Twitter Fiddles with Replies.. Err "Mentions"

By  |  Monday, March 30, 2009 at 9:21 pm

twitterlogoTwitter has fiddled a bit with how it handles those @ replies in a change it says “better reflects how folks are using Twitter now.” Whereas before the @ reply was used at the beginning in a direct reply to the twittee(?), now users are employing the feature in different ways.

For example, instead of a reply, a tweet may include the tweetname of that user as a reference, such as “I’m sitting here blogging with @harrymccracken on @technologizer” which isn’t a direct reply, but more a mention per se, thus the new term (we are shameless about promoting our twitter accounts here aren’t we? Sorry couldn’t resist throwing myself in there.).

Thus, the new Mentions tab, which replaces the Replies tab and is now listed as your twitter account name, will show these indirect tweets as well.

I kind of like this new feature. However, I’d much rather like it if they’d seperate these indirect ones from my direct ones. Especially if your a popular twitterer, you could have hundreds of users mentioning you every day. Your legitimate direct tweets would get lost in the mess.

Still, I think its good Twitter is going to let us know when we’re getting talked about. I can see the positives in that, too.


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  1. DZ Says:

    The tab is re-labeled, but it’s still only showing me sentences that begin with my name. Still stuck with search.

  2. DaveZatz Says:

    Now it seems to be working. Perhaps it was cached on my end the other way or not fully rolled out. But now it shows all occurrences of my name. Much better than it was before – probably more db intensive for them, but a better user experience.

  3. DelusionalGenius Says:

    Same complaints as above…

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