Twitter Chatter: What Are We Hoping Apple Announces on Tuesday?

By  |  Sunday, October 12, 2008 at 12:14 pm

[SHAMELESS PLUG: Technologizer will be liveblogging the Apple notebook event on 10/14/2008 @ 10am PT. Please join us.]

This we know for sure: Apple is having an event next Tuesday, and it will involve notebooks. Possibly sub-$800 notebooks and/or notebooks carved out of solid blocks of aluminum. But really, Apple being Apple, it could announce almost anything on Tuesday–multiple anythings, even.

So over on Twitter, I asked my pals to chime in with their what they were hoping for–and since it was Twitter, they had to do it in a maximum of forty characters.

Here’s what folks told me:

wardomatic: Affordable (yet fast) Macbooks, please.

amarvin: i hope apple announces a 13-inch aluminum macbook but keeps the current macbooks as entry-level (cheaper) models.

kellieparker: free laptops for everyone! But seriously, I think it’s a MacBook & MBP refresh

dtnick: A MacBook that doesn’t crack. Is that too much to ask from them?

randypeterman: I would like Apple to announce a Mac Basic [$799], a Mac Book+ [$1199] & a MBP Upgrade for $1799.

james_atomic: MacBook pro air?

strixus: not a laptop. New Mini.

ugadawg94: I want a 15 inch MacBook.

CallanH: I hope the $800 laptop rumors are true. I know many people who would be into that.

mikebarton: Re: Apple, I think it’s got to be sub-$800 or go home in this economy. Here come the netbooks…

PatrickMoorhead: Would like to see APL announce laptops with integrated graphics that can actually do something more useful than web surfing. [NOTE: Patrick works at AMD.]

pcubed: really hope for a high-end netbook, like an Air for the rest of us. Somewhere in the $650 range would be optimal.

willswideweb: Nothing. I can’t afford another laptop at the moment…

Now that you’ve read this wish list for Tuesday, why not add to it with a comment? Feel free to use way more than 140 characters if you need ’em…

And hey, if you want to follow me on Twitter, please do! I go by the cryptic handle of harrymccracken there.


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