Ten More Super-Duper Firefox Add-Ons

By  |  Thursday, July 30, 2009 at 4:58 pm

Steve Bass's TechBiteI love it when you write and pass along handy ideas. After I wrote about my favorite Firefox enhancers,  I received hundreds of messages (okay, 50, but who’s counting) sharing other Firefox add-ons, extensions, and tips–and I’m successfully using many of them. Here are some of the most useful of the bunch.

But first some advice.

The day after I wrote about my Firefox favorites, the world almost ended for Firefox fanatics: A major security hole was discovered in Firefox. Great timing, no? Not to fret, if you upgrade to Firefox 3.51, the world will be okay again.

You’ll be happy to know if you’re still using Firefox 3.06 or so, all of the add-ons I mention will work. But if you’re a worrier, and already upgraded to 3.51, you’ll find a few won’t install. My guess is that individual add-on developers are working overtime to satisfy your overwhelming need for updates. If you continue feeling stressed, just up the meds for a week.

Most important is that you experiment with these add-ons and extensions one at a time. I don’t want to hear any whining (you will anyway, I know it) if you enable them all at once, cause new sunspots, and feel faint.

Let’s start.

* Deskcut adds something Internet Explorer users love: A way to generate desktop shortcuts by using a right-click context menu. Now you can resume making a mess out of your desktop. (Seriously, keep your desktop neat and clean; all those icons grab system resources.)

* I searched and couldn’t believe Firefox was missing a valuable Internet Explorer feature: A way to run a downloaded app immediately rather than download it. OpenDownload takes care of the problem by adding “Open with Win32 application” from Firefox’s download dialog. [Thanks, Todd.]

* I recently talked about sites that tell me the time anywhere in the world. FoxClocks is handier: It puts customizable world times a click away in Firefox’s status bar. [Thanks, Bill W.]

* Page Info is an overlooked feature built into Firefox. Go to Tools, choose Page Info, and click the Media tab to snatch items off the page that are otherwise difficult to get. [Thanks, Todd.]

* Want to do something at a site that insists–no, demands — you use Internet Explorer? Use IE Tab, a simple extension that lets you open a tab that emulates Internet Explorer. Take that, IE! [Thanks to Grant Van Weerdhuizen.]

* If you want to open up a bunch of tabs with specific links, and on specific days, install Morning Coffee. About as close to Maxthon‘s Groups as I’ve seen, it stores sets of bookmarks and opens them on specific days. For example, I can look at financial sites once a week, say Fridays only, my fav video sites on the weekend, and check sports scores on Sunday. Way cool. [Thanks again to Grant.]

* Tab Mix Plus is an essential add-on, one that I use constantly. The current version doesn’t work with 3.51, but Ivan Taylor told me about the stable development version–and it works just perfectly.

* Update Notifier automatically tells you when there are updates for your extensions and themes. [Thanks to Kirstie McKenzie.]

* I never bother with themes or overlays that change the look of a program. I always figure that whatever the program gives me is okay. Yet Todd said Qute 4 and Kempelton are better designed, with clearer, easier to spot icons. Todd’s right; I settled on Qute 4 and I encourage you to try it.

* Menu Editor lets you hide or rearrange nearly all of Firefox’s menu items, including the easy-to-become-messy right-click context menu.

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  1. Greg Kowis Says:

    You might want to try an experimental extension I found that restores the last tab close behavior of Firefox 3.x. The extension is Last Tab Close Button 0.2. There is compatibility issue with the current version of Tab Kit (0.5.6) but you can get version Tab Kit 0.5.7 which corrects the conflict.

    BTW: Tab Kit is what I have used to replace the functionality of Duplicate Tab which has not been updated for Firefox 3.5.


  2. Matthew Todd Says:

    Note on IE tab. It only works if your computer has IE installed on it (ie: you’re running firefox on Windows).

  3. ropata Says:

    My top 10:

    Adblock Plus
    Resurrect Pages
    User Agent Switcher
    Unhide Passwords

  4. catbert Says:

    > I searched and couldn’t believe Firefox was missing a valuable Internet Explorer feature: A way to run a downloaded app immediately rather than download it.

    Well, to me it always was a security feature.

  5. Rod Says:

    Until I saw people talking here about Firefox versions, Ive never thought about finding what version I am using. I have only one complaint about Firefox. I lose all temporary internet files [offline pages] everytime it crashes, not like Explorer. Firefox is great except for that. Is there a version of Firefox that has corrected this I should call ‘flaw’?

  6. Al Says:

    Nice article. Check out a new plugin called Lynki Conversations. It lets you see everyone’s comments while you are browsing any site, article or video. Here’s the link – https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/13313

  7. Dana Says:

    Most of my favorite add-ons load on Fireofx 3.5.1 including Billeo. It is a free browser plug-in that manages passwords, saves receipts and auto-fills forms, making online bill payment a breeze. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/12715

  8. Nashy Says:

    I couldn’t live without the NASA nightluanch theme, I’ve always had a suspension that the default theme and layout put people off Firefox before they even learn how to tweak and customize it.

    Then there the customized main toolbar and bookmarks bar where I have icons of my frequently used sites and also where I drag things I don’t want to forget about.

    Adblock Plus is a good one, as well as handy things like tab shuffling and Stylish (which allowed me to remove the vertical scroll bar and dotted focus lines). I open lots of tabs so I’ve got a ‘New Tab Button’ which opens Google (home page) automatically when I open a new tab.

  9. Rick Says:

    One of the best I have found is Ghostery. It informs you of trackers on sites and can also be set to block them. These “trackers” can follow you around the net to see what you are doing and where you have been. There are 5 on this page. Big brother is watching you. lol.

  10. Илья Says:

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