Googleversary: Our Coverage So Far, and a Poll

By  |  Sunday, September 7, 2008 at 11:07 am

Tons of Web sites have chosen today to celebrate Google’s tenth anniversary. Google itself, as I write this, isn’t one of them. I assume it will mark the occasion at some point, presumably with a special logo on its homepage, as it’s done in the past. If it does, I’m sure it’ll be a far cooler commemorative logo than the one at the left, which I whipped up with the addictive Googlogo.

Until Google does something formal to acknowledge its birthday, this anniversary interview at the L.A. Times with the company’s Marissa Mayer is a decent substitute and a good read. And here’s a quick recap of Technologizer’s special coverage of a decade of Google:

Google 1998, Google 2008: A look at what Google looked like when it was just starting to be Google (amazingly like what today’s extremely experienced Google looks like, it turns out);

Twelve Bizarro Googles: A dozen weird Google variants, both official and unofficial…from Elmer Fudd Google to all-spam Google to backwards Google;

A World Without Google: Some thoughts on the company’s significance, and what the Web might be like if it had never existed.

Let’s end this with a T-Poll:

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