iTunes Goes DRM-Free, Gets More Expensive…and Gets Cheaper?

By  |  Tuesday, January 6, 2009 at 2:10 am

ituneslogoIt might or might be announced this morning at Macworld Expo, but it seems inevitable: CNET is reporting that Apple has hammered out a deal to sell DRM-free music from Sony BMG, Universal, and Warner, joining EMI’s iTunes Plus DRM-less music in the iTunes Store. The agreement would finally give Apple DRM-free music from all the major labels–something it really needs given that and most other major purveyors of music downloads have lost the copy protection. also undercuts Apple’s pricing on many tracks; CNET reports that Apple’s deal with the labels will force it to drop its flat 99-cent fee in favor of variable pricing, with hot new stuff sometimes costing more, and back-catalog songs going for 79 cents. Seems like a reasonable concession to me (and complete albums already go for varying prices at the iTunes Store).

I don’t recommend buying DRM-hobbled music, which means that don’t recommend buying the protected songs that still comprise the majority of Apple’s offerings. It’ll feel good if I can stop warning folks about the iTunes Store–and I’ll bet Apple is looking forward to losing the DRM as much as anybody at this point.


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  1. don Says:

    It should have happened a long, long time ago!

  2. Jeff Says:

    DRM is a bag of hurt.

  3. Geoff Says:

    decreasing the price for some songs seems nice, however the increase in other 2ongs by 30 cents is a pain, i am considering boycotting itunes for awhile

  4. Swimchick Says:

    This is BS-I just bought I tunes songs, they are ALL 99cents and the rest are1.29. None are .79 cents!!!! Boycott I tunes!!!!!

  5. Madelyn Cox Says:

    emule has got some good inventory of free music.:,.

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