The Commodore 64 vs. the iPhone 3G S: The Ultimate Showdown

By  |  Sunday, June 21, 2009 at 9:18 pm

Sad news: Apple has rejected a Commodore 64 emulator for the iPhone. It’s not surprising, and arguably not an utter outrage given that the iPhone developer agreement expressly forbids emulators, and the C64 app’s creator knew that when he began work on his brainchild. I’m still unclear on how a Commodore 64 emulator–one fully licensed by the relevant copyright holders–hurts the iPhone, iPhone owners, or Apple, though. Especially since other iPhone apps that use emulation techniques and which sound less delightful have apparently snuck their way into the App Store. Thinking about all this got me to thinking about the fact that the Commodore 64 was considered to have a lot of RAM (64KB) at a surprisingly low price ($595) back in 1982. The iPhone 3G S  has 4,000 times the RAM (256MB) for one-third the price (with an AT&T contract), and that’s not even taking into consideration the fact that it also has an additional 250,000 times as much memory (or 500,000, if you spring for the 32GB model) as the C64 in the form of its flash storage. Or that the starting price of $199 for an iPhone 3G S is really more like $90 in 1982 dollars. Did I mention that that the 3G S fits in your pocket? After the jump, what is almost certainly the most comprehensive comparison of the Commodore 64 and the iPhone 3G S that anyone has done to date. I’ll let you decide which one comes out on top.

The devices
Commodore 64
Commodore 64
Apple iPhone 3G S
Apple iPhone 3G S
Commodore BASIC 2.0
Apple’s iPhone OS 3.0
August 1982
June 2009
Closely associated with pioneering computer mogul of 1970s?
Celebrity owner
Big-budget TV ad campaign?
Catchy tagline
“What nobody else can give you at twice the price”
“The S is for speed”
Starts at $199
AT&T service required?
Yes, at first, if you wished to use a modem, since Ma Bell retained her monopoly on U.S. phone service until 1984
Yes, phone locked to that carrier in the U.S.
Dimensions and weight
I’m not sure, but definitely not pocket-sized
4.5″ by 2.4″ by 0.48″; 4.8 ounces
1.02-MHz  6502 6510
600-Mhz ARM
None included; cassette recorder and floppy drives available separately
16GB or 32GB flash memory
Screen resolution
Graphics chip
MOS Technology VIC-II; no 3D capability
Imagination Technologies’ PowerVR SGX with 3D capability
Sound chip
MOS Technology’s legendary SID
You know, I’m not sure, but whatever it is, it isn’t legendary
None as standard equipment, but you could hook one up via a peripheral called Computereyes
3 megapixel; video capable
None, which is understandable given that first GPS satellite went up in 1989
2 joystick ports; RS232 port; printer/floppy port; ROM cartridge slot
3G cellular; Wi-Fi; Bluetooth; dock connector
Use as wireless telephone nearly anywhere in the world?
Dial-up modem available?
Not yet, but we can always hope
Maximum data speed
300-bps, initially
7.2mbps, if AT&T ever supports it nationwide
Connect to Internet?
You like BBSs, right? Actually, people have not only connected C64s to the Internet in recent years
Yes, via 3G, Edge, or Wi-Fi
Use as Web server?
Not so far as I know Absolutely!
Supported by robust economy of third-party accessories?
Application store?
Yes, if Toys “R” Us counts
Yes, on iTunes
Total applications available
10,000 (that’s how many commercial apps there were according to Wikipedia; multiple commenters on this post say there were way more in total)
AOL software available?
Yes, AIM
Twitter client available?
Not back in 1982, but you’re good to go today
So many of them it’s hard to keep track
Ms. Pac-Man available?
Commodore 64 compatibility?
DRM-free music available?
Major Hollywood releases available  for download same date as DVD?
No, 1982 hits such as E.T., Tootsie, and Fast Times a Ridgemont High still not available
Yes (although E.T. and Fast Times at Ridgemont High remain unavailable)
Units sold
30 million since 1982
Any additions, corrections, or questions? Stop me before I compare the TRS-80 Model I to the Palm Pre–hey, Radio Shack has sold both of ’em…

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96 Comments For This Post

  1. Blair Says:

    You missed one. The Commodore 64 could play Commodore 64 games.

