Technologizer’s Ten Most Popular Stories of November

By  |  Sunday, November 30, 2008 at 1:37 pm

t-hitsThere are less than eight and a half hours of November to go here in California. And so it’s time to look back at the month’s most-read articles, as is our custom. The month’s hot topics? The BlackBerry Storm, a weird auction site, the iPhone, Apple laptops, and a bunch of old magazines that aren’t with us any more.

1. The T-Grid: BlackBerry Storm vs. iPhone 3G: The first touch-screen BlackBerry hit Verizon stores this month…and judging from Technologizer, at least, the number-one question about it is “Hey, how does it compare to the Apple phone that so clearly inspired it in multiple ways?”

2. Is Swoopo Nothing More Than a Well-Designed Gimmick?: Ed Oswald’s story from back in September on a not-so-well-known auction site is the Cal Ripken, Jr. of Technologizer posts–every single day, an amazing number of people find it and join the conversation on whether the site’s business model is good for consumers or a very bad idea.

3. AT&T: Tethering Coming to the iPhone Soon: At the Web 2.0 conference, I happened to be sitting in the audience when AT&T’s wireless head said that you’d soon be able to use an iPhone as a wireless modem for a laptop. I blogged it. Lots and lots of people are apparently salivating at the idea (including me).

4. The Thirteen Greatest Error Message of All Time: A Technologizer golden oldie (relatively speaking!) that people keep discovering.

5. Apple’s New MacBook Pro: The Technologizer Review: I tried it. I mostly liked it.

6. The Twelve Greatest Defunct Tech Magazines Ever: A tribute to some of the best computer-related journalism ever to be printed on dead trees.

7. Is the New MacBook Expensive?: My take on what you get for your dough compared to some roughly similar Windows laptops.

8. Needed for Chrome: The Google Toolbar: Plenty of Chrome fans still wonder if Google has ported its browser toolbar to its own browser. (The answer: no, and it isn’t planning to, but it wants to replicate some of its features.)

9. 25 Unanswerable Questions About Apple: From “What if Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak had never met?” to “What if Apple licensed the Mac OS today?”

10. The Last Word on the BlackBerry Storm: It’s Not So Hot: I rounded up reviewer response to the touchscreen BlackBerry by quoting the final paragraphs of a bunch of evaluations. Most of them were lukewarm or worse. The New York Times’ David Pogue hadn’t yet written about it when I did my compilation, but his piece is worth reading, and his last graf is worth quoting: “Web rumor has it that a bug-fix software update is in the works. Until then, maybe Storm isn’t such a bad name for this phone. After all — it’s dark, sodden and unpredictable.”

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