Windows 7 Release Candidate: The Rollout Begins. Rockily.

By  |  Thursday, April 30, 2009 at 12:39 pm

Windows 7When Microsoft set a release schedule for the Windows 7 Release Candidate–which will apparently be the last major version before it finalizes the OS–it said that members of its TechNet service for IT types would get it on April 30th, and everyone else would have to wait until May 5th. If that was to ensure trouble-free downloads for everyone involved, it didn’t work: As Ed Bott reports, a database glitch prevented a lot of TechNet members from getting the download.

I had trouble myself, at first–but now, the download seems to be proceeding properly. I plan to install the RC on both a general-purpose notebook and a netbook, and look forward to sharing impressions. And if you snag the RC–either right now or at any time between now and general release–I’d love to know what you think.


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  1. Brian Reed Says:

    I installed the RC last week (I have a friend with connections at OEMs). I must say I am fairly impressed. My system runs a lot smoother than it did on the Beta, and a lot of “under-the-hood” changes have made it an overall satisfying experience.

  2. David Balcom Says:

    The betas (x64 and x86) were rock solid on my desktop and laptop. Since doing an in-place upgrade to 7100 (yeah, I knew the risks) I am having reboot issues but think I isolated it to a problem with TVersity.

    I might try and do a clean install over the weekend to see if it makes the system more stable. Overall, I am very impressed with Windows 7 and think it is what Vista should have been.

  3. Mike Says:

    Even with the majority of the market for such a long time, Microsoft are still showing the world they can still make decent products. I for one prefer using Linux, but this could be the excuse I need to start playing computer games again for when I finish my degree next academic year.

  4. BillK Says:

    Installed Windows 7 RC today on a two year old Lenovo. Pentium D 3.4, 1GB ram. Install was a breeze. Found all device drivers. Overall my impression is that 7 is Vista fixed. File copies are much, much faster. IE is faster. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time on it, but I didn’t once get one of those, “You don’t have permissions to do that, do you want to”

    I expected it to crash when I installed TrendMicro Internet Security 2009 and it did. No big deal there.

    Tomorrow I’m going to try to join it to my Windows Server 2008 domain. Wish me luck…

  5. Moe Says:

    I have installed Windows 7 Ultimate RC1 after removing the Testing Perpose version, its quiet cool, but there still a problem which is a huge problem that can be made by microsoft developpers, its while joining a dimain active directory, i tried to use the patch that microsoft made for the beta and the testing version but it didn’t work. now am looking for a better solution if i found any i will share it with you guys.. regards.

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