Finally, a Second Android Phone. And a Good One.

By  |  Sunday, June 21, 2009 at 10:53 pm

myTouchIt’s finally official: T-Mobile has announced it’ll ship the myTouch 3G in early August. It’s the phone that’s also known as the HTC Magic–the second phone based on Google’s Android OS, and the first one that looks to be an impressive handset rather than an intriguing proof of concept. (The G1, the first Android phone is pretty clunky from a hardware standpoint, with battery life that’s iffy at best.)

T-Mobile is playing up the idea that the myTouch will be more customizable than the iPhone, via skins, widgets, and other interface tweaks. I haven’t seen any of these features, but they sound like a logical enough to the question “So remind me again why I should buy this instead of an iPhone?” Which is a query which every non-Apple smartphone must answer explicitly or implicitly. Palm’s Pre does so in part through having a strikingly different form factor than the iPhone; the myTouch looks a bit like a chunkier iPhone (it has a removable battery) with a smaller screen and more buttons and a trackball.

Like TechCrunch’s M.G. Siegler, I’ve been playing with a phone that’s essentially identical to the myTouch from a hardware standpoint–the Google Ion, which Google distributed at its I/O developer conference last month. It’s a pleasing phone that looks good and fits well in the hand–one of HTC’s nicest industrial designs. I still think that Android is a promising platform that’s still in search of major unique benefits to consumers, but perhaps T-Mobile’s customization options will help. In any event, it’s good to see a second Android device come out, even though the OS will only live up to its potential once there are lots of Android phones.

The myTouch will sell for $199 with a two-year T-Mobile contract; that’s the same price as the Pre and the 16GB iPhone 3G S.

Here’s a quick photo of the iPhone 3G S and the Ion–the Ion is black, but the myTouch will come in black, white, or “Merlot.”

iPhone vs. Ion


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20 Comments For This Post

  1. sfmitch Says:

    The Palm Pre is $299. The $199 price you mention is after rebate. Big difference.

  2. N Reddy Says:

    What about touch gestures like pinch etc. Is Google still timid?

  3. Dave Zatz Says:

    Can I have it? Now that I’ve unlocked my iPhone, I’m thinking of moving to T-Mo.

  4. Dave Zatz Says:

    I’d like to amend my comment. Can I have it *for two weeks? I’m reliable. 🙂

  5. TMO Says:

    no Qwerty?!? that will be a problem and i heard it doesnt have flash for the camera!! sounds pretty dissapointing to me

  6. HANCOCK Says:

    I cnt wait til this come out….I’m 222222222222 thirsty!!!!!! I got THE BEHOLD and its WEAK!!!!!

  7. Drooling Says:

    I love what I have heard so far. AT&T’s service is terrible despite it’s commercials trying to convince everyone otherwise. I really like the iPhone but as long as it’s paired with AT&T I won’t have one. What’s frustrating about myTouch 3G is the lack of information other than the 10 items they are promoting. What languages does it support? Any issues with unlocking for European (or world) travel? What type of apps make it appealing? Is battery life really better? How are the pictures if it really has no flash? Video? It’s very hard to determine if you should buy a “smartphone” that is expensive and requires a 2 yr contract if they don’t provide more realistic information to make the buying decision. That is more frustrating than the long wait between hype and release. As painful as the wait for the Cupcake upddate for G1 users.

  8. Krystal Says:

    I am VERY upset that this phone doesn’t have a Qwerty keyboard! Why leave that out??!! The least that T mobile could do is also offer its customers the chance to upgrade their G1’s for this model WITH THE KEYBOARD! When they do- I will be the first in line

  9. Shayde Loving Says:

    For all of you who are worried about there being no qwerty keyboard, their are applications that you can download from the market such as “Better Keyboard” which allow you to use a QWERTY and T9 keyboard. Though that should already be included in the phone.

  10. John M Says:

    I have been waiting to upgrade my phone when Tmobile would come out with something better than the G1. Im nnot sure the My Touch has anything more advance than the G1.Not enough imformation on the G3.Didnt make since to leave out the Qwerty keyboard. I guess Ill wait.

  11. Roberto G Says:

    My touch don’t sound too appealing…no qwerty sux, but good to know that the G2 is coming out soon, as well as the WING 2…I’ll just wait til then cuz this “My touch” looks nice, but lacks a lot…my advise…(WAIT)

  12. Dan Says:

    Uh, this is basically the G2. And you don’t need to download a keyboard app, the newest android software includes it.

  13. dgant Says:

    will this phone be hotspot capable?

  14. Brian Says:

    Qwerty is overrated. I’ve had several blackberries and one iphone. I also had the G1. I think I liked the iphone virtual keyboard at least as much as the blackberry curve qwerty keyboard.

    The Android UI is very nice but the G1 qwerty keyboard just SUCKED. The phone is just chunky and awkward. The keys aren’t very responsive. That chin was obstructive when I was trying to type. If the MyTouch virtual keyboard is as good as the iPhone’s then sign me up….

  15. mo3 Says:

    if the new htc phone has adobe flash ill buy it but if not then its still a piece of sh** iphone has it….

  16. Craig Says:

    Flash support is not a function of the phone, but a function of the OS. Like any NON-physical feature, video, soft keyboard… etc, it will be the same. What I wanted to see on the new android phone was a headphone jack. Until there are more usb compatible accessories for the phone, it just doesn’t make any sense to substitute the jacks. I’d imagine the processor on this phone is better than the G1. Not to mention a bigger screen.

  17. Ingrained Factual Info Says:

    I beleive in order for the consumer to make a good decision, they should have factual information from which to base their choice. No one has money to drop on a product that isn’t what they’re looking for.
    I think that T-Mobile (long time customer) should produce a fact sheet that explains all the features before the sales begin. I totally understand the marketing hype, because it boost sales, but let’s be real….our economy hasn’t finished wiping it’s ass from all the s_ _ _, that we experienced due to the last adminsitration and we’re all trying to spend money that we don’t have.
    Just don’t check your brains at the library, when this items hits the stores/online. Keep your money in your pocket, I’m sure that a bill will come with this one.

  18. Ashley Says:

    Will the price also be $199 for those already in a contract w/ T-Mobile?

  19. bob Says:

    i hear many people complaining about the missing keyboard. this is 2 make it much lighter than the g1. it will instead have a virtual keyboard on the screen. what im more curious about (this is probably a stupid question) is will the my touch need one of those expensive data plans? i cant afford an extra $30 a month and that sucks cause this is a sick fone!!!

  20. G1 Fan Says:

    I agree the keyboard on the G1 could be better however its not bad by any means. The angled end of the phone helps keep the screen from getting scratched if you lay the phone down on its face. I like an actual keyboard instead of a virtual one on the screen which is slow and often selects wrong key.

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