New in Google Labs: "Similar Images" Search

By  |  Monday, April 20, 2009 at 1:17 pm

Google Similar Images Google’s Google Labs experimental playground has added a service I know I’ll use quite a bit: Google Similar Images, which lets you drill down into image search results to find images that resemble each other.

The service looks a lot like standard Google Image Search, except that results have a “Similar Images” link below them.

Google Image Search

Click on any of those links, and you get more images that resemble the one in question. Here, for instance, are results for three distinctlly different plane images: a childlike black-and-white line drawing, a photo of a big plane, and a photo of a little one:

Google Similar Images

Google Similar Images

Google Similar Images

Google says that it hasn’t created the similar-image connections for all the photos in its index, so they won’t show up for all searches. And it’s going to refine this capability more before it rolls it into standard Image Search. But it looks pretty darn cool to me already. Here’s an official Google blog post with some more info.

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