  2. Kevin Harter Says:

    Well, actually…. There are at least TWO web servers for the iPhone IF it has been jailbroken. Apache and Lighttpd are both available in Cydia and, probably, Icy.

    (Yes, I know that the 3G S has yet to be jailbroken, but all other iPhone OS devices have, so I think it deserves a mention.)

  3. Harry McCracken Says:

    @Blair: Good point-I added a row for C64 compatibility in general.

    @Kevin: Also a good point–when the 3G S is jailbroken, I’ll try to update.


  4. Josh Says:

    I’m fairly sure there’s a Cydia app which allows you to use an iPhone as a webserver. Haven’t used it myself, but seen it done (which makes “Use as Web server?” yes for both.)

  5. Brent Says:

    I just wish the iPhone had Big Mac The Mad Maintenance Man. That was the greatest C64 game ever.

  6. Yuce Says:

    Where did you get the figure for total applications for C64? It should be much more than 10000!

  7. Mark Says:

    Wait a second.. I have E.T. on DVD.. new and old version in a big-ass box set. It may have been a limited time release but it is available if you look.

  8. John Davis Says:

    Way easier to type on the Commodore 64 though, in fact at the time I owned one I was working professionally as a Police Dispatcher, a major portion of my job (It had many major portions) was teletype operator and the keyboards, save for the placement of a few, rarley used, keys like quotes, was almost 100% the same, the “Feel” of the keyboard was very natural to my hands..

    Alas, over time, however, I had to run programs that would not run on a C4/128 .. They only ran on a Poor Computer. so I had to downgrade, at the same time they changed terminals at the office, to an “IBM” type keyobard

    I can, if pushed, hit 100 WPM now days

  9. Dan Says:

    Inches and ounces – might be an idea to have metric too! My granddad might have’ll been able to understand it but not me 🙂

  10. Apple is not useful Says:

    You forgot to add freedom.

    Freedom to do what you want: C64 [X] 3GS [ ]

    Apple hates freedom and thus you aren’t allowed to actually use your phone in an inventive or useful way.

  11. Apple is not useful Says:

    The jailbroken comparison would be patently unfair because you violate both apple and AT&T terms of service by jailbreaking, you are effectively breaking the law (DMCA). Please compare the devices on legal affordances, not on illegal pipedreams.

  12. hoojamejubby Says:

    iphone web server…

  13. Dudeskee Says:

    The iPhone doesn’t cost $199. It costs $199 + 2 yrs. @ ~$80/mo = $2,119.

  14. Bill Says:

    Dude, you can totally have a compass on the C64. It just requires painful programming to erad the input from the RS232 port…

    Just buy one of these:

    I found one for $10 on eBay:

    Or one of these:

    …and have at it!

  15. Louis Says:

    If you’re going to use the subsidized price for the iPhone, it seems only fair to include the price of the required AT&T contract, as you can’t get one without paying for the contract.

  16. Rich Gautier Says:

    You missed an important one:

    1. Can write and distribute computer programs for, without having to go through some megalomaniacal corporate approval process.

    Commodore 64: yes
    iPhone 3G S: sigh

  17. Louis Says:

    Beaten to the punch!

  18. pbarthelemy Says:

    FYI : What cost $600 in 1982 would cost $1321.66 in 2008.

  19. Alex Says:

    Not to nitpick, but the C64 has a 6510 processor 😉

  20. Brett Says:

    i agree with an earlier comment. there should be a category for physical keyboard! (or at least keyboard type)

  21. joseph darling Says:

    Not to nitpick but the C64 didn’t restrict you from running or developing your own software, nor did it include DRM.

  22. chris Says:

    Sorry to break your bubble…

    Your link to Lindsay Lohan is from 2007.

    She has since upgraded to a Blackberry!

  23. Anonymous Coward Says:

    Someone on slashdot had a good point

    They forgot to include FREEDOM. You were free on the C64, no one could stop you from making applications, running them and distributing them freely to friends, who in turn, without big brother watching, could distribute your creations as well. You’re not even allowed ot run a python interpreter on the iphone.

