Is Gmail Down? Ask Twitter!

By  |  Wednesday, February 11, 2009 at 10:55 am

gmail1[NOTE: If you’re reading this on September first, 2009, here’s a more current post on today’s outage.]

Gmail seems to be choking at the moment. It failed to load for me a few minutes ago, then came back–and I know I’m not the only one who’s having problems with it, because I did a simple Twitter search and got lots and lots of tweets like these:

Gmail Down

Twitter’s search feature is a terrific resource when it comes to quickly answering questions about what’s happening on the Web. I remain baffled as to why Twitter buries it in the site’s footer rather than giving it prominent real estate so that everyone who’d find it useful can find it. But that’s just one of multiple Twitter mysteries (Twysteries?).

Meanwhile: Is Gmail working for you right now?


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  1. Daniel Says:

    Works fine for me, been using it frequently today..

  2. ewee Says:

    yep, it went down, but it was intermittent, and seems to be back. another reason to use gmail’s offline lab.

  3. Ray Ebersole Says:

    I had some trouble earlier, including contacts not loading and slow inbox loading. It seems okay now for me.

  4. John Bliss Says:

    Gmail down. Bad Gmail. John sad.

  5. F417H Says:

    Confirmed, Gmail down for like an hour now.. Sucks.

  6. keru Says:

    is gmail down????

  7. Jamie Says:

    “Gmail down. Bad Gmail. John sad”

    Jamie sad too. 🙁

  8. TaranQ Says:

    GMail problems here too all day intermittend on/offline (Belgium)

  9. Paul Says:

    Gmail has been hit by some kings of porn !

  10. sebi Says:

    gmail is down for me

  11. Sharon Says:

    My G-mail has been down for days…

    Before it went down it would not send pictures by e-mail it kept saying that there was a permanent error and it would not send…

    I just got this account and I am already regretting it… I have never had this with any other e-mail account 🙁

  12. Mr Singapore Says:

    My gmail is down, and has not been working for the past 24 hours.

  13. Babylya Says:

    Хм,несогласен с предыдущими блоггерами
    Споки 🙂

  14. Gostixel Says:

    Вот так,несогласен с предыдущими высказываниями
    ^..^ Bye

  15. Suman Says:

    Gmail is down….!!!!

  16. jmichaelgreen Says:

    Being late to complain, all of the previous specific symptons are consistant. I could add that a gmail client accross the room may not experience the same symptoms: no load of contacts, error message, etc.

    I’m experiencing a white blank screen after nav and not responding in the task screen, go figure. And i never say that, ever! Really, heard it 30 years ago and just used it now.

    This as always could not happen at a worse time, as I am it peak usuage of g-docs, contact data, not deleting (per gmails rec’, don’t delete when memory, yada yada yada) and the white screen with the blue boarder (lock up) is getting old. I may be outta here and reccomend to sell google stock if anyone is listening… bye-jmg

  17. Jim Says:

    My Gmail is down (11:40 a.m., Thursday, June 11), but my Google Apps accounts are working fine.

  18. Derrick Says:

    I think the problem is actually with the BROWSER (Google Chrome) and not with Gmail itself. As soon as I tried to access Gmail in a different browser (Firefox), everything worked beautifully. If you are using Google Chrome, try something else for a while.

  19. downrightnow Says:

    For those who are interested, we’ve just launched a site called that monitors Twitter updates and other sources for indications of a service disruption. You can also follow us on Twitter and by RSS to get outage notifications for Gmail, Facebook and several other web services.

  20. Johan Says:

    when trying to reach today

    “Request-URI Too Large
    The requested URL /accounts/ServiceLogin… is too large to process. “

  21. Josh Says:

    Gmail is down for me too. I’m in Texas. I recieved this message after letting it load for a while:

    “The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.”

  22. Adam Says:

    I’ve been having troubles recently, I was searching to see if Gmail was down when I found this site.

  23. Tim Says:

    The cloud can not go down..! That’s impossible..! Never happen..! Must be user error..!

  24. Marc Says:

    Heh well my company’s exchange server is still working. Maybe the cloud is not so good after all.

  25. Piloti Racing Shoes Says:

    I can’t believe it,. 80% of my business is on Gmail and Google Docs,. I heard on Twitter that gmail was crashed by the magicjack buy back letter and I heard another story that gmail was hacked,. I wonder what’s going on.

    Google will lie to us 😉

  26. Will Says:

    CRAP I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE! No but really I have a few items for sale on craigslist and I was hoping to meet with people right about now so I could get some money for bills but now they probably just think I am flaking pr ognoring them…err unless they use gmail too. Anyway this really sucks no wonder google have kept it called gmail beta. I guess they aren’t perfect after all.

  27. Gare Says:

    NO worky on laptop, but fine on IPhone.

  28. klw Says:

    ugh. isn’t working on my phone, firefox or safari… for the last couple of hours I’ve gotten a screen that says to try again in 30 seconds…. it’s a reeeealy long 30 seconds….

  29. fritzy heg Says:

    gmail down for 1 hour now in scandinavia as well….not good. If google want to ‘take care of our stuff’ this is not the way to push the concept……not trustworthy, guess somebody have very red ears.


  30. G Mail Down Says:

    G Mail down in Japan
    Sat 19th Sept 2009, time 21:51

  31. Linda Says:

    Is gmail down? Can anyone log in? I tried to check Google’s app status page and it is hanging also.

  32. Nathan Acosta Says:

    it is NOT working now!!! 🙁

  33. Robert Says:

    Gmail lagi semaput yah, melasi … hehehe …

  34. taylor Says:

    my gmail is not working and i just have been on the buzz! why isen’t it working? tell me, comment if you know why gmail is down or have this problem too!

    thank you,Taylor
    xoxoxo please tell me!!

  35. @randomthoughts_ Says:

    gmail is down

  36. Aashi Says:

    There are number of people suffer from gmail outage. They loss there mail and accounts.This problem is resolved but in future to prevent such loss you must take regular backup. one simple application "BeyondInbox" for
    backup your mail.
    It provides backup your Imap/Gmail mail, Transfer your email to another account and Restore your email .

  37. alan Says:

    correct user name and password lead to new page with captcha
    Correct name + password + captcha results in user name invalid

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