Google’s 10th Anniversary Search for Great Ideas

By  |  Wednesday, September 24, 2008 at 5:35 pm

A few weeks ago, many of us were marking Google’s tenth birthday and wondering how it would celebrate the event–and assuming it would decorate its home page with a special logo. (The one at left is my crude handiwork.) I’m still not sure if Google did a special logo or plans to, but it’s announced one celebratory initiative that’s way cooler: It’s holding a contest to find great ideas that can help as many people as possible, and has set aside $10 million to spend on making up to five of them into realities.

The company calls this Project 10 to the 100th, and has created a Web site to spread the word. It’s also produced a little music video, which is pretty cute and features a song I’m now going to have trouble getting out of my head:

The site has a submission form, and lets you upload your proposal in the form of a video (30 seconds max) if you choose.

Google says the ideas can be big or little, and don’t necessarily need to involve technology–it’s all about how big an impact they can have. I’ll be interested to see what folks come up with–and whether Google’s $10 million investment pays off. I’m glad it’s trying.

The company has launched a tenth anniversary site that’s worth a visit if you’re a lover of Googletrivia.

Oh, and I just checked the Google holiday logo site–and see no evidence that it’s done a tenth aniversary one. I’m still holding out hope…

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