10 Awesome Free Wii Browser Games

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URL: http://bit.ly/eastgame

Less of a game, so to speak, and more of a slow descent into madness, East requires the player to keep running west while a clock ticks down. To restore time, there are coins to collect and enemies to stomp along the way, but inevitably the background imagery changes from friendly to downright freaky, and the eastern border of the screen creeps up and overtakes you. I can’t really tell if this is a bad game or an art project, but it’s worth checking out either way. One tip, though: While moving, press “1” for a temporary speed boost.

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  1. Jason Tanner Says:

    “perhaps realizing that only a fool would pay $5 for it.”

    Right, because Youtube and Huluu are the only two reasons to want an internet browser, and clearly $5 is far too expensive. Either you’re a teenager or incredibly dumb, in either case you should take a writing class. Also, not insulting most of your readers with a comment like that, might get you more traffic; might.

  2. Jordan Says:

    Perhaps you should take a writing class. Comma splices are grammatically incorrect. Let's not forget the spelling of Hulu. Bash freely, but only insult someone's grammar if you know the rules yourself.

  3. erik williams Says:

    clearly… jason has no idea what you meant. Jason the point is $5 is too expensive and its pointless. Add it all up and its just too much money for a company to make off of us. Secondly its sarcasm when he talks of only two reasons for surfing the web on a GAME CONSOLE… its for gaming. But if it connects to wifi and gets internet the only useful thing it can do is watch friggn hulu or netflix. Attacking someone who gives info to those who need it or te casual internet surfer who stops by is pointless and reflects your maturity. Get off the computer go to the mall and make some friends. You might actually get a personality, might!!

  4. Jared Newman Says:

    Jason, there is a difference between “too expensive,” which I never said, and “not worth paying for,” which is what I implied. I could charge you $1 for my belly button lint, and while I’m sure you could afford it, you’d still be foolish to take me up on the offer.

  5. Browsergamer Says:


    I don’t think anyone paid the 5 dollars for it. It’s just pointless.

    Great to hear they changed it.

  6. That Free TV Site Says:

    Free crappy Wii games

  7. browser-games Says:

    5$ for this old game? too expensive for me

  8. Ian Says:


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