Fooled You, Apple!

By  |  Tuesday, May 19, 2009 at 3:59 am

Nelson’s Brian Chen has an interesting story up about the iPhone app Lyrics and the fact that it contains uncensored, profanity-laden lyrics that can be unlocked via a specific sequence of finger swipes. The author resorted to this tactic after Apple rejected his initial version of the app. I remain puzzled about Apple’s unwillingness to approve iPhone apps with dirty words given that it cheerfully sells the music downloads whose liberal use of cussing is documented by Lyrics’ secret uncensored version. But I’m also bemused as to why the app’s author snuck in the hidden-swear version. His subterfuge is revealed not only in Brian’s article, but also in the user reviews at the iTunes App Store; Apple can now delist the program if it chooses, and if history is any guide, it probably will.

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