Pandora Goes Set-top With Livio Radio

By  |  Wednesday, April 15, 2009 at 9:00 am



Up until now, Pandora was pretty much exclusively an computer-based product. While the company moved past the PC with the launch of its iPhone application, not until now has it been available in a more traditional form.

Enter Livio Radio. Along with being able to receive about 11,000 Internet radio stations, it is the first Internet radio device to be fully compatible with Pandora. It even features the “thumbs up, thumbs down” rating system the service uses, both on the device itself and the remote.

Users can use their own Pandora account with Livio, and a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection is required. The device is now available at will retail for $149.99.

Getting Pandora off the PC is something the company has apparently been considering for awhile, considering off-PC use is on the rise. “We’re always looking for new products that make that easy to do, and have a wide appeal for listeners,” business development chief Jessica Steel said.

I’m certainly excited to see Pandora making a move outside the box (although I guess it’s inside the box this time? I digress). For those of us that listen to a lot of Internet radio, myself included, devices like Livio are useful.

The price though is a little steep. I’d personally like to actually see it to judge whether the quality — construction and sound — is worth $150. I’m not seeing any retail availability yet, however.



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  1. DaveZatz Says:

    FYI Pandora streaming has been available to Sonos and Squeezebox for a few years. Last year, it landed on a Samsung Blue-ray deck:

  2. jordan Says:

    Yeah but can you get the squeezebox or the sonos for $ 150. Plus this radio as the thumbs up and thumbs down dedicated features on the remote and on the radio itself. You also get 11,000 internet radio stations that you can listen to.