Eliminate Pro: Is This the iPhone’s Quintessential Shooter?

By  |  Tuesday, November 3, 2009 at 7:54 pm

eliminateproA new game called Eliminate Pro surfaced in the iPhone’s App Store yesterday, and it finally delivers everything the iPhone’s OS 3.0 update and faster 3GS model were supposed to provide.

Eliminate Pro is a free-to-play first-person shooter. The plot is minimal — you’re a test subject at a weapons development company — and the play is basic, pitting you against a few other players in simple deathmatch arenas. You need at least an iPhone 3G to play, but you get better map rendering on the iPhone 3GS. Graphically speaking, the game has a solid presentation and looks a bit like Quake 2 in terms of detail.

But what’s most interesting about Eliminate Pro is the business model, made possible with OS 3.0. There aren’t any ads, and it never costs you anything to play, but if you want to gain experience points and in-game currency for buying and upgrading gear, you’ll need “energy.” You only get enough energy for roughly a half dozen rounds, after which you’ll either need to buy more with real money or wait for about four real-world hours. A basic unit of energy costs $1 and lasts you for another half dozen rounds or so, though you can buy the stuff in increments of $10 or even $40.

So this is the iPhone’s new free app with in-game purchases model, but does it work? Sort of. I’m happy to keep the game on my iPhone, but I’m not tempted to buy more energy. The cost to keep earning experience and credits is simply too high — games go fast, so you could easily burn through $10 in a day — and there’s no option to pay once for all-you-can-play. The controls also need more customization, as I couldn’t quite get comfortable enough to achieve the lightning-quick response needed to feel like I’m playing a legitimate first-person shooter.

But for now, this is as good as it gets on the iPhone (disregarding Doom Classic and Wolfenstein 3D, which get special classic status). Eliminate Pro uses a business model that’s in line with the iPhone’s dirt-cheap economy, and it’s perfectly serviceable for a few minutes of fun. It may not be a great game, but it’s a good snapshot of where iPhone gaming stands right now.



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  1. Zeep Kneppler Says:

    I don’t care what you say! This app is the best Evah! I don’t buy energy yet it is still great. You upgrade and buy new armor and weapons. You can also tailor your guns for higher damage, clip size, etc. I love the charge. I am addicted to it and since I don’t want to buy more energy, I am not playing it nonstop.

  2. Marc Says:

    Pay As You Go? Forget that!

  3. Phillip Says:

    This game is amazing. Great gameplay, fun, quick matches and death and destruction of noobs. The issue is the pay as you go energy charges. I think there should at most be a monthly/weekly fee to play, not a recharge fee. I mean like a dollar for a week, because anything else is too much. I would have even paid a one time fee of something in the neighborhood of 9.99. Great game, just what i was hoping for on the Iphone platform.

  4. Justin Says:

    Yeah I agree they shoulda just charged ten. Because I won’t buy more energy at that price. I’ll just play a little at a time or against bots.

    They should add online for only energy-less people

    add me justinsean Im leval 5

  5. Damien Says:

    You can play online even if you dont have energy the only difference is you dont gain credits for upgrades. Its continous play, they also give you 30 cells each day to recharge your energy.. a full charge from empty is about 12, its not bad al all.. try it before you knock it.. You can also just pay $8 get a 210 cells and ration it.. thats what I did.. between recharge and free 30 cells per day.. it will go a long way..

  6. Joe Says:

    Damian, you do NOT get 30 cells for free each day. where on earth did you get that idea? that would destroy ngmoco’s cash flow entirely!

    you get 30 free cells ONE time when you first sign up. after that, gotta pony up for wimpy upgrades and lame guns. I’m waiting for real quake3arena to invest my dollars.

  7. Jacob Says:

    So I love this game but have only ever played with bots. When I tried to play online it told me to signin I forgot my info so just went to make a new acount but it won’t let me pick anything for a gamername. It’s not just because they are taken either iv tried jfubkcfubv and it didn’t work. It said internal error. It doesn’t recognize my email adress and I even deleted it and reinstaled it but it’s still not working. I’d really like to play can anyone help??? Thanks

  8. game45 Says:

    im trying to log into game45 but it wont work it only says invalid and im doing the right name and password and i do forget and i did the correct email and it wouldnt work my name is game45 in the game please help me

  9. Jason Says:

    I you guys actually downloaded (free!) and tried the game, it says very clearly in the weird intro movie that you can still play online without energy!!!!!!! You jut dont ‘win’ anything like you would with an energized suit

  10. basenurface2013 Says:

    add me basenurface2013

  11. Jake Says:

    you guys should add me so we can play some private matches sometime


    see you guys on eliminate

  12. Eliminate Pro ID: Soto187 Says:

    Great game pretty addicting but once you run out of energy to play for credits really takes the fun of upgrading your character. Hey EGMOCO why dont you have a monthly fee or something like that to make the game better. And listen to the what players feedback. Love the game tho’ good job. But if any of you out there want me to hand your butt to you just hit me up i’m Soto187 and you’ll get what the Charger’s did to the Giants this weekend, wee!

