Verizon Makes Data Plans Mandatory on Smartphones

By  |  Monday, November 3, 2008 at 8:01 am

If you’ve been getting around paying higher cell phone rates for your smartphone by either skimping on the data plan or forgoing it altogether, that’s about to change if you’re a Verizon Wireless customer. Beginning later this month, all new smartphones sold will require a data plan of at least $29.99, if not more.

Verizon will do away with the 10MB data plan, as well as the pay as you go plans on new phones sold after November 14. Part of this makes sense: for pay as you go, data was charged at 1.5 cents per KB, which would come to about $15 per MB of data. The 10MB plan cost users $24.99 monthly, but overage charges would be about $5 per MB after that.

The $29.99 monthly plan would get folks unlimited data. Most people would be able to use this package for their phones, and it is the same price AT&T customers currently pay for data for their iPhone 3G’s. But it looks like the company will be taking this one step further next year, with “Mobile Web 2.0” phones also requiring the new data plans.

Leaked Verizon Document

Currently, Verizon says phones that need the plan are “devices with HTML capability.” Thus, if you have a full web browser on your new phone, you’ll be getting the new plan. Current customers would not be affected: they would be grandfathered until they upgrade their devices.

Now, I’m the first person to criticize Verizon when it comes to its cell phone service. The company cripples its phones with an awful propreitary interface, and locks out functionality more than any other carrier. But this move makes sense.

If you have a smartphone, you shouldn’t be skimping out anyway. The whole purpose of these devices are the Internet connectivity themselves. It’s a waste of money to buy a device like the iPhone or LG Dare, etc. and then not get the data plan with it.

Add to this the ridiculous way the smaller plans were priced, and its likely most were already opting for this plan anyway. You can’t fault Verizon for wanting to cash in on the smartphone craze, after all it does have investors to deal with.


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  1. Richard John Kristin Says:

    I am a verizon customer and do not require internet access on a smartphone, as I use a smartphone more or less as a PDA, and when getting my e-mail I am usually in a FREE WI-FI area either at the University, Office, or at Home. The fact that I would be required to have a data plan to me is ridiculous and if Verizon does implement this mandatory service requirement I am sure that the words "MAJOR LAW SUIT" will be appearing very shortly their after. CAN YOU HEAR ME VERIZON. For those who absolutely require Internet Access Everywhere 24/7/365 pay but leave the service as a consumer choice because I do also have other news for you, the iPhone is the #1 Smart phone for a reason and as good as your offerings are they still do not top it. Have a nice day.

  2. Carol Says:

    Richard, How do you have a Smart-phone and not have a data plan. I just got off the phone with Verizon and was told that I don't have a choice. If I buy a smart phone I am required to have a data package. I asked them if i bought my phone from NEWEGG.COM and activated it through them can I not have a data plan. I was told as soon as I activate my phone they would automatically tack on the data plan. I wanted to order the HTC Trophy (Window's Operating system) and use my phone as well as wifi only and be able sync it with computer as a PDA. I want to have a choice….Carol

  3. carl Says:

    I don’t agree that this new Verizon “make sense” either from a consumer or Verizon perspective. I, for example, am one of those people who has a cell phone but uses it infrequently. Thus, I switched from an AT&T “cheap” plan (apprx. $45 per/m, taxes included) to pay-as-I-go (which still requires that I use my pre-paid minutes within a certain time period). While there are smart phones that I might find a use for, the nice ones (or even not-so-nice ones) aren’t offered on a pay-as-you go basis; and, if you get one, you must get the carrier’s data plan. This new Verizon policy makes me think of the days when telecom carriers would not allow “naked DSL,” i.e. you could only get DSL if you also subscribed to the telephone service; but it seemed to me that it always made sense to offer naked DSL b/c then the carrier at least got something from someone it otherwise would get nothing from; and, once inside a home, I would think the chances of getting more services from that person would have increased. Now, re: mobile phones, I suppose the carrier is saying that b/c it subsidizes these phones it needs to recoup its costs, thus the need for a mandatory data plan … But apparently even if a person pays full price for the device he/she still must subscribe to the data plan … This is nothing more than Verizon making the decision that if you can afford a smartphone then you must have the ability to pay them more than a person who purchases a non-smartphone. To me, it’s squeezing the customer.

    Re: a lawsuit, well, I don’t that’s going to fly. Internet access is not yet in the category of a utility. Just because some people need it at all times is not enough for a court to rule that Verizon’s policy is illegal in some way. One can argue that every needs a landline or water, but you can’t get those free even if you have very low income; you pay something, even if its a lesser amount. And what’s the legal argument? Well, it’s not inherently illegal to price one’s product so that it’s out of reach of someone who deeply desires it.

    But maybe this will all chance in the next 5-10 years.

  4. Richard John Kristin Says:

    It is unfortunate, that Verizon is forcing users to obtain data plan’s with it’s smart phones. My contract will expire in 2009, when if forced to purchase a data plan, I will take my phone# and visit AT&T with a iPhone. The iPhone when it was introduced was suppose to have a mandatory data plan, which users did take to court where the mandatory data plan was dropped. If I am going to pay for a high end phone, I believe it is up to me the consumer to decide which services if any I want with the phone. I do not surf the net while I am comuting as that is a danger to those around me. I do surf at Home, on my MacBook, and at the University (Baker), which has FREE wireless. So why do I require a additional fee $29.99/mth for something which I do not need, want or use? I believe that Verizon will be losing a great many customers, if they actually have the stupidity to implement this consumer rip-off!

  5. Palani Says:

    I full agree wit you why are they thrusting the data plan down our throats, leave the option to me something must be done about this

  6. pjb Says:

    this is bs

  7. gg Says:

    ed…ure retarded

  8. Derrick Says:

    Ahhh I hate Verizon!!! heres the email I just sent them. Please anyone who finds out about this shit policy speak up, its the only way things get done.
    After spending 40 minutes on the phone with your customer support, I am still absolutely astounded that your company has decided to force everyone who decides on purchasing a smartphone to also purchase a data plan. In the case of the WiFi enabled Samsung Omnia, you would be charging me 720$ over 2 years simply to receive updates. Everything the data package allows except updates can be accomplished over WiFi and through basic functionalities. Moreover it is completely plausible to receive updates over WiFi if Verizon were to create a very simple manual update program. Basically Verizon has decided to charge all of its WiFi smartphone customers $720 for updating a phone. The price however is not the issue here, the issue is the fact that we have no options. I have no use for 3g as I am surrounded by WiFi. All I want is WiFi and the capabilities a basic phone can handle (the ability to send pictures, texts and calls). This is not asking much. This policy will not be tolerated for very long as not many people can afford to triple their phone spending for an unnecessary browsing and update option. I can only hope that Verizon is the first to realize that this is blatant robbery. After being a Verizon costumer for 7 years and to now be slapped in the face with this ridiculous policy I will likely never return to Verizon as a provider purely on principle.

  9. leslie henry Says:

    How can it be legal to force us to buy a plan we do not want? I do not understand that. If I just want a pda and phone combination in one why can’t I do that. It is getting ridiculous how phone companies are controlling. yet no one does a thing about it. They just pay, pay pay. I would switch to another carrier but it would likely be the same. It is too bad.

  10. Marissa Says:

    It wouldn't be legal if Verizon required everyone in the US to buy this data plan, however, that's not the case, it's legal because you don't *have* to buy a smartphone, that's your choice. The 2-yr contract comes with it and when you decide to buy this phone you know about it. It's completely legal, yet I agree with the fact that it totally SUCKS.

  11. PizzaSucker Says:

    its like forcing a religion on us!

  12. Drew Says:

    There are certain things that the consumer market can tolerate even if they complain. For example, introducing the MB charge was unfavorable, but we took it. This however, is not something that Verizon customers can deal with. If two of my other family members hadn’t renewed their contract a few months ago, I would surly drop this provider as soon as my contract is up in 2009. I was just looking into finally getting a smart phone seeing as most other verizon phones are less than mediocre. I was going to purchase a samsung i760. Only 200 dollars with the two year contract and I was only going to use it as a normal phone ( and of course for the Wi-Fi which is everywhere now, not to mention constantly around me here on campus). I imagine that the phone makers will have bones to pick with Verizon once their smartphone sales drop as well as “Semi-smart” phones.

  13. daniel b. Says:

    yeah, i just spoke to someone at verizon…it’s going to be fifty bucks a month!

  14. BL Says:

    I have been with Verizon for 5 years. I needed a good smartphone when my contract was up in March. I waited several months for the Samsung Omnia to come out. When it finally came out in late November I jumped at the chance to get one. Data plans were not required until the release of the Omnia. When I found out I was forced to get a data plan I instantly and diappointedly changed my mind even though I really wanted the Omnia. I don’t even mind leaving the new every two equipment credit I had with Verizon.

    Now, I am going to switch to AT&T and get the HTC Fuze. Too bad Verizon doesn’t get the fact they are going to push the most loyal Verizon customers (like me) to AT&T and other providers.

  15. Scott S. Says:

    I agree. I’ve had a treo for about 6 years, never use the data plan and have no need for it. I strictly use the phone for syncing to Outlook. I’ve got 3 lines with Verizon, all of which will be dropped immediately and go to a more consumer friendly provider.

  16. WY Says:

    This is total BS! Definitely makes me think seriously about jumping ship to (yuck!) AT&T. I’ve been a long time Verizon loyal customer as well, as they really do have the superior network, and have very little need for a data plan typically use it only when urgent, but forcing the customer (remember Verizon, we ARE the people who pay your salaries?!) into buying something they don’t want/need is ridicilous!

  17. maggie Says:

    this is complete crap. charging people $29.99/month is ridiculous. especially in our economy crisis, i doubt people will be able to afford this. i would likely take my business elsewhere if we had any other services in vermont. this is definitely going to effect their sales, and maybe result in a law suit.

  18. trevor Says:

    I agree. I’ve been with Verizon about 7 years now and just found out that when I upgrade my PDA/phone I’ll be forced into a data package as well. I don’t need or want that- I just want a phone that I can sync my contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes with. If forced to do this I’ll switch over to ATT for the iphone I would prefer anyway. Nice job V.

  19. DD Says:

    My contract is up for sprint and I really like the omnia so I was planning on switching to verizon, but after this nonsense I’m going to go to AT&T and get the iPhone.

  20. Steve Says:

    Phoneless, now that my LG Chocolate died, I discovered the Omnia. Music, HQ Camera, Video, 8gb, what’s this? Wi-Fi… Hey, that means I can check my e-mail now on my phone, so no more lugging around my laptop… just pick up the Free signal @ school & panera & friends’ houses & my house. Oh, that’s right, Verizon’s run by chimpanzees… It’s gonna be how much? Oh, 30 bucks a month to check my email… wait a second, let me sell a lung, and I’ll be right back to extend my contract. I’d rather be phoneless than homeless. Thanks, Verizon.

  21. Zohrab Says:

    You know, like most of you, been with Verizon for since I can remember. Always had a PDA phone. Been very impatiently anticipating the Omnia and that is when I found out about the new policy. I too can’t understand how this can be legal. Didn’t Microsoft get sued for this type of thing?

    I loved all the posts here. I thought I was going to be the only having problem with this. Now that I know I am not how can we make sure that Verizon knows that I am not the only one. Can this entire website be sent to the CEO of the company. Or maybe all of us should email him instead of just venting here.

  22. sa Says:

    I’ve been with

  23. sa Says:

    I’ve been with Verizon for 6 years now. I’ve been holding out on renewing a 2 year contract with them because I’ve been waiting on the Omnia. Once it came out, my husband and I were both going to get one. However, it’s ridiculous if we have to pay an additional $720 a year on top of our usual voice plan charges. We have Internet access at home and at work already and only wanted to use the phone as a PDA. I hope Verizon loses a lot of customers and money for this poor decision!!! Bye-bye Verizon. I’m going to make sure my other family members switch to another carrier as well before you try to rip them off.

  24. Dave Robinson Says:

    After being with verizon for the past 18 yrs it might be (hate to say it) time for a change. I’m currently using a treo 700w (with pay per kb that I never use)that I love and have been waiting to upgrade to the Omnia and that 29.99 extra a month has just kept me from renewing with them (4 phones on the plan) for the next 2 years. Thoughly fed up, I am currently looking into other companies plans. Oh ya, anybody know why you can still upgrade to a palm Centro “Smartphone” that still offers the pay per kb option? Sad…. Vert Sad.

  25. Chrees Says:

    Our company has all of it’s cell phones with Verizon. We pay them about $1000.00 a month. I called to get a new PDA for a new employee and COULD NOT BELIEVE they were going to force me to purchase a data plan as well. This can’t be right. Our employees do just fine using wi-fi without a data plan.

    While I’m sure Verizon would love to bleed another $4,000 a year out of us, we have better things to do with our money. So we are shopping….more people need to

  26. madATvz Says:

    Please lets all email VZ with our rants. I was hoping to get the Omnia soon too, and install my third party gps software which I use on my XV6700, but VZ found it smart to disable the gps from communicating with the gps software on all new PDAs, so you are forced to use their crappy VZNavigator and pay extra for it too. So now I am looking at AT&T (which I dont like) cause they have the HTC Fuze with no data plan required and I can use my GPS software. I was a diehard VZ customer, but now I am forced to leave them.

