Oprah Gives Kindle the Thumbs Up

By  |  Friday, October 24, 2008 at 11:13 pm

If Howard Stern is the “King of all Media” (at least he tells himself that), then Oprah Winfrey should rightfully be considered the Queen. Amazon must be tickled pink that the iconic talk show host has given its Kindle a ringing endorsement, which came as part of her show on Friday.

Winfrey says the device “was life-changing” and is “the wave of the future.” With her influential book club, which have turned many an author into overnight success stories, Oprah brings a large consumer base into Amazon’s waiting open arms.

At $359 the Kindle is still expensive for most — Oprah even admitted as much during the show, which also featured Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. But with Oprah’s star power behind it, the device now has the opportunity to move out of cult favorite and into the mainstream

The appearance of the device on the show did not come without a promotion. By entering the code “OPRAHWINFREY” at checkout, a $50 discount on the device will be provided. For those on the fence, here’s your reason to jump in.

How big is this for Amazon? In my opinion, very. This essentially gives the device the kind of publicity it needs in order to survive. It also puts pressure on Sony, who now must try to match Amazon’s move. A deal with Martha Stewart, anyone?



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  1. Errol Lincoln Uys Says:

    As an editor and writer who saw his first published story set in hot metal, I marvel at Amazon’s Kindle reader and its role in the future of the “printed” word.

    I’m thrilled to see Oprah endorse Kindle!

    No traditional book can offer the interactive platform I’ve created for the Kindle edition of my novel Brazil or open the door to actively sharing the magic that goes into the making of a monumental novel.

    I’ve linked the e-text to an online guide with more than 200 images and illustrations, providing an indispensable companion on a fictional journey through five hundred years of Brazilian history. Plus my working notes and journals kept on a 20,000 kilometer trek through that vast land.

    You can preview the guide at my website: http://www.erroluys.com

    Were Gutenberg here to see the Kindle, he would have one word to say: “Bravo!”

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