Good Grief!

By  |  Monday, February 2, 2009 at 8:09 am

ZDNetIt’s Monday morning, and I’m blushing: Over at ZDNet, Jason Hiner has posted a list of “The Ten Best Techies Worth Following on Twitter.” It includes eight folks who I follow, one who I didn’t know about (but will add to my list), and….me. At #1. I’m startled and honored. And I’ll try to rip off Jason’s idea soon by providing a list here of some of the tech Twitterers who I find consistently intelligent, interesting, and entertaining.

People who haven’t quite figured out Twitter yet sometimes ask me why I spend so much time on it, and the answer, of course, is because it’s fun. I Tweet mostly to amuse myself–but this is a fabulous egoboost. Thanks, Jason!



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  1. NanoGeek Says:

    Congrats Mr. McCracken! 🙂

  2. Rod Bauer Says:

    Congrats Harry!

    It’s a shame that Patrick McGoohan died just before he could have learned the identity of #1.

  3. DTNick Says:

    Way to go!

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