    And don’t tell me about jailbreaking, jailbreaking is a DMCA violation and if AT&T catches you, you will be kicked off their network. You don’t have control of your device, with the C64 you did.

  24. Johannes Says:

    Nice comparison, made my day. 🙂
    I miss my C64!

  25. chefp Says:

    You need to compare the $595 price of the C64 with a contract-less price for the iPhone $599. Adjust for inflation, but don’t mix contracts with no contracts. Cancellation of a $199 iPhone w/ contract results in a barrage of fees. Cancellation of a C64 contract has no fees.. wait, there was never a contract for the C64 😛

  26. Zelannii Says:

    Cost should be $599-699 before subsidy. 2 year contract is NOT required as others suggest, it’s only required to get the $400 discount.

    At least 2 apps I have for the iPhone present web servers, both allowing content access and file upload/download within the specifics of the application’s needs via a simple web browser. A true web server, no, you can’t load your own HTML, but it does have a web server engine inside of it, and apps have been approved that make use of it.

    Oh, someone said you don’t have freedom, that you can’t create your own apps: For $100 you can create your own apps, apple approved or not, and distribute them to up to 100 people. Also, you can write a Java app on any web server and use the iPhone to run the java code, thereby running any app you want.

  27. Dahlerus Says:


    just a few nitpicks:
    – CPU frequency is 1.02MHz for the NTSC version, but it’s slightly lower at 0.985MHz for the PAL version over here in Europe
    – you left out some connectors: RF and Composite video out*, and a tape interface for the Datasette

    *you can even make/buy an S-Video adapter for the latter, the quality is much better than with RF 🙂

  28. Random Observer Says:

    Maybe the most significant difference:

    Being talked about (and missed sorely) more than 25 years after initial release!
    [X] C64 [?] iPhone

  29. Zibri Says:

    10.000 Apps?? Are you joking?
    From wikipedia:
    In total (according to Gamebase 64) there exist well over 20,000 unique game titles for the Commodore 64.

    And we are talking about official games.
    User coded games and apps total to over 100.000 !!

  30. holster Says:

    If it’s portability you’re after, don’t forget the ‘portable’ C64, the C64-SX:

    Well, as portable as computers got back then…


  31. SparkyTech Says:

    I used to run a BBS back in mid-1980’s on a C64 with a 20MB external Hard Drive (HD cost me $900!)

  32. Rob Says:

    You forgot to mention the C-64 Expansion port under connectivity. Also I recommend adding boot time as a category (C64 < 1 second) (iPhone = ?)


  33. Randy Parker Says:

    The C=64 was that price when first released, but the price dropped quickly. By the time it was as old as the iPhone is now, I think it was going for a similar $199 price point.

  34. Edison Says:

    Actually there are several web servers available for the iPhone legally through the App Store (ie. for legit phones :)). They mostly allow you store and retrieve files, but you can also host simple HTML content if you like.

  35. Nighthawke Says:

    Still being used to compose music by techno/trance/electronica artists in Europe (oh hells yes).

    Expansions for SID (The legendary HardSID and a few others that really make the little guy sing).

    Has GUI (can buy or DL GEOS for it).

    Memory Expansion (RAM expansion modules to 1MB, hard drive storage units, can handle IDE drives to 500gig, but then again, who has that many programs?)

    Game controllers (Standard ATARI interface, so if you got a good controller, it’ll like it.)

    Create artwork on (has some good applications still out there being improved on, the Euros are having fun).

    On Ebay legally, (at least count, over 411 with accessories and programs.)

    File sharing (Yes. We had a little ditty called Public Domain. You could go into a PC shop with blank floppies and come back out with a buttload of programs that were very nice.)

    Here’s the million credit question: Can it work with current TV’s without using a ton of adapters or the dreaded TV switch box (oh hell’s yes! There are gobs of conversion cables that switch to the analog standards commonly used today.)

  36. Turing Says:

    iPhones have been webservers for quite a while:

  37. Stephen Pace Says:

    Harry, you should consider adding a line for physical keyboard. Score one for C64!

