Microsoft Upgrades Windows (Live) Movie Maker

By  |  Wednesday, August 19, 2009 at 6:23 pm

Windows Movie Maker Movie Maker–the Microsoft movie-editing application that the company has yanked out of Windows 7 and bundled into the suite known as Windows Live Essentials–is out in a new version today. details the changes, which are plentiful. Microsoft also has a Movie Maker site up with even more info (which, incidentally, requires Silverlight).

When Microsoft announced it was removing Movie Maker, Windows Photo Gallery, and Windows Mail from the OS last September, I thought it was a great idea, even though the name “Windows Live Essentials” continues to confuse me. (Windows Live is Microsoft’s name for Web-based services with at least a tangential relationship to the OS–except when it decides to apply it to downloadable traditional software such as Movie Maker.) Bundling applications with Windows was ninety percent downside: They tended to fester, rarely showed much ambition,  and were basically uncompetitive with the best apps from other companies. (Worst-case scenario: Windows Paint, which has changed remarkably little in almost a quarter of a century…although the Windows 7 version does get a new interface.)  I haven’t tried the new Movie Maker yet, but I’m glad to see that it’s on its own upgrade regimen–and hey, it even beat Windows 7 to the market. (The new version works with Windows Vista and 7, but not XP.)

Here’s a screenshot:

Windows Movie Maker


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  1. Dave Zatz Says:

    Windows Movie Maker has been a quite nice (and free) app since the XP days. Just goes to show that Microsoft has had trouble marketing things like these against iLife, as most folks have never heard of or used it. I was bummed when they killed analog recording in Vista – wonder if it returns.

    Speaking of iLife, been looking at the Panasonic DMC-TS1 but it looks like I’d need to upgrade to handle the HD video. :/

  2. Mindy Johnson Says:

    I have windows vista. And yes, I have windows live movie maker on my computer. I use it all the time to make videos for I want to update or upgrade it. But how? Where do I go to, to upgrade windows live movie maker?

  3. Video maker Says:

    These will be no advantage of making windows movie maker!
    I am using Ezvid and it is awesome !