Apple Music Event Coming in September?

By  |  Thursday, August 13, 2009 at 12:12 pm

apple-logo-2[UPDATE: Yup, Apple is holding an event on September 9th. Technologizer will be liveblogging it–join us!.]

MediaMemo is reporting that music industry execs have been told that Apple is planning to hold a music-themed event next month, although details of what would be revealed were not given. Such news shouldn’t be all that surprising: Apple has typically over the past few years held some type of music-themed event in the month of September.

One company that’s probably not all that happy that Apple is swooping in during the month of September is Microsoft, who is rumored to be launching its Zune HD player September 15. Depending on the timing, any announcement or product release could overshadow Microsoft’s latest attempt at the mobile music space.

Some educated guesses on what could be released at the event are new Nano and Touch models with integrated cameras — long rumored to be added to either product line after photos of cases with holes for camera lenses popped up earlier this year.

MediaMemo is also guessing that since the music industry was alerted, Apple could release its “Cocktail” album format. This new format would expand the traditional digital album to include special features and interactive content.


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  1. cm Says:

    what about The Beatles on iTunes? Whatever happened to this well-worn rumor? Maybe now that the Beatles on Rock Band is shipping, we finally get to buy the music over again, legally.

  2. Harry McCracken Says:

    Microsoft may not be HAPPY with Apple doing an event in September, but Apple iPod events in September or thereabouts are a fact of the universe, so it can hardly be surprised. Maybe it’s betting that the Zune HD will look good enough in comparison to whatever Apple announces that the publicity will help rather than hurt…


  3. AJ Says:


    Precisely. Every geek and every company out there knows September is iPod month. No one should be surprised at all. I actually think Microsoft announced the ZuneHD details now before Apple takes over the press next month.

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