AT&T Manages a Successful iPhone MMS Launch

By  |  Tuesday, September 29, 2009 at 1:46 pm

att_header_logoI will eat my words, somewhat at least. After launching MMS for the iPhone on Friday, it appears AT&T has managed to launch the functionality without much of a problem after all. Yes, there were some hiccups and glitches, but nothing widespread from what we can gather.

My own personal experience with MMS has been positive. Friday was bumpy from time to time, including one or two messages that seemed to take minutes to send. But none of them failed, and to my knowledge every one of them made it to their destination. I could complain about Apple’s implementation of MMS, but hey that isn’t AT&T’s fault.

I’ve received some reports from my Twitter followers (shameless plug: @edoswald) which reported some problems early on:

User @CanonThom:

“An MMS message sent to a non-updated iPhone disappears. Sent to a non-iPhone but still AT&T seems to work. Non MMS texts work fine”

User @walter_theman:

“my signal is fading in and out, mms will send on occations and others get the red !”

AT&T’s Facebook page is also abuzz with some problem reports, but nothing that seems overly serious, here’s a roundup of the most common issues:

– Problems with receiving MMS from Verizon
– Problems sending MMS to Verizon (I have received/sent fine here)
– Intermittent failure to receive or send MMS
– Slowness in sending (I’ve seen this)

In the interest of fairness, AT&T contacted us shortly after my initial post asking to be able to respond. I have been in contact, however I haven’t received any official response as of yet. When it comes I’ll be sure to update this post.

I’ve also asked for some idea on the added strain on the network, which was apparently one of AT&T’s chief concerns when MMS was first announced for the iPhone earlier this summer.

Are you having problems at all? Have they been resolved? Let us know in the comments.


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2 Comments For This Post

  1. Eyhk Says:

    I haven’t upgraded yet (don’t want to lose my jb on my 3gs) but I had general network issues starting Friday afternoon. Regular text messages came in 30 minutes late and calls just wouldn’t go through. This was all on the AT&T network, my wife desperately trying to get a hold of me after work from her iPhone to mine.

  2. KMan Says:

    I am experiencing some delays. Girlfriend just tried to MMS this morning 50 minutes ago, and it still hasn’t come through. Her Blackberry even confirmed delivery. I don’t seem to have a problem sending, although it takes a little longer than usual. All in all, a great update…really like the format.