  27. Chris Says:

    Incredible. My current LG verizon phone’s 2yr plan is up in Jan and I was just doing some research on a phone with wi-fi capability. I currently own the iPod Touch and love the wi-fi feature on that, and figured I a verizon smartphone would be the way to go… Really unfortunate regarding the added charge. If my entire family didnt have Verizon and we lived out of state I would switch but unfortunately they have me bent over a barrel a bit…

  28. Turk Says:

    Is there any way to get around buying the data plan with the omnia?

  29. Turk Says:

    like buying it from samsung or something

  30. JQ Says:

    Just bought the omnia but didnt activate it yet. Now finding out that this data plan is sorta required I prob will not be activating it. I thought like others that the wi-fi connection wouldnt cost me anything since I already pay for it at home. I used the internet and stuff on it without yet activating it and it works fine. I would love to know if there is a way around this. I know a friend at the verizon store i will be asking!

  31. Sade Says:

    I learned about this last week when I called in to upgrade my phone. Verizon has made a 8yr customer shop around. Verizon is not competitive at all. We are the only ones that have to wait to 9pm for our night minutes to kick in. It has that stupid beep that allows callers to know when you are on the other line and not clicking over. Plus they lock down alot of features that are apart of the phone. So why do we stay? Because some how they dazzle us with those “its the network” commercials. Now I have to pay $79.99 and that does not include text messages. Unlimited texting is another $20 – I would rather go to Sprint and sign-up for their Simpy Everything plan before I accept this charge. I can hardly afford my phone now! I refuse for my bill to increase for a feature I do not want or use…and I refuse to purchase a regular phone. I will switch before I accept this bogus charge!

  32. JM Says:

    I am also astonished at this change! I have been a customer for 25 years or whenever they first opened and I finally decided to upgrade to a samsung omnia (PDA). But wait whats this…..Verizon wants me to pay 30.00 to use the internet? Who uses the internet all the time? No one they mostlly use wi-fi. Please everyone send your rants into verizon like I did and lets stop this money consuming greedy madness! In 25 years I have never seen anything like this!!

    Makes me so angry!!!!

  33. mike Says:

    Verizon is on that bull again. I wanted a Omnia also but now that I see it will be an extra $30 a month for data, Ill take my money elsewhere

  34. nkmd Says:

    Ok… I have a sch-i760 which thank god I have insurance on. I also have a family plan with a couple of phones on it. One of my lines is due for an upgrade, so I immediately looked into the HTC touch pro or the Omnia. I went to ship it and wtf!@$ I hate hate hate verizon. I already emailed them AND filed a complaint with the BBB. This is before reading this site.

    As I was originally saying, thankfully my i760 has insurance because I can keep my old plan. I was in the process of selling the i760, but I will be refunding the girls money. The $200 she’s buying it for won’t even cover a year of the new data plan. Even with a corporate discount the plan is still $25. I always have a data block, and I ALWAYS use my PDA for EVERYTHING! Entertainment, watching movies on planes, MP3’s, yes…wifi, bluetooth, one note, outlook, games, taking notes in class… How the hell am I going to watch a movie on my flight to Paris w/out my pda? I hate verizon… I hate verizon…

    Putting PDA users into a income bracket is stupid. I made just enough to cover my share plan with no frills. I avoided data plans like the plague and always removed the “Dialing 777…” thing. I just got laid off and reduced my plan minutes down to 700. Even so, I will barely scrape by. Everything I do, I need to be downsizing.

    Until reading this site, I was actually considering trying to find a “dumbphone” to make calls, and keep the omnia or touch pro as my “gadget”, but seriously! how much sense does that make? So now, if I am running into a store with a shopping list I will need to take my PDA and my cell phone?


    note: At one point, I upgraded my minutes from 700 to 1400 for a $20 upcharge. Not only did they charge me the $20 which is shown on my statement, they charged me for each and every minute OVER 700 minutes for 2 months. Plus they added two data plans, which is weird because I only have 1 pda. My bill in april 2008 was $587. (remember this goes on for 2 months) So in total they overcharged me by $1000! I fought it of course and received a full credit, (and they threw in a new phone due to the erroneous data plans) but they seriously screwed up my budget because I had to pay first to avoid penalties and loss of service.


    I need a new service provided ASAP. too bad my lines don’t cancel until 2010, AND everyone I know and call is on verizon as well. The real issue is that if it weren’t for the friends and family free calling and texting, I would be super happy. Is Alltel any good?


  35. Jay Says:

    Verizon is full of shit..At first, I wanted the blackberry storm, but it required a data plan..So instead I opted for the Samsung Omnia..When I bought the Omnia, the manager told me it was NOT REQUIRED for me to buy the data plan with the Omnia so I did not..About 2 weeks later I come home and check the mail..and there it is, a bill telling me that I have added this data plan of 45 bucks or so…The manager strictly told me it was not required..So after I received the bill, I went straight to the verizon store and ask them what happened, and there you go, VERIZON MAKES DATA PLANS MANDATORY FOR SMARTPHONES all of a sudden right when they release the now I have to replace my Omnia which i’ve had for about 3 weeks now because I certainly do NOT want to pay 30 or 40 bucks for stupid internet that I already have with my computer…thanks verizon..ASSHOLES!!!!!!!

  36. mike 2 Says:

    bottom line is this…unless you use the smart phone for business and profit from it’s use, it is a luxury. if you want to upgrade/lost/stolen, pay up for the phone, sign no contracts and you will have more options.

  37. Earl Says:

    I went down to my Verizon store today to upgrade my phone to a Blackberry 8330. I wanted to combine a plain phone and simple PDA into one device. The individual told me “I had to get the data plan with it for $29.99.”
    “What did you say? What is it for?”
    “Access to the internet.”
    “I don’t to access the internet. I don’t want the plan.”
    “You have to get it.”
    “No I don’t, bye.”
    And my wife and I walk out of the store and went to Staples and purchased another Palm Z22 for $99.00 (just a plain PDA – no extra bells and whistles). Saved myself about $620.00 plus taxes and other fees. And I’ll just keep the same old phone.

  38. mike Says:

    Mike 2 even if you do that you will still have to pay the $30 to activate a new phone

  39. Ben Says:

    I have been a customer of VZW forever, like when they were Airtouch. Before I bought my Omnia I was told over the phone by a CS that only the blackberry was required to have a data plan. They changed my plan without notifying me and told me that “We are sorry you were misinformed”. I am now heading to the VZW store to return my Omnia, go back to my Treo and wait out till my end of my contract (March 09) and go somewhere else.

  40. E. Says:

    I’m confused. Let’s say you could *magically* get a smartphone with WiFi, like the Samsung Omnia, and not sign up for any data plan. Would you be able to use it to access the Internet where wireless is available? In other words, is Verizon’s “data plan coverage” necessary to access the Internet, PERIOD, or only where there is no available wireless network?

  41. john Says:

    i was already to checkout on an htc touch pro till the guy said u have to get the 30 dollar data plan. Even worse was when i asked even if i only use it on campus on wi-fi? and he said yea why shouldn’t you pay them for nothing. I left, and I’m looking at other carriers. Its just too bad, the HTC is a beautiful phone, its just not worth an extra 30 a month. maybe 10 or 15 maybe even 20. But at 30 I’d be paying more in data charges then for the phone.

  42. tann3r Says:

    I agree with all of you! I too am absolutely outraged! My phone broke this fall and I had been using a loaner and patiently waiting for a new touch pda phone (Omnia or Diamond)… well just in time for the new phone to release… well you know what happened.

    The first customer service agent told me the phone won’t work without a data plan (LIE) and the only excuse their supervisor had was that it’s to save customers money because people were inadvertently using data w/out having a data plan and getting huge bills…then Verizon would have to forgive the bill and that costs them money! Verizon has me bent over with this deal but I refuse to let them win.

    90% of my calls are w/in Verizon but I will be taking my business elsewhere if at all possible… and if I can’t switch they can take their data plan and shove it! The wifi feature becomes totally redundant if a data plan is required…

    If anybody makes any progress with this please post some results!

  43. sj Says:

    Business model outside US is totally different. Pay going rate for phone, then just add phone service that you want without contract. No locking of phone capabilities by carrier. Can get the latest phone you want, and pay the real price for it on the open market, not the “suggested retail” price a carrier places on it.

    I think that forcing a data rate plan with phone will kill CDMA in the US. Everyone will finally decide to go GSM, as dependency to service is the SIMS card and not the actual phone.

  44. Daddy Deek Says:

    AT&T still has a mandatory data plan charge for the IPhone. For whomever said they did not. I just decided to cancel my service with them and switch to T-Mobile with the unlocked IPhone.

  45. JM Says:

    I was told that any motorola or palm PDA phone doesn’t require a data plan. Was this a lie or was the representative telling me the truth?

  46. Jeff Says:

    I spoke to a representative at Verizon. He told me how to get around the data package with the smartphones. You have to add the data package when you buy the smartphone, but you can immediately call verizon and tell them you no longer want the data package after your purchase. You then tell them you don’t want to return the smartphone as you want to use it as a regular phone. He let me know this is how you can get around paying the data package costs. Not sure if it works! I haven’t made the plunge yet!

  47. Marco Polo B. Says:

    I am also disgusted by Verizon’s new marketing ripoff. I was told by the CS “sellers” that the smart phones won’t work without the data plan [wrong]. Then I was told that the optional accessory package was mandatory with a purchase of the phone. [I first looked at the Storm then Voyager]. So I talked to the manager after I told the sales rep that she was full of it. The manager told me that the phones don’t work without the data package [again wrong]. the truth is that data packages became mandatory only after Nov. 14, 2008. Then I was told that the optional mandatory accessories were mandatory because customers ‘like them.’ The sales rep didn’t have any useful info on any of the phones nor were they aware of the $100 discount for customers using the 2 year renewal. [all this info is available on their website. What a bunch of phoney hustlers. I am now looking at iphones. You can get a 3g refurb for $99.00. otherwise I just use my dumb phone.

    BTW, I have a mini lap with wifi and mp3 players and digital cameras up the yingyang so I dont’ “need” the smart phone gizmo convenience. I do love the Omnia but will wait till after the lawsuit to get one without the forced data package. Otherwise, bye bye Verizon.

  48. ethan Says:

    I agree that this is absolutely ridiculous. I am a college student at a school with free Wi-Fi throughout, and I own a smartphone that I use more as a PDA and media player than a web browser. My plan just came to its renewal point and I learned that I will be having to pay this new fee. Basically, paying for something that I can get for free, THAT I DON’T EVEN WANT! I hate Verizon.

  49. Kareem Says:

    Wow I was thinking of getting the omnia as well with wifi meaning free internet. But despite the fact that you have to pay an extra 30 bucks does seem reasonable. I mean maybe if it gave us unlimited on pic message,text etc, other than the web/ email then it’s well worth it. Personally I don’t use the web on my phone because I never had access (blocked it) and used wifi alone to get where I want on an itouch. And even if a mere blackberry pearl is forced to have a data plan there really isn’t much option given in their line up of phones, other than their crappier phones people aren’t interested in. I need a suggestion though. Currently I have a phone by samsung that’s discontinued in the verizon line up, had it for 3 years now and I ask you what do you think I should upgrade to (other than a smart phone) or should I leave verizon?

  50. JR Says:

    Looks like I am in the same boat as many of you. I have a i-730 (w/ data block, has a few issues turning on anymore) and have been wanting to upgrade for a while. Verizon finally gets a smart phone I want to upgrade to, the Omnia, and I get hit with the mandatory data plan. I am not paying $30 more a month.

    I don’t really want to switch carriers, I still think Verizon has the best coverage… but really I am left with no other choice. I figure I will sit with my current phone for another month or two and see if they realize their mistake (like they did with locking out the GPS). If not, I guess it is time to explore other options.

  51. Jesse Says:

    I have been a Verizon customer for as long as I can remember and have purchased smart phones for as long as they have been out. I am an IT guy and always have wi-fi around me and have no real use for the data plan. I would like to stay with Verizon because of their coverage in my area, but there is no way I am paying $29 extra dollars a month for something I have no use for.

    I had the Omnia in my hand ready to buy it and sign my next 2 year contract, but now I may have to give some other carrier a try. I really was excited about the omnia and am bummed that I will have to settle for something else.

