When in Google Earth, View as the Romans Viewed

By  |  Wednesday, November 12, 2008 at 7:58 am

googleearthGoogle Earth, which has a strong a claim as any Google creation to being its single neatest offering, is adding an exceptionally neat new feature: a 3D recreation of Rome as it was in 320 a.d., complete with the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, and all the other landmarks you’d expect.

(I say “is adding” rather than “has added” because despite the download page‘s statement that Ancient Rome there in gEarth’s Layer View, I didn’t see it in either the Windows or Mac copies of Google Earth I just downloaded–either I’m doing something wrong or the download isn’t quite ready.)

I can’t wait to try it; in the interim, here are some images and a Google demo.





Won’t it be spectacular when most of the most interesting civilizations of world history have been recreated this way, in even more detail–as they surely will be over time?



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  1. bud Says:

    Did you just tweet that you couldn’t get the layer to show up? I used the upgrade link from within Google Earth to get newest version. Maybe it is only available on the version for Intel Macs, I’m on g4 powerbook. Or as you say, maybe its to come.

    Usually these layers are added manually, downloading the KML package or whatever it is Google Earth calls their 3d add ons.

  2. Martha Says:

    Pretty cool — but this book http://www.amazon.com/Ancient-Rome-Monuments-Past-Present/dp/8881620308 has better exterior graphics. Although no panoramic views, no detailed interiors, and no ability to swoop and pan, I admit. And not nearly the volume of illustrations.

  3. The Postman Says:

    Slightly alarmed by Google allowing a post in their official blog from unashamed neofascist GIanni Alemanno.

  4. Michael Perlman Says:

    When I was in elementary school, we used to explore Rome in 3D in Microosft Encarta (forget which version). I was then amazed that such a thing existed; now I am blown away by the fact that you don’t need to pay Redmond for the privelege.

  5. Charles Forsythe Says:

    Postman: “Slightly alarmed by Google allowing a post in their official blog from unashamed neofascist GIanni Alemanno.”

    1) Didn’t see that. Where is it?

    2) The guy IS the Mayor of Rome. Having him post some sort of statement can’t be any worse than having to listen to George W. Bush talk about “freedom” because he’s the President of the U.S. (not for much longer, yay!).

  6. dani@d@hotmail.ian Says:

    jeni te fort a