Your Apple Event Predictions: The Tally

By  |  Wednesday, September 9, 2009 at 1:41 pm

Apple Music EventOn my way into this morning’s Apple music event, I told a fellow attendee that those of you who participated in our survey yesterday had collectively predicted that Apple would announce an iPod Touch with a camera and a version of iTunes with social networking features, and that Steve Jobs would make an appearance. “I think they got two out of three right,” I said. By which I meant that I thought the Touch and iTunes predictions were spot on, but that Jobs would most likely not preside.

Turns out that you did get two out of three right–but you were right about iTunes and Jobs, and wrong (like most everybody else) about the Touch. You were also wrong (like many folks) about the iPod Classic being discontinued, but it was a squeaker: 51 percent thought it was toast, and 49 percent rightly believed it would stick around.

Only one other thing came to pass that you thought wouldn’t: An overwhelming 75 percent of survey-takers predicted that there wouldn’t be an iPod Nano with a camera. Apple, it turns out, thought otherwise.

Okay, so those results fall short of being uncannily accurate–at worst, they’re comparable to those of most big-time Apple pundits. You guys ever thought of doing this for a living?

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