  52. PT Says:

    I was also told by Verizon reps at two different Verizon Stores that the Samsung Omnia does not required the data package. This is similar to the experience of other people on this website. When I looked at my receipt after I went home, I was charged the $29.99 data package. I called the CS and talked to two supervisors and was told that the data package just came out a few days before I bought my Omnia in 11/2008. I think may be the reps at the front office did not get the memo since this directive is rather new. My main complaint was there were no indication of the requirement to purchase the data package at the point of sale/display at the store. Also in the Verizon website under the phone description, there were not a word about the need for additional data package for the Omnia. The requirement for a 2 year contract was the only requirement stated at the point of sale. I believed this is intentionally deceptive. In addition, the customer is trapped when they tried to return the phone by the $35 restocking fee. I filed a complaint with the NYS Attorney General and waiting to see what happens. I think other people should also file complaints with the Attorney General or your congressman or TV (60 Minutes) about this deceptive practice of Verizon. Complaining on this website is useless, you all need to make your voices heard.

  53. DK Says:

    I just got done trying to upgrade as well. This is still the policy. I have been a long time Verizon customer. I REALLY like their service and quality in my area.
    But, unless they change this, I’m moving to another carrier. Why would they charge us for something we do not use? Why not charge us Double/mbit charges if we refuse? That would be OK with me since I hardly EVER get online. The phone is just too small to see anything that I want to see and I don’t email outside of my computer as I don’t want to be ‘stuck’ to work wherever I go.
    I love the other features of the Omnia, but think I will switch to some other carrier if this keeps up.
    Though, on another forum, someone pointed out that the FCC is requiring all wireless carriers do this on ‘html’ enabled phones. So, a lot of phones might require this come next year by all carriers. Not sure if this is true or not. If so, then maybe we all will just go back to a basic phone and the PDA/Smartphone market will just dry up.

  54. Stacy Says:

    Verizon told me that the Blackberry would not work without the data package. I went as far as calling Blackberry Corporate in Canada. The phone can be used as a “voice only” phone. I call Verizon back and he had the nerve to tell me that Blackberry did not know what they were talking about! What a jackass! What can be done? Can’t we all get together and do something?

  55. F******************* Says:

    I wish and I hope we can like a phone boycot? tell more people about this issue, Maybe even a petition

  56. Eddie Says:

    Goto this website (if you are a verizon customer) and give them your feedback.
    I cannot believe that they are FORCING the customer to pay $29.99 for a plan that I wouldn’t use- I am a teacher and have internet on my computer and go to college at night and can use wifi there for free!!!! And in this economy they are pulling this?????

  57. Moh Says:

    I’ve been looking at the Omnia myself and stumbled upon the data plan that is now required. We all know that this doesn’t feel right and yet there is this sense of unwillingness to leave Verizon (myself included). I know I don’t want to leave Verizon and I know that I do want the Omnia (bait). From experience, I think Verizon is the greediest cellular phone company and they will prey on long term customers to make a few more bucks.
    I’ve researched At&t and found out that their customers are not really trilled with their CS but other than that, their service is great they seem to be the smarter ones. I think they lead and dictate the cellular phone industry (Iphone is a good example).
    New year, new provider.

  58. KB Says:

    I hate Verizon and other cell phone companies. They work only for investors trying to make most for the investors. They dont care about customers a bit. All this is thanks to those ivy-league MBA retards trying to invent means and ways to rip people off… Today, verizon has made data mandatory and we are thinking of moving to other carriers… now what if they also made data mandatory… We are so much advanced… we don’t need guns and knives to rob people… we can just come up with innovative policies… I guess if one has a need (or desire) to have a cell phone, then one should be willing to get robbed… because thats how it feels to have a cell phone service in today’s time.

    BTW, I wrote to verizon about this and i got a response that my feedback has been forwarded to the leadership group at verizon who makes such decision

  59. PT Says:

    forget about the Omnia and paying the datapackage.
    get the ipod touch for about $200 and get wi-fi and internet access for free.

  60. kate Says:

    I too walked into a Verizon store with the intention of upgrading two phones (the Storm and the Palm Centro). It seems like every single time we walk into the store we end up getting pissed off, the employees at our local Verizon store are complete idiots. My mom is all about the Palm OS because it’s all she’s ever used, the learning curve for something like a blackberry would be too hard for her… but she likes the calander and contact features that she’s used to. Anyways, she doesn’t want or need a data plan… she would never (and I mean NEVER) use it, I on the other hand would use it every day with a Storm, and wouldn’t mind paying for the data. Verizon claims it’s in the customers best interest to require a data plan, yet if you know you’ll never use it and OK a data block this requirement doesn’t make sense. A friend of ours who works for Verizon pleaded not to switch carriers– which we did anyways because the 18% discount we didn’t know we could get was still not enough to cover the $30 data plan.

    At AT&T ONLINE (store managers can make their own policies on this, the one in my neighborhood required data for the centro) you can get any phone besides the iPhone without a data package. So we ordered what my mom wanted, a palm centro without data ($50 cheaper than verizon I might add) and an iPhone for me… we’re both pleased despite the fact everyone I know is on verizon and I’ll actually have to be conscious of the minutes I use.

  61. Ken Says:

    January 3rd, 2009

    I too have a real sour taste in my mouth from Verizon. Mt contract is up in May 2009, my existing pda is giving me problems charging the battery, so I went into the local Verizon store to get a Samsung Omina, since I qaulify for a early upgrade. I found out about the 30 dollar data plan reqired with Verizon smartphones, what a complete rip off! I told everyone in the Verizon store, this is a real rip off and a deal breaker. I would look for another provider(AT&T) when my contract ends in May. Verizon customer service (over the phone) verified what the local store personnel said. Verizon will not retianing their customers because their satification will be in the toilet, this is Marketing 101, but as someone said earlier, it is the MBA management at Verizon that is a little too greedy. What they learned in school is how to make a profit at the expense of others. Other providers like AT&T do do not require the data package with their smartphones except the iphone. Verizon may have the better coverage, buit at least AT&T keeps their customers satified!

  62. K.8 Says:

    Picked up the Omnia to replace my Palm (which had data blocked). Was shocked that they have now started charging me $30/mo. and won’t allow the service to be removed. Unbelievable…

  63. GK Says:

    My 2 year plan is up with Cingular. I wanted the Omnia for the WiFi, camera, and syncing with outlook. Actually thought I wanted to switch my plan to Verizon where a lot of my extended family is. $30 data plan, NO WAY.


    We were planning 4 new phones on a family plan. Too bad Verizon and I’m letting them know about it. My only hope is others will do the same (actually switching) and they will lose market share, and profit, and …..

  64. health conseco insurance senior Says:

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  65. RRB Says:

    I am a 10 year verizon user who just went into the store to upgrade my phone to a PDA phone and found out about this ridiculous policy. I use a PDA for email by syncing with Outlook from my desktop PC. I do not need a data package,and will not pay for one. At&t here I come!

  66. just trying to get around Says:

    I’ve been a verizon wireless customer for about 6 years and was going to buy the blackberry storm and saw that i would have to pay this stupid fee. i talked to a customer rep about it and even she said it was ridiculous and didn’t like it what so ever. so i did a little research and saw that verizon is implementing these fees on semi smart phone (i.e. Lg Dare/Lg Voyager) early this year. this has to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of. verizon just because you took over alltel doesn’t mean you gotta take out all those billions you spent on your customers-heres a link to the website i found my information on

  67. Eddie Says:

    So I went into the verizon store today…. I had been reading up on the data policy and had spoken to online reps as well as those on *611 and I was given conflicting information. So after waiting 25 minutes at the Raleigh, NC store on Six Forks Rd (which I will NEVER go back to) they began to tell me that the VX6900 required a data plan. Being told this, I replied that is not the case- I have been told that the vx6900 DID NOT require a plan. So after she said I was wrong I said “never mind I am leaving, 25 minute wait for this?” I immediately called *611 and spoke to a rep who told me “the vx6900 did not require a data plan”. We then talked about the data plan and I told him that I am a teacher who would like the functionality of the mobile office for excel and word access but had not need for the internet or email. I have a computer @ school and go to NC State @ night and can get access through my PDA using wifi. We then talked about the Samsung Omnia (with it’s wifi capabilities) and he said I could get a “data block” on the Omnia since I did not have a need for the internet; especially @ $30 a month for internet on a 3″ screen when I pay for high speed cable internet at home for $45 a month. He stated that the omnia has wifi and since it sounds like I have access to it while at college and home I should go for that one.

    So I called a different Verizon Store (Brier Creek who have been great everytime I have gone in) and they guy said “not allowed to do a data block on the Omnia”. I continued to tell him about the conflicting information and then hung up. Called back using *611 and got a very rude b*tch who was saying I is gonna get the email and read to you. I said I know what the email said but I talked to a representative on *611 at 1:30pm today (2 hours earler) and was told I could get the Omnia with data block. Because of her attitude I hung up and called back to get a different rep. I got a nicer man and he listened and told me the same thing, albeit in a much nicer way. I tried to explain that I was told not 2 hours earlier different information. He really didn’t back off the data plan.

    I would love to leave Verizon, but my wife and almost anyone I talk to use Verizon so I am stuck- plus my wife gets a very nice 22% discount through her employer. If I could leave, I would. Now I am just gonna get a free phone and forget the bells and whistles- Verizon isn’t gonna get pry any more money out of my cheap hands!!!

  68. Alex J Says:

    Ed, I would like this part explained.

    “Now, I’m the first person to criticize Verizon when it comes to its cell phone service. The company cripples its phones with an awful propreitary interface, and locks out functionality more than any other carrier. But this move makes sense.
    If you have a smartphone, you shouldn’t be skimping out anyway. The whole purpose of these devices are the Internet connectivity themselves. It’s a waste of money to buy a device like the iPhone or LG Dare, etc. and then not get the data plan with it.
    Add to this the ridiculous way the smaller plans were priced, and its likely most were already opting for this plan anyway. You can’t fault Verizon for wanting to cash in on the smartphone craze, after all it does have investors to deal with.”

    How much money I spend is my business. If I have $15 to spend on redicously expensive data, but don’t have $24 to spend on any more, then I would get the $15. I have been a “dumb”, according to you, smart phone user for 4 years. Starting with a XV6700, Then a Treo 700P, and now a Treo 755P, I have never had a data plan. I don’t use data plans. I have computers with internet access with a cable to sync. I NEED secure syncing for my information. I don’t want my information to go over the “cloud”. I have wifi or high speed around me everywhere, so I don’t see the need to pay another company for an internet connection. Saying a smartphone is worthless with out a data plan is like saying that a laptop is worthless without a constant internet connection. Ridiculous.

  69. Alex J Says:

    Oh, and my ipod is a touch. It works great without constant internet connection. Even with all of the add on software.

  70. Dave Says:

    Wow… just, wow. I’m currently waiting for the Samsung SCH-i760 I recently ordered online, plus the case, and the extended battery… simply ordered it to replace the piece of garbage LG Venus I’ve been using for the last 1 year+. I’m a retail manager that very much looked forward to some of the Windows Mobile features of this phone, but…

    Yeah, looks like I’ll be bundling up these items for sale on ebay as soon as they’re all here.

    Thanks, Verizon. Thanks for nothing.

    Does anyone out there have any suggestions on provider/smartphones to psss along? I mean, aside from AT&T/iphone?

    Otherwise, I’ll just keep my crappy Venus & buy an affordable PDA.

  71. Christi Says:

    I don’t know if this will help anyone or not, but we just upgraded my 14 year old daughters phone to a Palm Centro. They did try the mandatory data plan with me, but I explained that this was for a 14 year old girl and she dose not need the internet on her phone. They did change it to a pay as you go for internet use. Evey thing else remained the same. We live in a small town with many rural areas and I as a pet sitter have to have reliable cell service. I have researched and tried quite a few providers, but I always keep coming back to Verizon. For the most part I have been really happy with them and if you explain your needs in a calm manner most of the time they are very willing to help come to an agreeable solution.So before you count them out maybe call and see what they can work out for you. Of course it does help having 5 lines with them and one of those being for my business. My family all have AT&T and none of their phones work at my house. They are always dropping calls and the internet signal is also very weak.
    Bottom line, you draw more flies with honey.

  72. chris Says:

    I changed plans to upgrade (?} to the 4.99 unlimited texting, and was told I could upgrade phones. We did, but no one ever told us it would entail a $44.99 per month data plan to use this phone. I don’t even text. I’m going in tomorrow to see the manger, and revert back to my old phone. I expect restitution for the last three months and repayment for the cost of the phone. I also expect cancellation of the new 2 year policy, as it was agreed upon without complete information. “Sorry our employee didn’t tell you that” isn’t good enough.

  73. Natalie Says:

    We ALL need to write scathing emails to Verizon threatening a class-action lawsuit. I also fall into the category of customers who wants a PDA that will sync with my Outlook, etc, and all that I can find were some Palm OS PDAs at Best Buy. I prefer Windows. I was told that the only way to get a Windows OS PDA was to bundle it with my cell phone. So I went to Verizon, only to find out that I COULD NOT under any circumstances, buy anything but ONE Windows OS PDA that didn’t require a data plan. I tried explaining nicely to them that I didn’t want it, and was there any way to get out of it? They said that there were two PDAs in the entire store that didn’t require it, but that once they are discontinued, ALL new PDAs will require the data plan. The idea of me needing a data plan is INSANE, as I am constantly surrounded by free Wi-fi, and have texted twice in my life. This is consumer extortion–forcing us to purchase something that we don’t want or need, simply because the competition in the Windows OS PDA market isn’t there. Everyone here who is happy–good for you. Everyone who is upset by this policy MUST speak up and write the company emails, or we’ll certainly be stuck with this asinine policy forever!!

