Facebook is About to Get Better on the iPhone

By  |  Tuesday, August 18, 2009 at 9:38 am

Facebook LogoI’m not sure if I’d rate Facebook’s iPhone app as one of my favorites, but it’s definitely among those that I admire most–it’s an ambitious and thoughtful recreation of much of the social network in phone-sized form, and it feels both like Facebook and an iPhone app. Facebook has submitted a new version to the iPhone App Store, and AppAdvice has a preview with screenshots. It’s got the new Facebook newsfeed, “Like,” events, and more, and generally looks impressive.



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  1. Marc Says:

    Yes I always use this app. Top on my request list would be uploading multiple photos, copying events into the iPhone’s calendar, the ability to add a comment to a wall post (currently you can only add another wall post).

    Push – not to bothered about that. Do I really want my day interrupted by someone writing on my wall? I guess some people do!

  2. Matthias Says:

    It’s about freaking time! The facebook app right now is a nightmare: “Marie commented on you note” click on that and it takes you to… nope, not the note, but Marie’s profile.. it’s all wrong wrong wrong.. That’s been driving me up the wall for way too long!

  3. jltnol Says:

    I agree with Matthias

    it SUCKS now.

    I could have designed a better app… and I’m not even a programer…

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