Emo Labs’ “Invisible Speakers”

By  |  Tuesday, September 22, 2009 at 11:03 am

Demo LogoBack at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, I got a preview of Emo Labs’ technology for building nice-sounding speakers into the bezels of HDTVs (and, eventually, notebooks, phones, picture frames, and other devices), providing a high-quality audio experience without the bulk, hassle, and expense of external speakers. Emo tied with Palm’s Pre as my favorite CES debutante, even though it wasn’t on the show floor and wasn’t widely covered.

The company just announced the technology more formally here at DEMO, and I’m still impressed. In January, representatives told me that they hoped the technology would show up in TVs for the holiday season, but it could slip into 2010. They didn’t mention a timeframe during their DEMO demo, so I’ll try to track ’em down and get an update. Whenever it shows up, it should be neat.

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