  74. james Says:

    Has anyone tried upgrading as of today? I looked into getting a new smartphone and they offered me pay as you go from the website.

    I am a government customer but I did it without logging in.

    also does this policy apply to smartphones supplied from 3rd parties?

  75. Mitch Says:

    I moved from the Q w/data plan to the Verizon XV6900 w/data plan last fall. I’m trying to cut back my expenses and dropped the data plan thus saving $49.99/month. Although I was no longer doing over-air syncing or web browsing, I was getting unexplained per kB charges. I ultimately had them shut off all web access to the phone. BUT, now I can’t send/receive pix messages. I don’t know why a standard cell phone can, but mine required the data plan. Nevertheless, I stopped at my Verizon store to inquire about downgrading to a non-smartphone. If I was a new customer, adding another line, or executing my new every two option, the env2 would have cost me $49. But no…my only option was to pay full retail ($200+), and another line which I don’t need, or continue to put up with the XV6900 and no pix messaging until the fall of 2010. It still amazes me that a long-time customer has no options and always get the *#&$ end of the stick. Maybe it’s time to bail too.

  76. tixin Says:

    According to VZW CS, the following phones are exempt…Centro, xv6800, xv6900, Q9c and (700, 820, 5800…not sure what they are!)

  77. Justin Says:

    i too wanted to omnia. I was ready to buy it when told about the mandatory data plan. I said no thank you and I will keep my old phone until I graduate college in 11 months…then i’ll switch carriers.

  78. james Says:

    nevermind. I was looking at the treo, apparently they werent lying about that launched before 15 Nov thing and skipping those phones.

    I guess my military affiliation has no effect? it’s just for gov contracts?

  79. Jon Shern Says:

    I had my hopes my set on the Samsung Omnia.
    I found out that they require manadatory data plans.
    The one thing the sales person mentioned was that, even if I buy the phone on ebay they will recognize it is smart phone and sign me up for a data plan.
    I will also start to shop around.

  80. brian Says:

    I have five phones through them and spend 400.00 a month and now they want a mand data plan. i have been with them 5 years and now i am looking around.

  81. Cliff Says:

    The best thing to do is to file a complaint with your state’s Utility Regulatory Commission. As an individual against a corporation you have little to ni pull. Get the State involved and they take notice. Enough states get involved and they definitely take notice.

  82. BP Says:

    I’m very disappointed as a Verizon customer. This is my 3rd every two that I’m renewing and this morning I went to the Verizon store all exited because I was getting the Omnia and they told me that is mandatory to get a data plan that cost 29.99 monthly added to my 59.99 American choice plan and my 10.00 500 txt plan and 4.95 for phone insurance which equals to 105.00 plus tax comes out to 114.45!!!!! That’s sick!! I told the guy hell no!!! I just wanted the phone because it comes with integrated wi-fi. I have wireless router in my house and nearly 80% of the places that I go have a hot spot around. I hope this policy changes sometime soon. For now I’ll just hold on to my every two discount.

  83. Jana Says:

    Question. if u buy one on ebay and activate it online and dont use the data services will they still find out and make u pay the 30 bucks a month…… this is bull that they r doing this

  84. Derrick Says:

    I was soo excited to see the samsung omnia… I wanted it because it can watch divx, 5MP camera, 8GB… now finding out that I have to pay an additional 30 a month… Verizon can go fly a kite… hmm I’m just like other people here, who want basic service because we don’t use any of the other stuff. I mainly wanted it for the 5mp camera and divx and the internet. Just like everyone else, why, why do I have to pay for a service I will never use? I have wifi at work and home and as someone else said, its dangerious to use the internet while driving! I’ll be looking into the other providers now. Verizon just lost a loyal customer!

  85. Frank Says:

    I have been with Verizon for several years now and have a XV6700 WITHOUT a data plan. I, like many others here, have never needed a data plan as I use my wifi at home, coffee shops, etc for free.I was going to upgrade to the Omnia, but I REFUSE to pay 30 BUCKS a month for internet access on a stinking phone for crying out loud. I just need the pda features and windows stuff. Sure wish I had found this out before I renewed the wife’s phone for a 1 year contract.  You can bet that I won’t upgrade now (my XV6700 works fine) and that I will leave Verizon as soon as possible. Thanks for nothing Verizon… 

  86. Alvin Lee Says:

    All you people who are crying about how ridiculous this policy are really need to view this from BB and Verizon’s standpoint. But first and foremost allow me to address Richard John Kristin…where on God’s green earth do you get your information? The lawsuit regarding the “mandatory data plan” on the IPhone 3G was DROPPED because of baseless accusations and AT&T and Apple still require it with NO WAY to remove it.
    Now on to more factual information: bitching and moaning about how Verizon is adding a $30 mandatory data plan on all smartphones is like bitching and moaning about having to pay high insurance prices when you just “had to have that new Porsche”…or since some of you might argue that you can remove said insurance allow me to put it this way: having a smartphone without full 100% internet access is not just like having an over-priced paperweight, but it’d be the metaphorical equivalent buying a boat when you live in the desert; pretty ridiculous isn’t it. So gripe all you want but there will be no lawsuit because it is legally bound under Blackberry’s terms and conditions and they have every right to charge their reasonable fees due to the nature of their devices, and since the IPhone 3G can do it, so will other PDA’s…oh and the IPhone 3G is NOT a “smartphone” it’s a media-based device.

  87. tann3r Says:

    Alvin Lee… your argument makes no sense. Please explain to me why it is OK for verizon to disable free features that come with these phones (like wifi and gps) only to turn around an charge customers to use these features?

    How about charging for text messaging on phones with unlimited data? It’s another way for them to nickle-and-dime the consumer.

    I don’t care to have internet on a tiny little phone. I want the smart phone for it’s PDA capabilities ie calendar and contacts. If I really decided that I need email or web I would use the wifi feature (had verizon not disabled it).

    And no, there won’t be a lawsuit on this. The only leverage the consumer has is to find another carrier and hope that Verizon takes notice.

  88. Carol Potter Says:

    I made two trips to my local Verizon store and confirmed YES you must have the data plan. I have a Treo 700WX with windows. It is my second smart phone. I bought it for the PDA, camera, calendar. At purchase time I had Verizon turn off the scan for a signal because I was told I get charged when it searches for a signal and that this can add up. I told Verizon I had no use for the email and web ability of the smart phone and Verizon set my phone to not allow scanning for the web signal. This has worked great. I love my Treo but it is time to upgrade. Well, if I upgrade I lose my “Grandfather” block and will be charged the $29.99. As stated by others I have no use for the data ability. So, I leave Verizon disappointed again. My friends said “Check again this can’t be so” OH YES – It is true. Verizon wants it customers to pay for something they don’t want and don’t use. Sounds like another rip off. The consumer gets the shaft from the BIG COMPANY once again! When will Verizon be looking for a bailout from the taxpayer because they implemented foolish policies?

  89. Sean Says:

    I was about to upgrade to a Samsung Omnia with the ” new every 2 ” upgrade, untill i was being FORCED to purchase a min $29.99 a month data plan?? what is this? why should i pay for this service if i dont need it or want it? i cant believe Verizon is forcing its customers to buy this extra plan. and this is the phone i want not a regular phone. If this isnt changed before my contract is up im leaving Verizon, and i know ALOT others that feel the same…. That wasnt a smart move there verizon.

  90. Sean Says:

    im so pissed at verizon right now, i spent about 45 min on the phone with them, and sent atleast 20 e-mails. and im going to stop untill they change this BS policy

  91. Makiza Says:

    I have stumbled on this situation with Verizon and mandatory internet access. Two simple statement:

    1. This is against the US Constitution
    2. Highly unsecure. We are all becoming vulnerable to hacks.

  92. Gianni Bugno Says:

    Like many of us, I’m not at all happy about the data plan requirement. Verizon CS reps were all very nice and didn’t budge on my request to waive the requirement. I went ahead and got the phone and data plan because my employment allowed me to get a 20% discount on the data plan and a 15% discount on the regular phone service. I didn’t do an exhaustive search of other cell vendors in my area but the ones I looked at didn’t give me the same comfort level as VZW. I’m a 4 year VZW customer.

    As the Constitution goes, I’ve heard that government cannot do anything unless they have a rule, regulation, or statute that gives them the authority to do so (uh – rendition – oops?); business can do anything they want to (um…the banks knew this) unless there is a rule, regulation, or statute that says they cannot do so. Verizon is doing this because they can.

  93. Chad Says:

    I read the verizon news release when it came out last fall, the data plan requirement is to all PDA phones that came out after a certain date, I think it was Nov 14 2008. Older PDA phones with WiFi like last years HTC VX6800 and Samsungs I760 are both grandfatherd in and still don’t require a data plan. Yeah it sucks they are not the cool phones like the Storm or Omnia but at least if you have an older PDA with wifi you don’t have to get a data plan if you don’t need it.

  94. Nick Says:

    are you a fool? Don’t you realize that Verizon pretty much controls all their phones with their crappy proprietary OS, and sooner or later, they’ll stick a 2.0 web browser on them all and make you buy a data plan.

    As for your argument that all users should be utilizing their phone to the full potential…wow, that is probably the stupidest thing I’ve heard. If you want to get the most out of a cell phone, you wouldn’t get it from Verizon in the first place. Verizon destroys functionality with their horrendous software…and a Blackberry with Wi-Fi disabled in this modern day and age??? Really, come on verizon. How do you unroll the blackberry storm and take out wi-fi and make data plan mandatory?

    Keep touting your excellent “service”, I am switching to at&t as soon as my contract expires.

  95. Eddie Says:

    The grandfathering of the data plan to phones after Nov 14th is Bull#%!^!!!!!!!!! I bought the vx 6900 which came out way before Nov 14th and they were trying to force a data plan on me. I sent that phone back quick as sh*t!! Then verizon has me waiting for 2+ weeks to get it credited back and I am just gonna pick out a cheap free phone and wait out my time. My wife gets 22% discount so I can’t leave them b/c of that. BUT I am so pissed!!!!!!!!!

  96. Leigh Says:

    It is apparent that when you attach yourself to a contract like Verizon you get yourself into a situation that you can’t get out of even if you didn’t sign for the data pack. According to consumer action cell phone contracts with company’s such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile are becoming more and more expensive and there is nothing we can do about it. If you don’t have an expensive unlimited cell phone plan you may end up paying overage fees of up to 45 cents per minute. All the contract company’s just decided to up there text messages to more than 20 cents per message, we paid 10 cents in 2005 and this rise is unjustified in relation to inflation or their costs of delivering the message. So if you don’t like the new charges you can terminate the contract early but only if you are prepared to pay between $150-$200 in termination fees and that is only available for some contracts in their second year. We are roped in and there is nothing we can do about it. The other very scary thing about contract phones is that after your contract time is up they just renew the contract without notifying you so if you don’t pay attention and cancel the contract in writing and with a notice period you’ll find yourself roped into another two years of exorbitant bills. I also discovered that these contract companies have been cheating immigrants with international calling cards.
    So what can we do about it?
    I suggest that everyone with a cell phone contract, should find out when it expires and wright a letter within the 30 day notice period terminating the contract like I have done. Then go out and get a prepaid wireless contract that will cost you a fraction of the price. I’ve bought a Tracfone and I’m saving money every month, I hear that Net 10 is also a good option.

  97. Charlie Says:

    I’ve been with Verizon for about 5 years. If you want a phone with internet (it does not have wifi though), get the LG Dare. I bought 3 in November on a family plan. This one is the best deal. It has a great camera and vid recorder with many features, decent touch screen qwerty keyboard in landcape mode, up to 8 gb microSD, nice mp3 player, 3.5 mm headset jack, but the best part is internet access with VCAST. Pay 15/mo for VCAST and you get VCAST videos (like watching tv on your schedule), mobile web, and internet because it has a HTML browser. Can even watch Youtube. It’s the only touch screen phone choice with internet without a $30 data plan. We have 3 phones paying $45 a month for internet access, plus you can upgrade for 30 extra a month for unlimited texting, pics and vid with a family plan for all phones. Most data plans like AT&T iPhone or even Verizon with the Storm charge each phone separately for texting. Check out the Dare.

  98. Bob L. Says:

    When I called Verizon about the $45 data plan charge I was told it was an FCC regulation to have the plan. Has anyone else got this story from Verizon? It is true?

  99. Charlie Says:

    Hi Bob,
    If you were commenting on the $45 mentioned in my last post, that is for 3 phones. It’s $15/mo per phone, that’s for VCAST not a data plan. The Dare does not require a data plan. Just pay $15 a month and you have internet, not just mobile web because the phone has an internet browser. It’s the best deal out there. You are not obligated to get VCAST if you don’t want it. If you browse the internet without a VCAST plan it will get expensive because then you pay $2 per mb of usage. You also can turn VCAST on or off anytime without charges as it not part of a plan it’s just an add on. I believe Verizon screwed up on how they set up the plan for this phone, because afterwards they forced people to have a data plan if the phone has a html browser. This one slipped in.