  38. Mike Malone Says:

    You can definitely run a web server on an iPhone. It’s fairly trivial, actually. There’s a Cocoa HTTP server called TouchHTTPD that’s designed to be embedded in Cocoa applications. No jailbreak required.

  39. Jon Says:

    You listed the 3GS’ maximum data speed at “7.2mbps, if AT&T ever supports it nationwide.” In fact, the wifi is faster; with 802.11g the net bit rate is 54 Mbit/s.

  40. Bjorn Nitmo Says:

    There are 20,000+ games listed in the GameBase64 (see ) and arguably half again as many productivity-type applications so I would say your estimate of 10,000 total applications is off by a factor of at least three. If you include end-user written software, the sky is the limit.

  41. Brian Ashe Says:

    At least two web servers are available for non-jailbroken iPhones: ServersMan and Air Sharing (which is billed as an app for sharing files, but it’s really a WebDAV server)

    Interesting to note that the WWW came 9 years after the C64 and the iPhone was introduced 16 years after that. Who can imagine what kind of gadgets we’ll have 9 or 25 years from now?

  42. trans Says:

    Yea, try about 100,000 apps. Since you had a full basic interpretor at ones disposal upon boot many people wrote little fun apps all the time.

    I always wondered how a 1Ghz C64 would fair against today’s machines.

  43. cw Says:

    Way easier to program on a C64. Hands down.

  44. Derek Says:

    The first GPS satellite went up in 1978.

  45. LoadWB Says:

    Imagine, GEOS on the iPhone!

    A few random thoughts, the C64 has a joystick port (two, actually) for real, usable joysticks. Also, the C64 does network now C64 had several MIDI interfaces, the iPhone, sadly, does not. The C64 can use memory cards

    Probably more, but I have productive things to do right now 🙂

  46. Marek Staněk Says:

    Another cathegory:
    Commodore doesn’t purge your iPhone emulator off your C64, while Apple does forbid you from emulating a superior device. Even 25 years after its introduction, they’re afraid of it!

  47. cbm Says:

    oh another flaw… the userport can do 1200baud out of the box and with the code contained in the rom, not 300 … it was the commodore modems that initially could only do 300, but with third party modems you could also use 1200 from the start.

  48. Brian Says:

    How about an actual task that you would do on both machines? Typing! C-64 keyboards can allow high-speed typists to type in excess of 150wpm. I think the fastest iPhone typing was around 30 in some recent study (non-touch blackberry was over 80)

  49. @RelativeTheory Says:

    interesting… will the iphone hit the 30 Million mark too?

  50. Rio Says:

    The number of applications for the C64 is way more than 10,000, if you include the HUGE amount of public domain software relased on the machine.

  51. Cook's Codery Says:

    How about an estimate of the number of useful things you can do on one vs. the other? In about the same ballpark, I’d say. Which begs the question: what the hell did Apple do with all those MIPs and MBs?

    The C64’s 64K was the most optimally used 64K in history. Absolutely amazing. Nowadays, programmers allocate stack character arrays that big “just to be safe”.

  52. Per Schröder Says:

    You set the Commodore RAM size at 64kB. An interesting fact is that the iPhone 3Gs L1 cache size is also 64kB. The L2 cache size is 256 kB.

  53. George Says:

    The Commodore 64 size and weight is avaliable at

    40.4 (W) x 21.6 (D) x 7.5 (H) cm / 1820 g
    15.9 (W) x 8.5 (D) x 3.0 (H) in / 64.2 oz

  54. Miles Says:

    Yes, but can either of them run alternative OS’s? Linux?

  55. FMBodkin Says:

    I owned three computer langauage emulators that all ran on the Commodore 64. They were a C/PM cartridge, COBOL (Common Oriented Business Language) and PILOT software used mostly by school teachers. I am pretty sure you could also get a FORTRAN emulator. So the 10,000 programs that ran on the Native C64 is a drop in the bucket of what this wonderful little machine was really capable of running.

  56. Simon Says:


    Commodore 64 – Fully featured, full action keyboard.

    Apple iPhone 3G S – Man, WTF is this touch-screen bizzo? I’m going back to 1982!

