “Cloud Computing.” I was going to say that comes as no surprise given the generic nature of the phrase, but that hasn’t stopped the patent office before–I’m old enough to remember when “Windows” was a generic term used when discussing graphical interfaces, not a Microsoft trademark. I’m glad that Dell failed here and mystified why they tried in the first place…and I’ll be happiest of all when this currently buzzy phrase isn’t quite as overused as it is at the moment.

Firefox vs. IE, Part MMMMCMXCIX
I’m a sucker for anything that discusses the relative market share of Firefox and Internet Explorer, such as a new blog post at CNET that comes to the (pretty obvious) conclusion that Internet Explorer usage goes down as the technical sophistication of a Web site’s audience goes up. I’ll take the opportunity to give an update of browser usage on Technologizer: In the site’s short life to date, 46 percent of visitors have used Firefox, 26 percent have used Safari, and IE is in third place with 22 percent. Operating systems? 54 percent of folks used Windows, and 38 percent used the Mac–and five percent used an iPhone (!). My stats are unquestionably skewed by the current popularity of my comparisons of Mac and PC prices, but it’s still great to see so much diversity.
Read more at: CNET

Steve Jobs, Customer Service Rep
Over at MacRumors, there’s a piece on an iPhone 3G user who supposedly pinged Steve Jobs about the iPhone’s connectivity glitches and got a brief response from the man himself, saying that two percent of iPhones are impacted and that Apple hopes to get a fix out quickly. I don’t know if the story is true, but there have been plenty of apparent instances of Jobs responding to e-mail from Apple customers before. I’m impressed that he finds the time…and also fascinated by the idea of so many people with questions or comments about Apple products deciding to take them right to the top.
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