  100. Shery Says:

    I don’t get it…we have three phones that are internet capable and have pay as you go on all of them…starting around mid january data usage started showing up…none of us use the Internet on our phones….what are those charges for….Verizon says we must be using the Internet…but we are not! We have not changed they way we use out phones in any way.

  101. Slvrbak Says:

    What I HATE is the sneaky way Verizon slips these charges into their plans! First I got the Chocolate 3, which uses the Rhapsody software to interface with the phone. It wasn’t until I got home when I discovered that Rhapsody won’t “see” the phone unless you have the $14.99/month subscription service. No syncing music, no playlists. The only way to get music on the phone was via an sd card. (F that!) So back it goes to Verizon where I decide to get the Omnia. It wasn’t until the salesgirl handed me my freshly activated Omnia when she mentioned the manditory $29.99 data plan. (F that!) At least I didn’t have to go far to return that phone. After an hour of “discussion” they finally told me I could get the VX6900 without the data plan because it was an older phone but still available. So now I’m happy, the VX6900 is cute, works well enough and I love the Pocket PC features especially the multimedia.
    By the way, I went back and looked and nowhere on the Verizon website or on their literature does it specify the manditory data plan only to say that your voice plan must have an “email feature”. I think the FTC should look into it. Does anyone know how to hack WiFi onto the VX6900!

  102. Kristy Says:

    Verizon cares more about getting money in their pocket than our business. I went to buy a 200 dollar smartphone by them yesterday when I found out I coudn’t purchase the phone unless I paid 30 dollars a month to have internet..that wasn’t going to use? Bullshit. That’s 360 dollars a year plus what I already pay for my service. I think this manditory rule is ridiclous! Verizon puts so many restictions on it’s sevice already but this, is just over the edge. If I wasn’t the only one on my plan I’d switch to a different serive.

  103. Graham Says:

    This is 100% ridiculous. I could see maybe tacking on the surcharge to blackberry devices because well they are blackberrys and well enough said. But every smartphone? You better bet I e-mailed them twice today, telling them that I am going to leave for at&t, apparently at&t tried to do the same charge but it was taken to court and they settled to do without the charge. We need more people to email them, give them a piece of your mind, I wish I could have been guaranteed that if I posted this website on the message that the CS rep would read all of these, but I’m sure he/she wouldn’t. So please, send all these messages to them.

  104. Paul Says:

    I contacted the website support about not wanting data plan. I later recieved a letter from Michelle of Customer Support about having three choices for the Samsung Omnia 1.$44.95 2. $29.95 and 3. Block data. I wrote back asking how I could select option 3 from website since a was ordering family plan of company discount program. Next day I received yet another email staing I could not have a blocked data feature. Does customer support know a way to get around this ridiculius fee?

  105. Kelly Says:

    I just figured this out after hours of research. This is Insane. I think we should all call the local news!!! Anybody now know what plans and phones are best?

  106. Eddie Says:

    Ok so I am still waiting, more than 5 weeks, for the credit back to my “new every 2” since I ordered the vx6900 and returned it. I was told BEFORE I ordered the vx6900 online by more than 2 customer reps that I would be able to do a data block on the phone so I could purchase it w/out paying $30 a month for internet- yes to those who continue to rant about why someone like me would buy a “smart phone” and not use the internet, here is my explanation:
    1. I am a public school teacher who doesn’t have a need for internet on my phone since I have free internet @ school.
    2. I use the pda functions for my PE class- excel, word, powerpoint.
    3. By using it as a phone & pda it saves me from carrying one device (I also carry an iPod)
    4. I have cable internet @ home where I am already paying $45 or so a month for internet so why would I want to pay an additional $30 to see internet on 2″ screen?
    5. My Dell Axim has wifi capabilities so if I need internet while not at school or home I can use that to pick up free internet almost anywhere else I go.
    6. Why in the world would I want to give Verizon $360 bucks a year plus the $100 we pay for phone service? Doesn’t Verizon have ENOUGH money???

    So back to my story…I sent the vx6900 back using their 2-day FedEx prepaid shipping. I sent it back Jan 15th and called yesterday (Feb 22) and they still were waiting for it to hit my account. I was waiting a call back from a CS rep but never received it. Now I am waiting to get the credit applied back to my account so I can use that to not pay a dime for a new phone.

    I just wish that Verizon would wake up- I mean they just bought Alltel so don’t they have enough customers to make their money w/out charging $30 a month from us schmoes????? My wife gets a 22% discount which is the ONLY reason I haven’t left yet. But I am getting more and more disgusted as the days add up………..

  107. Paul Says:

    Has anyone done any research on buying an unlocked Samsung Omnia and using it on AT & T? I know the unlocked version is expensive but its still a huge savings instead of data plan. Which I dont need. To all the individuals who say if I want a PDA phone I have to buy data plan because it is the most logical investment. It is my money to choose to invest. I have wireless internet at home and internet at work. I only need to be able to access excel sheets while walking the production floor. I have enough to carry around with out having about misplacing or damaging an extra PDA.

  108. Leigh Says:

    I don’t know why you are still putting up with the nonsense that Verizon is giving you, I think a cell phone is for making phone calls and a computer is for internet, if you need internet on the run it’s OK to pay a little extra once off to check something on your cell but being forced to pay for data is ridiculous. That is why I’m now using my Tracfone, because it’s as I said before, a cell phone is for making phone calls and I can get internet only if I need it in an emergency. Tracfone has no hidden costs and I’m much happier.

  109. Slvrbak Says:

    I just checked my plan at website and

    1. I have VX6900 with “pay per kb” data plan ($0 per month,unless you use it)

    2. I have the ability to block data services if I want to. (I haven’t, you never know when you might need it)

    3. The VX6900 is still available ( I luv mine, I got it two weeks ago and its got Excel, Word, Windows media player 10, hundreds of free games and apps online, good camera and touch screen that works. I just wish it had WiFi. If Verizon would make the Omnia available without data plan that would be the hot ticket!

  110. Nathan Says:

    Dear Verizon,
    Your forced Data Plan is ridiculous, as you can obviously see from the statements on this website. Do away with it. Let us use PDA without the data plan. I’m sure there are thousands of others reading the comments on this website too who agree. I will never buy a data plan from you – EVER!

  111. Nathan Says:

    Just one more voice in the crowd. There are a LOT of users that want a PDA/phone without needing constant internet access. When we do need it, we can go to a WiFi hotspot, like our house, a coffee shop, McDonalds, etc. It’s unbelieveable to see the number of product reviewers stating that a PDA phone without internet is useless! It’s a sign of ignorance or blatant favoritism for a feature.

    I currently carry a phone for phone calls (who would have thought?!?) and a PDA for detailed contacts, schedule, MS Word documents/spreadsheets/powerpoints, e-books, electronic Bible, games, and a very capable MP3 player. Having this all converged into a single device has been my dream for years. Unfortunately, phone carriers require a data package costing me hundreds of dollars a year. For that price, I’ll continue carrying two separate devices.

    In summary, this is great for the carriers because they can entice the sheep into buying something they don’t need and won’t use. It’s bad for consumers because it’s another nickel-and-dime-you-to-death routine that is slowly driving many into the poor house and it removes choice for many like me.

  112. Gary Hancock Says:

    HA! This is the carriers way of talking you into something you don’t need. Once you are hooked on the ability to update Facebook from the comfort of the toilet seat at work, they’ll slowly jack the prices up to keep their profit margin.

    Take a look at cable if you don’t believe me. Thirty years ago, we were all watching 13 channels for free. Now we’re paying for hundreds of channels when most of us watch less than 20 of them. The price of cable has tripled in the last decade and there’s nothing we can do about it. Cell phones will go the same way!

  113. alex Says:

    Lots of you are quick to say you will dump verizon. I have to ask, have you tried the other carriers? There is a good reason I have stuck with verizon even with their stupid phone feature crippling tactics. They have the best coverage and service. That’s why they have been able to last as long as they have. I too had my eye on an Omnia expecting to get it without a data plan, but now it looks like that is not going to happen. At this point I think I may try Sprint again. When I had them before I could not get service at home or at the office, which is the main reason I switched. They are supposed to be better now, so I might give them a shot. I will check their phones out first to make sure they have something I want. I really want a smartphone with GPS and WiFi. A decent camera would be a nice bonus, but not as important.

  114. Dan Says:

    Well I will add my “voice” to this list as well. This is a completely rediculous requirement by VZ. Your smart phone sales would sky rocket if you didn’t require the data packages. If anyone knows exactly where to be ranting to that will do some good, post it on here and let us direct our complaints somewhere that will do some good. Thanks!

  115. Derrick Says:

    Verizon has lost my faith… I’ve been due for a upgrade for a few months now and I would like to re-up with verizon but why, why can I not get the phone I want without a mandatory data plan. The phone I wanted comes with wifi cap on it, so why do I need the data plan? I can’t quite remember what wifi does, or what places have it? hmm lets see I’m either at home (wifi enabled), starbucks (wifi enabled), school (wifi enabled), work (wifi enabled), driving – should not be using internet while driving. once again why in the world do I need to pay for something I will not use. I just wanted to get the phone with a 5mp camera… but then again thats too much to ask considering you have to buy data plan.

  116. Paul Says:

    I found a petition to Verizon for their data plan.

  117. reyes Says:

    AAAHHH! so frustrating the omnia is such a good phone…the worst is that most of pda/smartphone users can afford the data plan fee, and most of them dont care about paying extra. the fact that they make it mandatory is so infuriating. telecomunication companies are so profitable. just look at at&t owner, the richest man in the world. they are such pigs!!

  118. fritz Says:

    The petition link above goes is about lowering the data plan (from $45) not removing the madatory data plan. If you want to see a change in this policy you need to let them know how you feel.

    Contacting customer service (Dial *611 from your cell phone (800) 922-0204) will at least alert them of the number of people dissatisfied with this new policy, but even the supervisor’s don’t have any power. It is probably best to send an email to their complaint department. The link is under Contact Us -> Send an email

    Whether you agree or disagree with the need for a data plan with a pda phone, the removal of choices by any company should always be viewed with concern.

  119. ins-omnia Says:

    I have been with Verizon for the past 11 years and if they continue this policy of force feeding their data plan, by the time my contract is up in September, I will be looking for a new carrier. This is total BS! I was truly excited when I saw that Verizon was finally coming out with a phone with wi-fi… I figured that this would surely mean that I would not have to worry about blocking the data plan like I currently do on my Motorola 9QM (which also, unforturnately, blocks me from sending/receiving picture messages). Like many others here, I primarily need a smart phone for syncing with Outlook. Having the wi-fi would be a great bonus, but paying $30 a month for internet access is a pure rip-off.

  120. James Says:

    I had a chat with a verizon sales rep online – turns out you can buy the following smartphones without a data plan:

    1) Palm Centro
    2) VZW SMT 5800
    3) VZW XV 6900
    4) Samsung SCH-i760

    Of course, Verizon is aware that you want Wi-Fi – so the fist three phones mentioned don’t have Wi-Fi. HOWEVER – The Samsung SCH-i760 does have Wi-Fi – so that seems to be the only way to get around this ridiculous monthly data charge. Verizon is probably phasing out this phone for that exact reason.

    Does anybody know if you can buy a normal smartphone (like the Omnia) with the data plan, but then cancel the data plan and keep the phone?

  121. Paula Says:

    I have also loved VZ for their excellent coverage quality… always can get coverage even when others can’t in places and I have been glad to pay the higher monthly price to be with them over cheaper less quality companies. HOWEVER, I upgraded to the Samsung Sage, but bought on ebay so I would not have to buy a data plan with VZ. Once got and activated, I found that the next months bill was charged with data plan. I called to have removed and they said can’t happen, NO Way they say. I mentioned the legal aspect and they passed me off to supervisor, them supervisor not help and said will have their boss call me and NEVER Did. I am joining with the rest of you and will be Leaving VZ when contract is over this year. In meantime, I am re-activating OLD phone without the data plan and will still use the SAGA for the wifi and pda access. Stupid VZ, hope they learn! May they also go downhill for highway robbery and greed in this economy.

  122. Ravi Says:

    I have been a life long VZ fan. I had never expected such bs from them. Now they are forcing me to change my service which I have used for over 10 years now. For me, ATT is a way better choice!

  123. Daniel B Says:

    If I buy a smart phone off Ebay, and don’t request (or need) a data plan, what right do they have to force what amounts to a surcharge on the phone simply because it certain capabilities? If I use it to sync with my outlook calendars, play games, or wifi to my home network, it’s no business of theirs as long as I don’t use it for their data network.

    It’s like them saying…oh, you have a RED phone? You have to pay extra for that every month.

