Facebook 3.0 for iPhone is Here

By  |  Friday, August 28, 2009 at 8:40 am

Apple has approved Joe Hewitt’s Facebook 3.0 for the iPhone, and it’s now available in the App Store. Among the numerous new features: It’s got support for Events and video uploads, lets you “like” items, has a newsfeed that looks more like the one Facebook gives you in your browser, and sports numerous little interface tweaks. It also offers landscape mode in most areas, a feature that wasn’t supposed to show up until the next version.

The app isn’t perfect–it doesn’t let you view Groups as far as I can tell, and there are places where I found the user interface a little confusing (although I have that problem with Facebook in general–hey, maybe it’s me). And so far, I haven’t been able to get one of the most interesting new features–the ability to phone or SMS friends–to work. Overall, though, it’s among the most impressive and feature-rich iPhone applications to date, with an interface that intelligently melds an iPhone sensibility with Facebook’s own feel.

If you give it a whirl, let us know what you think…



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  1. DaveZatz Says:

    “there are places where I found the user interface a little confusing (although I have that problem with Facebook in general”

    Yeah, their full blown web page requires constant, regular access to master I’m thinking. Which is why I’ve been enjoying the iPhone client. It’s much more streamline and I can actually find stuff. I downloaded 3.0 last night but didn’t do much with it. I could see my photo albums, but I haven’t yet discovered a way to see friend’s albums. Maybe that’s me too.

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