Samsung Goes Green With Blue Earth

By  |  Monday, February 16, 2009 at 4:06 am

I’m at the Samsung press conference at Mobile World Congress, where the company is launching a mess o’ new touchscreen phones. It’s also previewing one it says won’t ship until the third quarter of 2009: Blue Earth, a phone that’s part of the company’s ecological initative. It’s made of recycled bottles and which charges off a solar panel built into its backside. The phone runs Samsung’s own OS, and other than that, details are scarce–you can probably figure out everything that’s public by examining the images below.

Samsung Blue Earth


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2 Comments For This Post

  1. NanoGeek Says:

    I’m not much for “green” products, but I love the idea of solar cells built into the phone. That would be real handy if you ran out of battery.

  2. dave Says:

    so will it allow me to talk in the Pacific Northwest during the rainy season?? must have some sort of battery backup, but to be able to boost the power whenever light is available is pretty cool