    This sounds like a violation of their stated “Open Device” policy. They’re essentially limiting access to their voice network for devices that happen to have capabilities that are irrelevant if I only get a voice plan.

  124. Dan W. Says:

    Has anyone had any success with having Verizon use pay per KB on the Samsung Omnia?
    Verizon considers the Omnia and the SCH-i760 (both are Samsung) to be a smartphone. Verizon allows pay per KB on the SCH-i760 but not on the Omnia. I would think that Verizon should allow pay per KB.

    But my main question is if anyone has been able to skirt the $30 data fee by either canceling the data plan once you bought the phone and plan or by using the pay per KB?

    Thank you!

  125. Daniel B Says:

    My message left on Verizon’s Feedback page:

    This message is to voice a strong complaint regarding Verizon Wireless’s policy of forcing a $30.00 per month data plan on smart phone users who do not want or need such data services. I, and many others, use smart phones for syncing with outlook or for other PDA type applications, with absolutely no need for data services. Requiring what amounts to a surcharge simply for the type of phone being used is not compliant with the Open Device promise made by your company last year, and has caused me to look elsewhere for my wireless services.

    Be aware this has nothing to do with how much you sell your phones for. It is certainly within your right to sell smart phones at discount only if certain plans are purchased. But requiring that phones purchased elsewhere have data plans when no such plan is desired is clearly gouging your users.

    Also be aware that I have heard the rationale that you are “protecting” users from unintended data charges, but it is easily within your means to simply block data services from users who don’t sign up for data plans. Besides, there’s no similar policy in effect for text services–ie, you don’t require all Text Message ready phones to subscribe to unlimited Text Message plans in order to prevent the hapless consumer from unwanted text overage charges. Why should it be any different for SmartPhones and data plans? So…please don’t respond with boilerplate verbiage that this policy in any way is in place to “protect” users. I’m not that naive.

    This restriction on network compatible phones that simply have extra functionality is akin to charging a monthly fee to users who have red phones, or phones of a certain weight, or some other attribute that is completely irrelevant to the service (Voice Network) requested. The Smart Phone capabilities have absolutely no bearing on what Verizon has a right to charge if those data capabilities are not used and if no data plan is requested.

    Please reconsider this customer-unfriendly, greedy policy

  126. Bob Says:

    Note that the Samsung Omnia and HTC Touch Pro phones are designed with a GPS that all you have to do is add maps, but Verizon turns them off so you have to buy GPS from them instead. More money Verizon wants.

  127. Fritz Says:

    For those of you who might have missed it, Daniel B has posted a link to FCC’s complaint page over on Boygeniusrepot. He feels that Verizon’s policy might violate the Open Access Rule they had to sign to use part of the public spectrum. It only takes about 5 minutes to do and will hopefully have some impact.

    I’ve also started a “Stop Verizon Wireless’ Mandatory Data Plan” petition at PetitionSpot, but really consider that to be a futile gesture.

  128. km Says:

    You don’t NEED the data plan on the Samsung SCH-i760 or any other VZW smartphone introduced before 11/14/08. Ask VZW, they’ll tell you the same thing. Turn the data access off on your phone and use wi-fi free. No biggie.

  129. Chris Says:

    I also went to upgrade my phone with Verizon and was told I could not purchase a smart phone without the data package. I have been a customer with Verizon since 1998 and will now look elsewhere. I will not be treated this way. If Verizon does not want me as a customer then maybe AT&T will. Voting with my wallet.

  130. cv Says:

    “The whole purpose of these devices are the Internet connectivity themselves”??? No, the whole purpose of these devices is to reconcile a phone, a PDA, a media player, an ebook reader, etc… into 1 device. Name 1 non-smart phone available that allow you to sync with Outlook

  131. PT Says:

    Buy the IPOD Touch instead of the smartphones, it has all the pda functions and free wi-fi plus free goole map navigation. To get the message across, also don’t renew the cell phone contract with Verizon and switch to Trac phone or whatever. If enough people not buying the smartphones because of the datapackage and switching out of Verizon, this is the only way for Verizon to take notice. I filed a complaint to the attorny general’s office of NY but it really didn’t do much. The only way for Verizon and others to take notice is stop buying their Smartphones. If they stuck with all the smartphones, they will then try to offer better terms to unload them. Verizon doesn’t care if you have been their customers for 100 years. I also switched out of their land line to IDT. Verizon then came back with a good offer to entice me to switch back. No need for petitions. If enough people terminate their contract and give the same reason, may be, I repead may be Verizon may take notice. Economic 101.

  132. c00k33z Says:

    Sucks I didn’t record the conversation when I activated my smartphone with Verizon after losing my regular phone (I bought the other off a friend, not knowing about the required data plan). I activated the “new” phone and somehow I got lucky I checked my features online to notice the darn $40 or whatever data plan (which you can’t remove) in addition to my family plan that I pay over $115 for every month. I was never TOLD about them changing anything on my account, but I’m lucky I found that out before they charged me on my next bill. I switched to a low-end phone and I’m patiently waiting for my contract to expire. Way to go Verizon!! You’re about to lose many, many more customers! I hope someone from Verizon reads all these complaints, but I doubt that anything will change. I’d love to have a Pocket PC or a smart phone with wi-fi, which I could use around where I work (during lunch even), but it won’t be from Verizon. I hope whoever came up with this idea gets fired soon. Where did these VZ managers get their degrees?! A Flea Market?! Even intro business courses stress that customer satisfaction is one of the most important things when it comes to establishing a good customer base and lasting customer relationships/loyalty. Someone should audit them, I’m sure if they’re doing this to us then their financial statements must be a bit off. Go get’em IRS ;P (Let’s hope someone finds some legal grounds to fight this off one day and users are not required to get anything but a voice plan on purchased phones in any company… hey, it’s a long stretch and I’m probably dreaming, but it might happen). All that said, I hope they lose many, many customers. I know a bunch of people that would’ve bought the Omnia and other phones right now if they did not have to get that stupid data plan. I know the economy’s a bit slow now, but I’m hoping a new company or companies will come in (or maybe an existing one will step up) and blow these dumdums out of business. One thing’s certain, this will not go on indefinitely. Something has to change…

  133. DQ Says:

    I also had planned to use the wi-fi capabilities of the smartphones. VZW is just about to loose a 6 year customer.

  134. RhtyhmRunneR Says:

    What I want to know is how hasn’t Verizon been sued for tying? If you don’t know what that is Wikipedia it and read the description of an ILLEGAL PRACTICE that completely relates word for word with what Verizon is currently trying to do to their customers… it looks so easy to win in court I just can’t understand why anyone hasn’t tried it yet.

  135. mike Says:

    I think everyone should quit complaining. If you want a PDA phone then go to a crap company like ATT. They aren’t forcing you to buy a PDA. Just buy a basic dumbphone if you’re gunna keep complaining. I don’t mind paying for it at all. They’re doing a good job at weeding out the cheap customers who want a cool PDA phone but who are cheap. I call it ballers on a budget. Good day!

  136. daneil b Says:

    It’s not a matter of being cheap, it’s a matter of being forced to pay for services you don’t want or need, for no other reason other than Verizon has decided they can get away with it–mostly thanks to people like you who blindly accept whatever they shove down your throat and actually criticize those who don’t appreciate being fleeced.

    No, they’re not forcing you to buy a PDA–but they are forcing you to pay a surcharge for services you don’t want just for the privilege of owning one. Why should we have to get a dumb phone when there is functionality on the PDAs we need that don’t require data plans?

  137. TexasKidd Says:

    Mike…cheap has nothing to do with this issue. It called a choice for the service plan that best fits my needs and a mandatory data plan is not one of them. I have used my Treo for years and enjoy the outlook sync, calender functions and other features of this phone and HAVE NO FRICKING NEED FOR A STUPID DATA PLAN! Geez you sound like that new wanna be president we have forcing B.S down our throats when we need none of it. Verizon will loose my $150 a month account as soon as my Treo dies or they drop the grandfathered option for us existing customers. Oh BTW, I GOT YOUR CHEAP!

  138. jm Says:

    Verizon don’t give a rat’s behind about its customers. Even when they put a cap of 5 GB on their data plan after NY court forced them to tell the truth about the so called limited “unlimited” data plan, they give no way to control overage and the usage updates are infrequent at best. This is their sneaky underhanded way of trapping unwitting customers into exorbitant overage charges as well as mandatory plans. If you look at the pricing for the 10 GB plan, it is FOUR TIMES the price for only double the data. It is intentionally priced as a discouragement to get customers to live with the overages on the 5GB plan. Remember marketing people are just rats that failed law school, but they are the same slimy creatures that chase ambulances.

  139. Christine Says:

    I’m in the same boat, however, I’m going to get a 32 GB iTouch. It costs just a wee bit more than the HTC Pro that I was literally (last night)just about to purchase. My contract is up so I can do what I want with regard to my phone service. The iTouch does all the same things we all want with the exception of phone calls. So get the iTouch and keep a cheap phone (I’m keeping my current EnV) and when their profits plummet… they’ll grab a clue. Yes I know that means carrying 2 devices but I’m okay with that. I’m also going to inform Verizon that this is exactly my plan and why. That way I still can text my family and friends, have decent coverage and can still do my work utilizing my wi-fi at home, work and school. Screw them.

  140. dani Says:

    I used to be a very content unicel customer until Verizon came along and bought them out we were assured we would get the awesome service we always had w.unicel towers and better deals. Well, our old unicel representative/new verizon representative talked us into the new blackberry storm. She even asked us if we wanted the internet,told us about the data plan and all you get with it. We found out it was an extra $30 a month per phone and we weren’t going to go for it but decided since she told us that it was optional we would try it out and get it shut off later ….the joke was on us after we decided we didn’t want to pay 30$ extra a month on 2 phones(when we pay way less for our cable modem at home) we went to our old unicel/new verizon store and were informed then of this mandatory plan w.blackberry s. Ha ha even better they told us the smart phone won’t even work without it, mmmmmmmmmm the phone was not as smart as they made it out to be. So according to the representative we keep the phone the plan the bill or we cancel our contract for $175 per phone. They won’t even let us speak to a manager in the store or even when you call their customer line. So now I guess we stay and pay leave and pay or fight the battle slowly but surely. Our contract was printed on a long receipt and no where does it say mandatory only details of we get our minutes unlimited text free nights and weekends. What is even worse is that verizon reps or so rude once they have you under contract. To them once you are a customer unless you are in to pay a bill you are an annoyance. They don’t care to help you at all, you are a fly ruining their picnic. Has anyone else been screwed by a rep w. The wrong info? Shouldn’t verizon value the customers they have? Without us they wouldn’t have jobs and with the way the economy has been you would think they would cherish every single one

  141. Laurie Says:

    Hey, for what it’s worth, I just filed a complaint against Verizon with the FCC (just google “file complaint with FCC” – quick and easy). Like many (most) of you, I use my Treo as a PDA/phone but have no use for data services. Unfortunately, I’ve had nothing but trouble syncing the Treo with Outlook and now I’m stuck – break my Verizon contract ($$$), get a new Verizon phone and pay their @#$#@ fee for a data package I don’t want or need ($$$) or live with a phone that can’t be synced. I have a year left on my contract, but am ready to pay the fee and jump ship.

  142. Morris Says:

    Sounds a lot like our government…Here’s what you get. Just get used to it. Oh, by the way, we won.

  143. Gary Says:

    Just heard from Verizon today that Verizon is dropping the “grandfathered” clause and is issuing letters to everyone that ALL smartphones will have the mandatory data plan effective in a month or two. (not sure of the date). This means that my 3 yr old Q with no data plan will be billed for a data plan even though I don’t want one. Yes, that means your old Treo as well. I tried to discuss with the Verizon rep a possible way around it and was not successful.

  144. Ray Says:

    Wow this is crazy … i was going to get the HTC OZONE which has WIFI but now I hear you have to pay this manditory $30/m ,its not worth it . I hope Verizon loses alot of money for this decision … they’re gonna lose mine .

  145. Jesse Says:

    I was just looking at the HTC Ozone also but was disgusted to see the mandatory data plan. It is baffling that they have this requirement when one of their same-tier competitors, AT&T, has no such requirement. How is it that a provider cannot offer what customers want? I used to carry a PDA and a cellphone, but that got tiresome, and there are hardly any new PDAs available. Don’t they understand that not everyone is interested in using wireless everywhere? I just want palm-sized computer that makes phone calls and perhaps does wi-fi too? Is that too much to ask?

  146. Jason Says:

    I recently emailed Vzw to complain, as many of you have. They have not responded and I imagine they won’t. Has anyone received a response? I talked to an authorized vzw retailer (who doesn’t work directly for vzw so he was very candid) and he said there are so many who are outraged about the forced data option. The “smartphones are made for data” argument is ridiculous, especially with wi-fi available nearly everywhere. It’s hard to believe vzw can’t imagine someone using a smartphone for something other than checking their email every five seconds or wasting time online when they should be working.

