Bring on the Bold! AT&T Sets a Launch Date for New BlackBerry

By  |  Wednesday, October 22, 2008 at 10:09 am

I’ve written several times about RIM’s BlackBerry Bold–mostly with an an impatient edge in my voice, since I first got to try one way last spring and thought it would come out on AT&T at around the same time that the iPhone 3G arrived in mid-July. AT&T took longer to decree the phone ready for prime time than anyone expected–a good thing, apparently–but it’s reached its comfort zone. The company has announced that the Bold will go on sale on November 4th; it’ll cost $300 with a two-year contract.

To recap, the Bold is the next-generation full-sized BlackBerry: It’s got 3G data capability, an excellent screen (the same resolution as an iPhone, but more dots per inch). improved software with what looks like a decent browser and new media apps, and, yes, a very real physical keyboard. I’ve lost track of the number of BlackBerry users who have asked me about it over the past few months, and the number of times I’ve told them to hold off on jumping ship to the iPhone until they were able to try out a Bold. My gut is that there are a lot of BlackBerry users who have no desire to give up their clicky little keyboards, but want a hipper phone–and therefore there may be a big pent-up demand for a phone like the Bold.

The Bold has taken so long to make its appearance that it risks never getting a chance to be the newest, coolest BlackBerry: Verizon will be shipping the BlackBerry Storm soon, too, and its touchscreen makes it a more strikingly different type of BlackBerry than the more evolutionary Bold. I haven’t tried the Storm yet. But no matter how cool it turns out to be, I think there’s going to be a very large market for BlackBerry devices with real QWERTY keyboards for a long time to come.

Much more to come on the Bold once we get our hands on one for a full review.



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  1. TC Says:

    Been using this phone and love it. Screen will blow you away. Best BB keyboard to date. Mark it.

  2. Jean Says:

    Dude, seems like the Blackberry definatly has some bugs to work out, but windows mobile is realible…we’ll see how they work it out, by the way i ran
    accross this site the other day and the idea behind it was quite interesting. This website offers a service where you can have 2 phones lines and 2 voicemail feed into one phone.
    Check it out…

    We’ll see if Blackberry listens to thier clients’ complaints…