  57. tom1950 Says:

    I still have a C-64 (2 of them), a VIC-20, and a rare SX-64 (5″ monitor, two disk drives, keyboard, storage area all in one case). There was also a keyboard overlay that let you practice the piano on it. The external port I used for attaching a Amateur Radio RTTY decoder.

    I don’t have, or want, an iPhone.


  58. Don French Says:

    Programmable right out of the box – C64: Yes, at the initial prompt! iPhone: Ha! You need to become a certified developer at the cost of $99 a year and you almost need a CS degree to get started with programming the iPhone.

    Great machine for kids to learn programming on – C64: Yes. iPhone: No.

  59. Dan Says:

    You need to state the color depth. I believe c64 is 4 bit (16 colors) and iPhone is 24 bit (16 million colors). Also, you should state numbers in the same units. Like RAM 64 kb versus 256,000 kb.

  60. Ron Breger Says:

    Maybe we can have an Apple II emulator for the iPhone 3GS?

    – Ron Breger

  61. Ugly American Says:

    The C64 can do 9600 with stock hardware if you turn off the screen (because the gfx chip DMA shares the main RAM and blocks the CPU) or 4800 without but that was not a common modem speed.

    With a UART chip it can do 115.2K.

    As a bit of trivia, the REU (RAM Expansion Unit) for the C64 & 128 has a DMA chip in it and can read, write or verify RAM at 1MByte/s which is 8Mb/s. Compare that to basic USB at only 1.5Mb/s (Hi-Speed USB 2 is 480 Mbit/s)

    But of course, the classic C= modem was the 1660.

    It let phone phreaks use all the phone company control signals by routing the famous C64 SID sound chip though it.

  62. mike Says:

    I remember when the Commodore 64 came out in the 1980s nobody in my school had money to buy it. It was too expensive back then.

  63. Simakuutio Says:

    And here’s something to entertain all of you:

  64. Yeahbut Says:

    And the purpose of this comparison chart? It’s not even funny. What’s the use of it?

  65. Olaf 'Rhialto' Seibert Says:

    From this list and the additional comments, clearly the C=64 wins 🙂
    And I can add as an additional comment:
    Do I want one: C64 [x] iPhone [ ]

  66. Paul Says:

    27 years make no difference!

  67. Captain Says:

    C64 > iPhone, any day of the week! iPhone’s mother was a hamster and his father smelled of eldeberries!

    C64 on the other hand knew what his favourite colour was!

  68. Petruza Says:

    Can stand several punches delivered when you lose in a game?
    C64: Yes. I verified it myself.
    iPhone: I highly doubt it.

  69. shailpik Says:

    Alright, that was an entertaining read, thanks to problogger for pointing (plugging? 😛 ) to it.

  70. Disputatore Says:

    That was a fun exercise 🙂

  71. John Ferguson Says:

    Instead of emulating, I wonder if it would be possible to have statically compiled C64 apps on the App Store.

  72. Keith Says:

    My brother and I LOVED our Commodore!!! I was pissed when we traded up for an Amiga! That thing was ahead of it’s time, but we lost all those floppy disks of games.

    Oh… and with the Commodore you go onto the Boards (ONLINE) with the 300 baud and the chat boards. It was all so cool and geeky!! Those days are gone, everyone is in. Facebook… iPhone… I love it all.

    Commodore needs to come back though in some sort of fashion… maybe some day.

  73. I still have my 128 Says:

    Did you mention external display? Both can display on televisions

  74. raspberryink Says:

    lol. love the chart! But somehow. . i still love that old tandy. the 13″ screen was huge!!!

  75. Drogo Says:

    Someday it would be nice to see a website for a large collection of C64 games for FREE download (without advert gimmicks), that would work on modern computers. Right now it seems there are only pockets of c64 games.

  76. DysfunctionalParrot Says:

    Glue a compass to the C-64. Instant upgrade.

  77. Terri Molini Says:

    The Commodore 64 has a compass. You just tape it to the outside of the box.

  78. Carter Forster (London) Says:

    Very clever. And now w/ Sony wanting to add a PHONE into the PSP Go!, it looks like it will be a whooooooole NEW battle of the antiques.