    I agree with comments here, unless we actually switch carriers they won’t care. Too bad vzw clearly has the best network. I think I’ll purchase the samsung sch-i760 from an online vender and never renew my vzw contract. At this point with their fees for everything (at some point they may charge extra for a “red” phone) I can’t imagine being locked into a contract with them.

    Outraged with you,

    Thanks for showing your true colors vzw. Wishing you the worst of business luck.

  147. Tom D Says:

    I carry around a Hewlett-Packard PDA running Windows Mobile 5.0 and I sync it with my laptop. I have a Verizon phone, a Samsung Alias, and like every other Verizon phone I have had, the Calendar stinks. It is hard to use, even with a keyboard, and it will not sycn with any known software.

    Now we have PDA phones with excellent calendars that will sync with your computer. Caveat: $30.00 a month, or $720 per contract, a price that is TWICE the cost of a brand new VGA HP 211 PDA, that uses WiFi for free.

    I find it amusing that Verizon will sync and back up contacts for $1.99 month but provide no way to back up the Verizon calendar… like, when you get a new phone or your present phone dies. Verizon offers software for everything from bartending to photos of naked hookers, but offers only their crappy, hard to use, no sync no backup calendar. Unless you get a PDA phone with a $360 annual surcharge.

    So I will continue to carry around my PDA. Which has a better screen than any Verizon phone in existence today. And if I need to get in touch with someone in a hurry, then who needs email? Just call them or leave a voice message or send them a text message. Who needs a PDA on a phone other than for convenience?

    By the way, Verizon may have just shot themselves in the foot. With their new mobile hot spot device, you can get your non-phone PDA online anywhere, using the same device you use on your laptop when WiFi is not available. (Just in case you don’t have your laptop with you and you absolutely HAVE to send an email when a phone call or a text message or a voice mail message won’t work.

    I doubt of Verizon will take us all for suckers for very long. They will lose too many customers. Sooner or later the Verizon executives will go online with their Omnias and figure out they are losing busines. Yes, Verizon, we can hear you and we can see right through you.

  148. Richard Says:

    I was in the midst of renewing a 2 yr contract for the HTC OZONE until told of the mandatory data plan – disgusting. I just want a phone and PDA.

  149. i hate verizon Says:

    verizon is crap. verizon sucks. i hate verizon. verizon if you were a bug i would use an entire case of raid on you.

  150. Zarro Says:

    Yep, they’re going to lose this customer, as well. I have been using smartphones for years and do so for the connectivity to Outlook so I can keep my contacts and calendar sync’d with my PC. It works very well and I haven’t found the “regular” phone that can do it. I don’t need data and don’t prefer to access the Internet on my smart phone, anyway.

    The policy is driving me to their competition. But I look at it as a good thing. They tend to be one of the higher-priced carriers and I think I’m going to come out of this with what I want and a lower monthly bill, to boot.

    See ya, Verizon!

  151. Robert Says:

    well folks, just as an update, nothingn about this bogus policy verizon made has changed. to make things even worse, i was grandfathered into verizon from alltel with a smartphone and unlimited data access. now i am unable to even pay full price for a phone of my choice and do an esn swap. they still tried to make me get a smartphone plan with fewer minutes…700 vs 1000 at a higher total price…$160 vs 107…..i was born at night verizon, but not last night

  152. brian Says:

    Here is my email to Verizon:
    “Just found out that the new PDA/Smartphones that I have been using for years with Verizon now require a $29.99 data charge per phone per month just to have the phone activated. I am not one that uses my phone for data but only for keeping contacts/using windows mobile programs with many other features. My wife also wants a smartphone now and I think we will be searching for OTHER WIRELESS CARRIERS now that we know verizon is requiring payment for services we don’t need on phones we would like to have. We have been with Verizon for at least 7+ years and have 4 wireless lines. Thanks…but….NO THANKS!!”

  153. brian Says:

    Here is Verizon’s response (obviously, it is a canned response)

    Dear Brian,

    I am sorry to hear you are frustrated with the data plans. My name is Donna and I hate to see you leave over the data plans.

    You have been a valued customer and we value your loyalty. Our Smartphones or Blackberry’s do require a data plan since November of last year. The handsets that are being introduced are more complicated and have more functions. Especially on the Blackberry, they are searching for information all the time they are on. In order to use any Data related functions the data plan is required. This is to save you any surprise bills.

    Brian, I hope you reconsider, it is only the more advanced handsets that require data. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to assist you today. We appreciate your business and thank you for using Verizon Wireless. Should you have additional questions or concerns, please reply to this e-mail.

    * What the hell? I have an aircard for my laptop and have internet whenever I need it. I am not paying Verizon or any carrier just for my phone to “search for information” anytime the phone feels like it. I have a feeling the pda phone manufacturers are going to see a slump in sales because of this unnecessary charging of “internet access charges”.
    Is there a simple mobile phone company out there that will give me a PDA phone that hasn’t had many nice features disabled and not charge me for data plan? Anyone? I guess I will have to buy a nice pda and just get a regualar phone and carry 2 devices. Thanks mobile phone carriers!!!

  154. chuck Says:

    I just visited the Verizon Wireless Store and was informed that the Droid Eris required a $30/month plan. What I don’t understand is why these phones have wifi then?!?! The data plan makes this feature virtual a waste of…a feature!! The woman at the store told me to just get a phone that doesn’t require a data plan. IT’S NOT THE SAME THING!! I replied…”Oh, can you show me the regular cell phone that has wifi?” I didn’t think so. And many people use the devices mainly for the PDA functionality…not to constantly update their Facebook page!! Really ticked off about this…

  155. rick Says:

    yeah … this TOTALLY stinks. i’ve been with verizon close to 10 years now.
    in addition to everything stated above … on my account at verizon site, it says my plan is “compatible” with a new droid eris, for example. but, guess what … NO it isn’t. I have to spend an addition $30 per month to be “compatible”. total garbage. anyway .. a COMPLETELY unsatified Verizon user here NOT under contract. hrmm … what to do ??

    anyway … i just created a facebook group about this.
    maybe the group will get popular.

  156. Robert Says:

    Are you paid by Verizon? These Data Plans that are “required” is a con to part you from more of your money without getting any real extra service. I am really unhappy with your misrepresentation of the Data Plans offered. If you have WiFi on your phone and have WiFi access you do not need the 3G network all the time or at all. And the smartphones have loads of other features that regulars cells do not even without the purchase of a Data Package. This buzz phrase that is going around “you shouldn’t be skimping out anyway” or “getting the most out of your smartphone” sounds like a bunch of Coporate bullshit; I have seen this phrase, or others like it, several times in online articles siding with this move by all the cellular service providers, which calls into question this articles credibility. I think you are an ass! This comment is directed at the author of the original article and no one else on these comments.

  157. Jim, Farmington, CT Says:

    Watch out for verizon. They don’t deliver on customer service. I have been a loyal verizon customer since about 2000. I refused to switch to ATT to get the iphone. Upgraded on Nov 6th by picking up two Droids and one LG env3. Paid for everything with a credit card. Chose the $90 family plan with 2nd and third phone for 9.99 each. That’s unlimited texting, picture messaging, 700 minutes, and unlimited data on the two droid phones which verizon’s website told me was $29.99 per phone with a $6 corporate discount on each data plan (feature option) – $23.99 each droid. Got my first bill yesterday – $697.26. We did not even approach the 700 minutes. Talk about wow!

    They added a $361 equipment back charge because they claimed I didn’t accept the two year agreement for one of the lines. Wrong. I had nothing but problems activating the phones and spent about three hours with tech support to finally get them working. They claimed they will take it off once I return a signed contract.

    Had a forty dollar charge for data even though I had an unlimited data plan. Verizon claimed that $7 of the data charges were from an old phone and $32 were incorrect. WRONG. We never used data with out old phones. After arguing with me for 5 minutes she offered to give me a courtesy credit. I told her she could call it whatever she wanted but the charges did not apply.

    Had trouble with a duplicate accessory order because Verizon couldn’t find my first order and told me to redo it. Both orders came through so I had to refuse the order. Got sent back to Verizon and after sitting in their bulding for 13 days, I still had not received the credit.

    Now here’s the kicker. They removed my $6 per month corp discount because they said their system was in error. The 20% feature discount only applies to the primary line and no others. I made a major purchase and agreed to a two year commitment based on their pricing only to be told a month later that the price was incorrect and I have to pay more money. Talk about fraud. I am contacting my state attorney general over this.

    Just beware – you see the commercials all over TV about how verizon is supposed to be the best cell phone company. I heard the message for about twenty minutes while I was on hold. They do a nice talk, but they don’t walk the walk. If I keep my phones (I have about 7 days left in the “30 day worry free guarantee”) this will probably be the last time I use Verizon. I am tired of their poor customer service. Thanks Octavia (ext 1003), you were VERY arrogant………

  158. Chad Says:

    Had similar problem as Jim in Farmington, CT
    Should look as a class action suit

  159. Diane Says:

    Thanks for the FCC information. I just filed my complaint. We have 4 phones in our family plan. The teenagers want an upgraded phone, but we do not allow any data plans (too expensive and we need to supervise). Verizon wants an extra $9.99 per line for a feature we refuse to let the teens use. They are losing 4 customers over this one.

  160. Layton Says:

    Requiring a data plan doesn’t make any sense at all. Perhaps eliminating those smaller ones does because of the high cost, but not allowing someone to get rid of the data plan altogether is just another way for Verizon to get more money out of me. I am at home, school and work – all have wi-fi connections that I can use at anytime. I would like a phone with wi-fi that can take advantage of that. It would save carrying around an i-pod touch and a phone. I don’t see any reason I shouldn’t be able to access those already paid for or free wi-fi points without having to pay Verizon and extra $30 a month. Like I said, their concern isn’t the consumer on this point – it’s their own fat wallets.

  161. HC Says:

    My father bought me an unlocked Samsung Omnia as an early birthday gift. I went online to activate it but was forced to pick one of the 2 data plans… I called from my home phone to activate the Omnia and was told to call from the Omnia itself. I was able to make a call on the Omnia to customer service only to be told that since Omnia is a PDA phone, a data plan is required. Guess the phone will go back on ebay. Perhaps Verizon will get their heads out one of the days… Until then I’ll carry my Ipod touch and rinky dink Verizon phone. Maybe I’ll do away with Verizon completely and just use Skype with Ipod and headphones with the mic. Great, unless I’m in a WI-FI free zone. GAH!

  162. CL Says:

    Verizon (and all others) are already overpriced. This is nothing but a blatant money grab.

  163. DGW Says:

    Do you all see how big this post is, now imagine how many others are fed up with this issue… someone should actually do something about it and go to the courts. I just ordered a Palm Treo 700p from ebay and am hoping that I dont have to activate a $30 data plan on it. I’m hoping I can just go to the Verizon Wireless website and just activate my phone and move on about my life. We’ll see what happens. I’ll send another post after my try.

  164. Verizon Customers Says:

    I talked to Verizon today and they told me If enough complaints are filed they will look at taking away the data charges.I don’t know if this is true or not but it’s worth a shot.

  165. Brian Says:

    I am a Verizon Wireless customer who is just looking to get a very good phone. I was planning on choosing an LG enV3, LG enVtouch, LG Chocolate Touch, Samsung Rogue, or Samsung Alais2, but recently found out all these, and smartphones require a data pack of 9.99 a month. I understand internet and e-mail, data plans, are needed for some people but I don’t plan on using the data package. Why must the make it mandatory? My bill is already high enough and ten dollars extra a month doesn’t seem like a lot, but in a year that’s $120.00 down the drain. Why am I not able to get a nice, good phone and not have to pay anything extra that I won’t use like the stupid data package.

  166. Brian Says:


  167. Kristina Says:

    This policy is the stupidest thing I HAVE EVER HEARD !!! i just want a NICE phone without having to pay for useless internet that i would never use because I have a computer at home. I am very very upset with this choice they made. I am switching carriers next month!!!!

  168. Greg Says:

    The only way to get what you want & need is to go to another carrier. I just did and I was a 15 year 4 phone customer.

    Verizon is just a leach! teach them a lesson by leaving them!

  169. Kalen Says:

    Seriously, this is the worst thing ever. I am really tempted to buy an ipod touch for wifi and take my business to uscellular for my cell phone. I along with many Americans do things based on principle. I will not EVER pay Verizon any more than I am now, regardless of what phone I have. I just want to be able to get on wifi at home and at work with my phone, besides the verizon internet sucks and is slow anyway. I wish the FCC or congress would step in soon as I upgrade in 30 days. Petition???

