What Will Be at WWDC: Your Predictions!

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Apple WWDC PredictionsApple will announce a new iPhone at next week’s WWDC keynote. It’ll sport a faster CPU, more storage, and a high-res camera that’s video capable, and will introduce a new case material. Rumors that it might include built-in iMovie or do multitasking, however, are false.

Also wrong: The scuttlebutt that Apple will launch a tablet computer at WWDC. In fact, there won’t be any new personal computers at all. The company will, however, unveil a new iPod Touch. And, of course, it will formally introduce Snow Leopard upgrade for OS X.

Those, at least, are the collective predictions of the folks who participated in Technologizer’s WWDC Prediction Challenge. We fielded a survey (via the wondrous PollDaddy) that let folks guess at what Phil Schiller and other Apple execs will tell us next Monday. We’re saying that any prediction that was made by a majority of respondents counts as a Technologizer prediction. We’ll report on them below–and follow up after the Monday keynote (which we’ll be covering live–join us!).

First of all, you guys overwhelmingly believe that Apple will indeed announce at least one new iPhone, by a factor of nine to one.

You think it’ll have a higher-resolution camera, more storage, a video camera, a faster CPU, longer battery life, more RAM, a compass, autofocus, and a new case. But you don’t think other rumored features (such as an OLED screen and an iPhone version of iMovie) will turn into reality on Monday.

More than two-thirds of you think that the much-rumored Apple tablet will be a no-show at Moscone.

But the wistful minority of you who do think the tablet will make its debut believe that it’ll run OS X, have built-in broadband and GPS, and sport an OLED screen.

There’s been plenty of speculation about the possibility of at least minor upgrades to Apple’s Mac line being announced at WWDC. As a group, you guys aren’t buying it–no Mac model received a majority of votes.

You do, however, believe that we’ll see a revised iPod Touch debut along with its iPhone cousin or cousins. But that’s it for new hardware, apparently.

Almost ninety percent of you believe that the Snow Leopard upgrade will be officially announced on Monday–I confess that I asked in part to see if you were paying attention. But collectively, you don’t think any other applications or services will show up.

Finally, we gave you the opportunity to make free-form predictions. The most common one by far is one that every reasonable person would be pleased to see come to pass: Steve Jobs appearing at the keynote, if only to say hello. We shall see, and soon.

Here are some other prognostications:

I think Apple will not outright admit competition from Microsoft (be it the new marketing campaign, Zune HD or Zune integration into XBox) or netbook makers, but it will be felt in their announcements.

Apple will demo Home Theater control via iPhone & will showcase additional hardware devices that can be connected to iPhone and controlled via software on the iPhone

It’s all about Snow Leopard, iPhone 3.0 and new iPhones – it’s a development conference so I think it’s all going to be focused on those. But I also predict that Jobs will make an appearance at the end and show off a yet-to-be-ready revision of the MacBook Air that is more like a netbook but runs the iPhone 3.0 software and include a touch screen, the appstore, etc.

They will support Blu Ray

Announcement regarding a Google and Apple integration from within iLife and iWork for online collaboration and document share/store (and image share/store, and video etc)

New 64-bit hardware to accompany snow leopard.

New mobile processor announced, perhaps in conjunction with new Apple device.

a tv + apple tv combo.

portable touchscreen remote monitor… wireless display using osx screensharing to access your other macs…

The new MacBooks will just be special models equipped with internet service via AT&T or the big V. Maybe also a netbook? With the new air rumors on the table, this seems unlikely. Tablet is also a question mark, but definitely something with a touch screen (or course, it could just be a bigger iphone…)

Gaming console

Tethering plan for iPhone.

All in all, you folks appear to have used an intelligent strategy for making predictions: Looks like you’ve been reading the various reports floating out there, and tend to believe that the likely-sounding predictions are true, and the more far-fetched ones aren’t. That’s not a guarantee that you’re right, of course: Apple often fails to do things that nearly every reasonable person assumes it will, and it frequently does things that seemed far-fetched until the moment before it actually did them.

I promise to check back in after the keynote to rate the accuracy of these Technologizer predictions. (It’ll be cool, of course, if Apple surprises us with something that none of us expected.) Thanks to all who participated–and feel free to keep on guessing in the comments right up to 9:59am on Monday…

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