Google Falls Down, Gets Back Up

By  |  Thursday, May 14, 2009 at 9:32 am

Google DownLast year, I wrote a post called A World Without Google. This morning, people have been living it: As you can tell from the chatter on Twitter, Google suffered some sort of major outage this morning. was unavailable, and as Cnet reporteed, folks also had trouble getting into everything from Gmail to Google News to YouTube to Blogger.

As of right now, Google is back–at least for me. There’s no mention of the troubles on the Google Blog, but I hope that the company acknowledges them and explains what happened. Like last January’s bizarre glitch that left Google identifying the entire Web as dangerous, this morning’s outage is a sobering reminder of just how dependent we are on the world’s most popular search engine. (Betcha Yahoo, Live Search, and saw massive spikes in usage this morning.)

How instinctively do I use Google? When I was trying to find info on why Google wasn’t working, I…Googled for it. Or tried to, at least. Betcha I wasn’t the only person who did that…



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  1. John Baxter Says:

    We saw 90% packet loss to Google machines during the problem.

  2. Peter Devries Says:

    Hi, I had no issues with or anyother google service this morning up here in the great white north

  3. JDoors Says:

    “When I was trying to find info on why Google wasn’t working, I … Googled for it.”

    Too funny!

  4. John Baxter Says:

    Show of hands please: everyone whose corporate email or ISP email or both has never had an unplanned outage.

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