Circuit City To Close Down March 8th

By  |  Friday, March 6, 2009 at 8:39 am

The Tragic Last Days of Circuit CityAll remaining Circuit City stores still open will shut down on March 8, the company said on Friday. While a few stores blew through inventory rather quickly, some still have a decent amount remaining (including mine, which had a lot of TVs and computers left). Liquidators originally planned to shut everything down by the end of this month or so, but the company has blown through the $1.7 billion in inventory rather quickly.

Thanks bad economy. Seems the only way people will buy anything these days is if it is discounted so much that nobody’s making any money.

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  1. MIcarGI Says:

    it’s not that sad, i was in a circuit city last week and i thought about how much we have overproduced. do we really need all these things? and i also thought about how internet shopping for technology has replaced the technology retail store and how that trend is only bound to continue.