  13. Aljed Says:

    I love this game. though i have difficulties in controlling the game. i will expect that coz im a beginner. please add me up.


    lets play Eliminate then….

  14. Mike Says:

    This game is wonderful. The energy recharge isn’t bad personally, as I only play it during my down time at campus. 15 minutes until my next class? I hop on and play, get my three games in, then usually after my next 2-3 classes (on a long day) I’m ready to go again. Awesome game for people on the go.

  15. Zechariah99 Says:

    This game is sweet, by far the best game I’ve played on the ipone. I was wondering if you can sell your upgrades back? But anyways I love this game and I also agree with everyone else that the poweer cell thing is kinda a drag,, they should sell it for a 1 time fee of somewhere in the range of $9.99-$14.99 Id actually pay it if I had unlimited access. I thought it was realy cool that they made the energy refill wait 1 hour instead of 3 and half hours for a limited time? Thats cool

  16. ultimateshotta Says:

    Anyone can help with which weapon is the deadliest. As in which one should i keep upgrading and using?

  17. EH-t4b Says:

    making a clan called eliminate hoes if interested go to
    become a member and tell me your epro username, ill add you.

  18. Jacob Says:

    ultimateshotta I really like The shotgun. I just keep making it more deadly.

    Also I was wondering how you shield bash sombody?? I was just shield bashed and they killed me first hit. Thx

  19. SuperGirl Says:

    Anyone wanna challenge me? My username is vivianw ! Do you dare??

  20. rbatrack Says:

    Hey anybody want to play me????
    Plus+ username/ eliminate username: rbatrack
    Level: 35 currently
    Skill: about 6900
    Favorite weapons: rocket launcher, plasma cannon, gravity hook, and antimatter
    Armor: airborne with diamond coloring

    *Try good armor combinations with weapon combinations for example tanker with plasma cannon and gravity hook
    *Sniper with upgraded cloaking with autorifle
    *in tank level if you spawn in the main room go for the bezerkey sheild, if you spawn in one of the rooms with liquid go into the water becuase their are some of the best powerups in their such as health recharge, another beserker shield (far back corner in one or the rooms), cloaking powerup, and damage amplifier. Be cafeful while going into water to watch your air and watch for people on land that could shoot you in the water and kill you.
    * IMPORTANT TIP!!!!: never stand in the same place for more than 5 seconds, if the beserker sheild isn’t their don’t wait more than 5 seconds for it or else you will get killed and chances are the person who killed you will get the shield before you.

  21. Anthony Says:

    “The controls also need more customization, as I couldn’t quite get comfortable enough to achieve the lightning-quick response needed to feel like I’m playing a legitimate first-person shooter.”

    >>> Um, perhaps you just need practice, friend! Or need to invest some money/time into building your character. Once you’ve upgraded your speed (i.e. armour, reload and/or firing rate) the response time is very fast.

    This is an awesome game, and I just hope that enough people get impatient and reach for their wallets to keep it free for me!

  22. Miguel Says:

    I dont think you really need any money at all to play this game. I’ve had it for about half a day and, using nothing but the timed charges and energy pack things you start out with, i’ve managed to get to rank 6 already and have pretty good gear. And even when i don’t have any energy, i play without it just for fun and practice. I’ve already had to recharge me iPod in the time i’ve had eliminate (which has been only about half a day) twice because i can’t stop playing!

    *goes to play eliminate* >.>

  23. Miguel Says:

    And Jacob, in order to shield bash someone, just find a berserker shield powerup and ram into them. It’s almost always a one-hit kill, and very helpful against enemies that have high defense/firepower that you might not be able to kill otherwise.

  24. Jim Says:

    This game is a blast and can be enjoyed without spending a dime. Not many games can boast this many hours of play without paying. I finally found the forums at eliminatepro.com.

  25. mayhemskull Says:

    For an i-pod game it rocks and it’s free. I kinda like the energy thing cuz it keeps me from playing too much (there’s no way I’m spending a dime on fake energy, I only like paying for a game once, so if it’s free that’s even better). If you upgrade your standard suit does it affect new suit you get???

    add me. mayhemskull

  26. Jim Says:

    The original forums didn’t really have a moderator so the new forums are at forums.eliminatepro.net

  27. the juggler Says:

    i love this app! the person who wrote this article did not put in the necessary hours to become a pro at the game like i have!

  28. Bob camron Says:

    Awesome game i love the controls add me manny41 Level 22

  29. Kill Says:

    Awesome game it is in ny top10 at number1

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