Twitter to Get Lists

By  |  Wednesday, September 30, 2009 at 6:20 pm

twitterlogo For a service that’s famously slow to add features, Twitter is being awfully public lately about its to-do list. It says it’s working on a fully integrated way to retweet other folks’ items. It’s spoken of geolocation features. And now it says that it will soon add lists–basically groups of Twitter users that any Twitter user can create, and which are public by default. The Twitter API will let developers of Twitter applications, sites, and services get access to lists, too.

It sounds like at least a partial solution to a major problem with Twitter: The service provides no good way to find interesting people to follow other than its Suggested Users List, which is dominated by people who happen to be really famous. (Here’s Robert Scoble’s entertaining rant about the SUL.) If Twitter has no immediate plans to compile more sophisticated, diverse lists of smart users, why not let the users do the job themselves?

Twitter Lists

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