TomTom Puts the U.S. on Sale

By  |  Friday, December 11, 2009 at 2:48 pm

GPS kingpin TomTom, which released its much-awaited iPhone version back in August for $99.99, has a new version out today for $49.99. The difference? The original edition (which remains available) covered the U.S. and Canada, and the new one is U.S.-only. It may not technically qualify as a price cut, since you get less for your money. But it does feel like a telling reaction to the extreme price sensitivity in iPhone appland, as well as the arrival of cheap GPS apps such as MotionX ($3.99 to buy, then $3.99 for any month when you use it).

Next question: What happens to TomTom and Navigon and AT&T and Networks and Motion and even MotionX if Google brings its free version of Google Maps with turn-by-turn directions from Android to the iPhone?


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  1. ediedi Says:

    Off-Topic: Harry can you please add a button to switch to the full version of the site on top of the mobile version? As it is now I have to scroll a long way to the bottom to find it. It has become very ackward to read technologizer from mobile safari. Thanx

  2. Songleek Says:

    I think that Google will make it very difficult for TomTom but that MotionX is better an different and will do well as the alternative.