  79. iSee Says:

    I love it: the first piece of technology I bought and the latest — both tech icons for the ages and I love ’em both. I gotta give it to the C64, for paving the way and for the built-in keyboard 😉

  80. chrismckennaphotography Says:

    Some of the games I could play on the Commodore 64 were groundbreaking. Even though the graphics of today’s computers are much better, I would rather play the games of yesteryear on a computer that I loved!

    Chris McKenna

  81. shipiboconibo Says:

    @Apple is not useful – Some people are not afraid to break a broken law.

  82. Tuck Johnson Says:

    When God said “Let there be Light!” he used a C64 to turn them on. Now he just surfs for porn on his iPhone.

  83. D. Roderick Eamon Says:

    Interesting and funny! This article brought back a few fond memories I had. Just how many magazines are devoted to the iPhone? Commodore had at least three that I recall, and pretty much articles and columns in every major non-dedicated computer magazine available at the time (I know, I used to write two columns–one, Commodore–for the ‘big, fat magazine’ of the time). Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  84. Angela Brett Says:

    You should really compare the Apple iPhone 3G S with the Apple IIgs. I always write the iPhone model as IIIgs anyway. 🙂

  85. aaron edewards Says:

    It’s all about being first to market, my friends. That is why I sprung for a C64 and will likely never own an iphone

  86. Angus Wong Says:

    Well, at least BOTH the C64 and the iPhone run ARCHON… 😉

    (I’m not holding my breath for CYTRON MASTERS on the iPhone but it would be great. Any takers?)

  87. legal computer user Says:

    @Apple is not useful
    @Anonymous Coward,

    Actually, it is NOT a violation (at this time) of the DMCA to jailbreak an iPhone or any other phone. Apple is trying to say that it violates copyright, but no ruling has been made yet. (As of July 1, 2009) Unlocking a cell phone, on the other hand, is definitely legal because of an exemption in the DMCA, but that exemption is temporary. (3 years from when it started, I believe) After that, it needs to be renewed.

    Better yet, the DMCA needs to be reformed or abolished, because it hurts honest customers and inhibits research. The DMCA is very flawed and anti-competitive and it doesn’t stop pirates anyway. We need the DMCRA (Digital Media Consumers’ Rights Act)!

  88. nrr Says:

    Bah, the Commodore 64 can draw 3D. 😉 Meet “Edge of Disgrace” by Booze Design:

    For a video of the above, jump straight to for part 1 and for part 2.

  89. Al Boyanich Says:

    ERROR! the Big BreadBox (aka “C64”) had IEE-488 serial. If you wanted RS232, you had the choice of a VIC-II RS232 card in the user port, a MAX232 option or third party, all of which fit into the user port. Also there’s ethernet available via the TFE project. (The Final Ethernet).

    Also Upgradable CPU and RAM? Check. C64. Dunno on iYuppie.

  90. Luke Says:

    This is a fun story, thanks for writing it. For me there is another way they can be compared – The iPhone (and Macs too) make computing fun again. For so many years after the C=64 was phased out, there was this LONG dry spell where computers were so dull and uninspiring compared with the great Commodore. The new generation of Apple products makes me feel a bit joy like I used to when switching on that computer.

  91. Owen Godwin Says:

    No contest. C64… wins!

  92. John Doe Says:

    The price of $595 for the C64 was only true when it was new on the market. In the first year it already dropped down to ~$200.

  93. Elfin Slade Says:

    iPhone just sucks more and worse with each new model. not only is it plastic junk now, but the 3GS is no longer USB-2 capable, comparing with my beat-up 3G that connects at USB-2 using the same port and cable (and other ports/cables/computers)! 3GS can only do 1.1. lame crap!

  94. dreambox dm600 pvr Says:

    I'm fairly sure there's a Cydia app which allows you to use an iPhone as a webserver. Haven't used it myself, but seen it done (which makes "Use as Web server?" yes for both.) If you're going to use the subsidized price for the iPhone, it seems only fair to include the price of the required AT&T contract, as you can't get one without paying for the contract.

  95. lovechanel1913 Says:

    nice post, love it

  96. Paris Jada Says:

    I really like iPhone. This is one of my favorite gadgets and I thank Steve Jobs for creating this gadget.

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