A Blockbuster Deal for Motorola

By  |  Tuesday, August 18, 2009 at 12:32 pm

blockbusterSelect Motorola phones will gain the ability to stream “thousands” of movies to their devices from Blockbuster’s OnDemand video service under terms of a deal announced on Tuesday. An OnDemand application would be preloaded onto these phones from the factory.

Details are rather scant, and it is unclear at this time exactly which models would gain the new feature. Consumers would have the choice to either rent or purchase titles outright from Blockbuster.

The deal is potentially a very positive one for the movie retailer, considering the bruising battle with Netflix that left it in poor financial shape and near to bankruptcy. If successful, it would add a much-needed revenue stream and put the company ahead of competitors in a still largely-untapped market here in the US.

Blockbuster had made it a priority earlier this year to expand its reach to as many devices as possible. It appears that the service would be available regardless of cellular provider as it is a Motorola-offered feature.



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  1. Technology Slice Says:

    Now they just need to expand it to other brands like Nokia.

  2. Daniel Says:

    It’s doomed before it even started. Neither company has shown that they are capable of executing this very difficult, very niche market and very expensive idea. The best company capable of doing such a huge undertaking is Apple, since ther already have many of the backend, massive audience and hardware to do this (iTunes, iPhone/iPod touch, datacenters) and even they are staying away from this right now. This will certainly change once video is able to stream thru http as Apple has planned. So neither Moto or Blockbuster are in a position to do anything like this. I hate companies that talk about pie in the sky ideas that you know will fail. Just a bunch of money being wasted again

  3. vacation market Says:

    Blockbuster Deal for Motorola will help Motorola wake again on mobile phone markets. Now we only hear Nokia,Blackberry,iPhone in ear of consumers not only in US, but around the world.

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