Department of Alarming iPhone Error Messages

By  |  Wednesday, September 10, 2008 at 11:22 pm

Okay, I just plugged my iPhone 3G into its sync cable, and got this message in iTunes:

Pretty alarming, no? And vague–what does “not recognized” mean? Why is it talking about activating the phone for service, when I activated it the morning that iPhone 3Gs went for sale? Why does it suggest that I travel to an Apple Store for more information? There’s nothing that Apple’s knowledge base could tell me? What’s with the little padlock in the upper right-hand corner?

Postscript: Rather than making plans to visit an Apple Store, I unplugged the cable, then reconnected it. My iPhone is fine, and I’m relieved…but still puzzled.

Anyone else ever see this?



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  1. thehumanyawn Says:

    No, but I tried putting an activated SIM from my 3G in my first-gen and it wanted me to activate it as a new phone. I hope my 3G doesn’t break because I won’t have a spare iPhone.

  2. Otis B. Driftwood Says:

    Well, if you buy counterfeit iPhones made in Turkmenistan, this sort of thing will happen.

  3. thehumanyawn Says:

    har har

  4. best Says:

    Thank you.