StumbleUpon Stumbles Upon a Toolbar-Free Experience

By  |  Tuesday, September 30, 2008 at 10:43 pm

StumbleUpon, the addictive way to channel-surf your way across the Web by visiting seemingly random sites that other folks like, is about to get more addictive. Until now, it’s required a toolbar that let you surf sites and review and recommend ’em (or give them a thumbs-down). But it’s announcing a new version that requires no toolbar and which lets you browse around sites at in much the way you might explore a site like YouTube.

When you begin your Web wanderings at StumbleUpon’s site, the Web pages you visit will be framed with a purely Web-based equivalent of the StumbleUpon tools up top; unlike the Toolbar, these tools are only there when you’re Stumbling around the Web. I’m a StumbleUpon Toolbar user right now, but I like the idea of going Web-only; I’ve got too many toolbars as it is, and getting rid of the SU Toolbar will free up a few precious vertical pixels of screen real estate, and generally declutter my browser a bit.

In addition, StumbleUpon is going to work with major sites to add StumbleUpon features to their site, so you can Stumble pages with one click (just as many sites let you Digg content) and can Stumble your way around content within the site in question. The Huffington Post and HowStuffWorks are StumbleUpon’s first two partners, but it will roll these features out to other sites, including and The National Geographic.

This is just a quickie post–I really want to try the new StumbleUpon for myself and tell you what I think. And I will when I can, but it doesn’t appear to be live just yet.

Until it is, here’s an image of the new StumbleUpon, provided by the company:

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