  170. ariel Says:

    I totally agree that this is nonsense and should be illegal. If they want to make money and they claim they need to make money to make up for the low prices they sell smart phones for then dont give discounts on phones. Tell people to get the discount you need a data plan which sounds absurd but hey its better to pay $100-$200 more for a phone than $400 plus tax a year to have data if you have no use for it. i wish i knew how to make a petition or someone who does start one

  171. Joe-in-PA Says:

    I am on a Family Plan..we have 4 phones. My 2 kids use them for texting and my Wife and I text and talk. Since our contracts all end at different time, mine in May, I tthought I would upgrade to a phone with a keyboard. I find out from Verizon that if I upgrade, I would need to add a $9.99 data plan. The same will go for the rest of the family since they all have phones that would require a data plan when their contracts expire…OK.. lets do the math..I pay around $130 (plus taxes) for our phones..If I need to get data plans for all I am at $170. Keep in mind that the $9.99 data plan is bare bones minimum in features. I looked at Spint, which seems to have good service in my area. If I went on a a family plan with their service 700 min, unlimited everything else. I am looking at $140 (plus tax). If I was going to get an equivalent package from would cost me $240 a month… I have been a loyal Verizon customer for many years..time to move on…

  172. LLinLA Says:

    My contract was up with vzw on 1/30/2010. I was looking to purchase the LG Env because I wanted a better camera phone. I am not at all into qwerty; just text and take pics and upload to facebook, etc. For this I am going to have to buy a 9.99 data plan? I have already looked into t-mobile. They have a good flip phone with a 3.2 mega pixel cam and no forced data plan!

  173. NC Says:

    i think that this is messed up, because all i want to do is have phone with a key board and touch screen to talk and text on. i dont really want to check my email or get on the internet(thats why i have a computer at home). i dont get why we have to have a data plan if we dont want too. i think that i have to convince my parents to go to another carrier.

  174. brandon Says:

    Ive been with verizon for more then 10 years
    but after data plan requirement for better looking phone just not fair
    i have had it…no more verizon if i were force to get data plan i rather go with iphone…goodbye verizon..and hello iphone…i think there will be more consumer leaving verizon 1 by 1 just like me….rip off

  175. Eric Says:

    This is really dumb. Change it back.

  176. Nathan Says:

    Maybe Ed Oswald is heavily invested in Verizon stock. I had a nice PDA from HP. I used it a lot for notes checking account balances, videos mp3’s etc. At no time did I ever use my pda to access anything other then my home network. I currently have an Env1 with Verizon. In order to up grade to the Env3 with my new every two they are going to make me take a data plan which I will not use. If I was to select a device to replace my no broken pda with an all in one device such as the Droid, that would be an additional 30 a month! I will not pay Verizon to access my own home network or wifi hot spots nor will I give them another 10 a month for my wife and I to upgrade our phones just so we can have a good text and pic phone!

  177. Chris Says:

    I’ve had a cell phone plan with Verizon for about nine years with five phones on it. I will will be dropping them in a few months when my last phone’s contract expires. I want a cool looking new phone, but when I went to the Verizon store today, they told me that unless I wanted to pay an additional $30/ month/ phone for a data plan, I would have to buy one of the old phones that look like bricks from the 90’s. I do not have a need for mobile internet. I have internet at home, work, and pretty much every destination I go. And, I learned that the cool looking new phones do not need internet to work, it is just that Verizon will not activate a new, modern phone, without forcing their customers to buy a more expensive phone plan. I feel like I am a bug, and Verizon is the finger that is squishing me. I will switch to any provider that will allow me to buy a new, cool phone, that does not require me to buy a data package.

  178. Chris Says:

    I wonder if Verizon is making more money by requiring customers to buy data plans than they are loosing from customers leaving because of the mandatory data plans… In my case, I pay $150/ month for service (or $1,800/ year). If I decided to stay with Verizon, they would have squeezed an extra $30/month/phone out of me ($360/year/phone) for the data plan. I guess mandatory data plans is their business strategy, and if enough people stay with them… maybe it might be a good decision for them. In my case, they will be loosing $1,800/ year.

  179. Chris Says:

    Interesting… Verizon’s stock has been dropping for the past couple months… I wonder if people’s contracts are ending and Verizon is bleeding customers due to mandatory data plans. I better check to make sure I don’t have any stock in Verizon… if I do, I need to sell it.

    Mandatory data plans are to Verizon as “We’re more popular than Jesus” is to the Beatles

  180. Patrick O. Says:

    Like everyone else here I’m very disappointed in verizon. Since I just want to show you the total financial damages verizon is lying aupon us I’ll a brief contract idea of their new rule.
    Phone: 39.99>40.00
    Lowest plan per month: 29.99>30.00
    Data Plan: 29.99>30.00
    Texting abilities w/unlimited t-t: 80.00
    I think where I go after this is easily understandable….

  181. Mike Says:

    Yeah I think it totally sucks. It’s very lame Verizon is requiring data plans for multimedia phones. Smart phones fine, but requiring it for the cheesy little multimedia phones that don’t have decent web browsing is just ridiculous. In two months when my contract is up I’m going to take my family plan with five lines to another provider.

  182. Karen Says:

    Have had my LG VX8100 flip for almost 5 years. First new every two I gave to my son. Came up for the second last August but haven’t found the phone I wanted to switch to so kept the flip. Keys are starting to stick and charging port’s broken so finally decided to get the enV3, only to find out about the 9.99 data charge. I use my phone to talk and text, not to access the Internet. When I want to look up an occasional baseball score I’ll pay the 1.99. Just bought a used enV2 on eBay. Guess Verizon won’t have to shell out for a free phone for me for a while, but they won’t be getting my 9.99 every month either.

  183. kay Says:

    Taking my service elsewhere, verizon. I have 3 kids and myself on a family plan. The phones available without the data plans SUCK. I loved my env3 phone, and can't stand that you will make me pay for a data package I don't need. I currently block my children's lines from using any data…yet I have to pay for a data package on one of those phones. RIPOFF, VERIZON. Think your customers have had it with your sleezy policies. You want to make me pay $40/month for data packages on 4 phones when I DON'T WANT DATA? bye-bye, verizon…

  184. kyle Says:

    I have heard that verizon customers have been having success with the samsung i760 with a (pay as you go) plan and then just putting a data block and useing the phone for wifi capabilities.

    Seeing as how this phone was released prior to the ban people have been able to get around the mandatory data plan.

  185. mike Says:

    I am a user of an LG env2 and wanted to move up to the ENV3 with the larger screen. Verizon is making it mandatory for me to purchase a data package for e-mail and other junk that I could care less about. I hope the like us mini-users keeping our old equipment and letting the have the data package. If I wanted the SMARTPHONE I wouldn't mind but for a little larger screen seems out of touch with the consumer. AT&T might be right after all!!!!!!!!!!

  186. Irish2u Says:

    Its all BS and GREED, If you do NOT use the internet, you put in their pocket a smooth 120.00 a year for something you do NOT use thats at their lowest 9.99 for 25 megs , which in the 2 year contract you'll pay them 240.00 which pays for most phones out right.Their is NO clean up for this, one should NOT be forced to pay for something they don't use, or have to get a crappier phone or else.
    They say they can't take off the data pak BUT i say BS they can but refuse to go their.
    Example Daughter just had her phone stolen Verizon LG9100 Env2, we had insurance and Unlimited pictures,Text and Videos and their is NO Data Pak because they didn't have it…So were told after reporting it they would send another BUT we have to pay 50.00 for deductible, they why pay for the insurance ? we were not told when signing up and was explained why we should have insurance, to replace Damage/Lost or Stolen BUT no mention we have to pay a deductible, so we were shocked to learn this.
    Now my daughter was Given a samsung u820 reality , we just wanted it hooked up with our same existing plan, they wanted another 9.99 for the data pak 25 megs, My daughter or i do NOT use the internet on any phone or want to. I argued why we were being forced to pay for something we did not want, which would put a smooth 240.00 in their GREEDY pockets which would pay outright for the phone, they said because it a smartphone and they change all this.
    But had told us the phone my daughter LOST the env2 if anyone was to buy it today they would have to pay for the Data Pak, BUT since we already owned it befor the new addition of the data pak , they would honor our contract. So if they can do that then they can take the data pak off of the samsung u820 reality phone she got for free , but say they can't or is it they WON'T, Hummmm
    Seems all the phones will come with this so you will be limited to what phones you can have and a much cheaper model meeting your so called needs…Seems their may be some legal argument im gonning to investagated and bring to the News Media, and so should every else, Thanks

  187. Jack Says:

    All i want is a semi-decent phone that i can send text and picture messages,call people, and have wifi. This update… its an outrage. Verizon will be one of those companies that drives themselves out of businness because of a stupid thing that they did. Verizon is robbing us and we are just standing there watching them. This is rediculous. I have sent Verizon multiple angry emails about this and all they do is say "oh we are sorry, but we have feature phones that dont require data packages." So i went and took a look at the feature phones and found out that they are all crap. And it wouldnt be so bad to require data packages on their new phones that they have if they gave us SIM cards! If we had SIM cards, all we would have to do is put the card in a new phone and then we instantly have service on our new phone and no data packages required! …But no. Verizon has to rip off the public and create these outrageous reqwuired fees.

  188. Mandy Says:

    This is robbery. They cannot force me to buy what I do not want. The court would agree.
    To the author, and the ones who say things like "buying a smart phone without a data plan makes no sense", what I buy is my choice; it is none of their business. To the one who said it is like buying a Porsche and whining about the higher insurance, your analogy is wrong. It is like Porsche users being forced to take the toll roads.
    Maybe I want to buy a smart phone because I like the camera. The GPS. The Wi-Fi. The calendar. There is more to a smart phone than 3g/4G data. I am not going to use the data plan. I ask Verizon for a voice plan, they should sell me a voice plan and shut up.

  189. chris Says:

  190. consumer Says:

    This author is a stooge and apparently hasn't heard of an invention called wifi which is prevalent throughout the US, no smartphones weren't developed and utilized for paid internet use especially at a 30 dollar incurred charge for consumers who primarily won't use even half that much data. Ed nice job supporting these greedy cash cow corporations.

  191. Cor Says:

    "If you have a smartphone, you shouldn’t be skimping out anyway. The whole purpose of these devices are the Internet connectivity themselves. It’s a waste of money to buy a device like the iPhone or LG Dare, etc. and then not get the data plan with it."

    You sound like a damn lobbyist Mr. Oswald and represent everything wrong with our convoluted media these days. First of all how verizon does this because they make little money off handsets themselves and must capitalize on their plans to be fiscally smart. 30 dollars a month for data usage is a way to coerce consumers to fund their greed. You didn't even mention wifi, wonder why? When wifi connectivity is everywhere and free, I use my unlocked T-Mobile iphone with wifi at my university and at home, the only time I need to use internet, and guess what I don't pay for a data plan cause wifi is free. Before 2008 with verizon you could do this with any phone but they decided to pilfer and profiteer off consumers thus deadlocking into this infringement of choice. Honestly people just go with At&t or T-mobile buy the phone off ebay and activate the phone yourselves and enjjoy your free wifi. 🙂

  192. water damge orange county Says:

    Good website, exactly where did you arrive up considering the info in this portion? I’m pleased I identified it though, ill be checking back soon to check out what other content articles you could have.

  193. Marie Says:

    I can't believe Verizon is going to force this data plan on everyone…I can't afford this every month and really have no use for it….I had a problem replacing my phone through Assurion Insurance be cause I do not have a data plan and the replacement phone can not be activated without it…just not fair…

  194. Brandon Says:

    I agree with everyone sayiny it should be up to me what services I want. If I buy a iphone at a higher price I should be able to use it for whatever I want. I use the pda function and need to make calls some texts. The reason they make this mandatory is because they say they lose money on the phone. Let me buy the phone for more then and I wont set up a data package. I think the auther is way off the mark to say that there are no other reasons to have a iphone then having a data package. This is a very narrow minded statement.

  195. SteveJobsIsGOD Says:

    I'm a young geek who loves tech and would bie for it, I was about to get the HTC Droid Thunderbolt,WITH MY MONEY, and my parents wouldn't let me because of the data plan!!!!!!!!!! NOW THERE MAKING ME GET A F****** FLIP PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  196. Jonn Says:

    I hate how I have to add 30$ just for a damn smartphone, & when I look at the basic phones they’re so god damn ugly. It’s like they do it on purpose so we HAVE to get a smart phone. Verizon’s smart phones are 90% online & the 10% are basic phones a caveman or a old lady would use. I’m 16 so I text a lot & stuff but I also want to have a nice looking phone so now I am not getting a piece of crap basic phone, I’ll just stick with the piece of crap I have since it makes no difference. Verizon you f***** me over again.

  197. Josh T Says:

    The company to sell smartphones which use cellular technology for phone calls and WIFI for internet connection will be rich, that’s for sure. There is apparently a large community of people who refuse to play the BS game of paying 30 dollars month extra for nothing and have ample money to buy smartphones at full price. Paying for a data plan is purely wasteful.

  198. Ervin Says:

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  199. Ervin Says:

    Have you heard of Lightyear Wireless yet? They are a new wireless company that offers Unlimited Talk, Text and Web on a nationwide 3G Network for only $59.99 per month., and now 4G. You can TALK all you want, TEXT all you want and surf the WEB all you want for $59.99 per month. No contract, No deposit, No credit check, No commitment. You can keep your same phone number just port forward it over when you signup with Lightyear. There are NO restrictions and the service is great all over the U.S.. you can read more here==&gt ;

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