A BlackBerry Bold at an Attractive Price: $0.00

By  |  Friday, March 27, 2009 at 12:32 pm

BlackBerry BoldBoy Genius Report found a bargain on the BlackBerry Bold over at AT&T’s site: If you’re willing to buy a refurbished phone (not a big deal to my mind, especially in these times) and ready to sign up for a two-year contract, you can get the Bold for free. And–the saints be praised–it looks like there’s no rebate paperwork involved. The BlackBerry Bold may not have the buzz of certain other phones that also reference a piece of fruit in their names, but it’s a great phone. And AT&T charges $550 without a contract, $299 (after a $100 rebate) for a new one on contract, so free represents a steep discount. The offer, which BGR says appears to be good only today and only online, is here.


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  1. silvia Says:

    cool offer! thanks for sharing this tip

  2. mathiastck Says:

    If you can still get insurance on the refurbished phone then that sounds great. Blackberries do break, my Verizon 8830’s port broke, so I can only change the battery externally. Also the red key requires extreme pressure to activate, and the trackball is losing sensitivity. I did not get the insurance plan on it, due to dissatisfaction with the policy and a bad battery on my last phone. As annoying as the insurance policy’s are though they are needed.

    I still recommend Blackberry, if you ever want to enter text, or read it on a phone (great for email,SMS, text heavy web browsing). It was well loved, and is 1.8 years old. I’d replace it with a bold or the new curve if I wasn’t holding out for an Android model.

  3. Jean Says:

    Yeah , free sounds pretty good to me! but, Dude, seems like the Blackberry definately has some bugs to work out, but windows mobile is realible…we’ll see how they work it out, by the way i ran
    accross this site the other day and the idea behind it was quite interesting. This website offers a service where you can have 2 phones lines and 2 voicemail feed into one phone.
    Check it out…


    We’ll see if Blackberry listens to thier clients’ complaints…