Amazon’s Kindle 2.0 Event

By  |  Monday, February 9, 2009 at 7:24 am

Amazon Kindle 2I’m 3000 miles away from Amazon’s Kindle event this morning at the Morgan Library in New York, so I’ll learn what’s transpiring by reading coverage elsewhere on the Web. More specifically,, I’m checking out live coverage at Gizmodo and Engadget. More thoughts as the official details are revealed (until then, check out these alleged spy photos if you haven’t seen ’em yet).

[UPDATE #1: The alleged spy photos of a much thinner Kindle are…unalleged! That’s the new Kindle. It has seven times more storage than the first one. You can read a book on one Kindle and switch to another, and it’ll keep your place. There’s a new five-way controller. Page-turning happens twenty percent faster.]

[UPDATE #2: The new Kindle can read to you, via text-to-speech technology. New battery lasts 25% longer.]

[UPDATE #3: Stephen King is at the event. Maybe the rumors that he has a new book that’ll debut on the Kindle are true.]

[UPDATE #4: Sounds like it’s a story, not a whole book. He’s reading part of it to the crowd, from a Kindle. And it’s about the Kindle.]

[UPDATE #5: It’s a novella, and people who pre-order the Kindle 2 will get it for free when it’s released.]

[UPDATE #6: Here’s Amazon’s press release with more details about what’s new. The new Kindle is $359 and ships on February 24th.]

[UPDATE #6: Sounds like Amazon is saying that Kindle content will be available on other devices, but isn’t saying which other devices. $1,000,000 question: iPhone?]


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  1. Vulpine Says:

    Why have a full qwerty keyboard on a bloomin’ READING device?

  2. Vulpine Says:

    For that kind of money, I’ll wait for Apple’s “Touch/Tablet” device predicted for later this year. May not have the same battery life, but should work a sight better than Kindle without all the wasted space of an unnecessary full-time keyboard.

  3. Joe Says:

    Kindle's appearance is certainly reminiscent of an Apple product

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