Name the Apple Tablet, Win a $100 Apple Store Gift Card

By  |  Tuesday, December 29, 2009 at 11:18 am

When the biggest news story involves speculation about the name of a product that may or may not exist, you know it’s a slow news week. So let’s turn iLemons into iLemonade and have a little contest.

What will Apple name its tablet? Please register your guess by adding a comment to this post–one guess per entrant, please. Once the tablet is unveiled–assuming it does get unveiled–we’ll check all the comments. And if anyone got the name right, we’ll give that person a $100 Apple Store gift card. (Consider it a down payment on the Apple tablet if you like.)

It’s OK to guess a name that someone else has already entered–if more than one person has the right name, we’ll do a random drawing that will include everyone who predicted correctly.

If you can’t think of a name that seems likely–well, enter one that seems unlikely. Or wholly implausible. (It’s possible you’ll still have a shot at winning–see rule #3 below.)

The fine print:

1. The names “iSlate,” “iGuide,” and “Magic Slate” are being widely bandied about; you can enter them, but you might just end up being one of many. We’d love to see other names get nominated, too–lots of them.

2. We’ll judge the contest and announce a winner–if anyone gets it right–within 48 hours of the day Apple actually announces the tablet, if it does.

3. If Apple announces a tablet and nobody got the name right–or December 31st, 2010 comes and Apple still hasn’t announced a tablet–we’ll do a random drawing that includes all entrants.

4. If you enter more than one guess, your entries are disqualified.

5. The judges’ decision is final.

6. Be sure and use a real e-mail address when you leave a comment; it won’t show up publicly, and we’ll only use it in the event that you’ve won the contest.

7. Have fun!


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93 Comments For This Post

  1. kentkb Says:


  2. Guy Tolstead Says:

    How about the name “iScribe”?

  3. Jonathan Says:

    iPod Slate

  4. Joe Says:


  5. abhisek Says:


  6. Cherman Says:


  7. Michele Says:

    iCommand (10 Commandments were delivered on two stone tablets)

  8. SteveBob Says:

    iPod Touch Jumbo D-Lux

  9. GregPC Says:


  10. Relyt Says:

    iTouch – overly complicating the situation since many incorrectly call their iPod touches iTouches

  11. Andrew Says:

    It’s got to be the iPad.

  12. GT3 Says:


  13. Amos Says:


  14. Craig Schatzman Says:


  15. SamF Says:

    Apple Tablet (as in Apple TV).

  16. SamF Says:

    Apple Slate

  17. AngelJjr Says:


  18. Backlin Says:


  19. Jeff Lomax Says:


  20. Gloria McIelwain Says:


  21. Beerhouse Says:


  22. SupremeGeek Says:


  23. Thomas Traub Says:

    Got to be iPad

  24. Matt Says:

    Newton (2?)

    (Why not? They already own the trademark.)

  25. Tom M Says:

    Apple iRoll

  26. andy Says:


  27. jose Says:


  28. rushbc Says:


  29. Phil Says:


  30. Callmeishmael Says:


  31. Callmeishmael Says:


  32. Callmeishmael Says:


  33. Callmeishmael Says:


  34. Julian Says:

    iTab (not likely, but it sounds better than “iTablet”)

  35. Dan Says:


  36. richard baguley Says:


  37. AOK Says:


  38. tazzelrik Says:


  39. Bill Hays Says:


    (Because they’re already selling a MacBook)

  40. GregPC Says:

    maybe the iGasm given how excited people are about it.

  41. Hamranhansenhansen Says:

    I think it will be the return of the “iBook”.

  42. Elliot Says:

    How about the MacSlate?
    How about the MacTablet?

    I know that we’re not supposed to do 2 so anybody else can use these if they want. I’m giving the, FULL permission.

  43. L1A Says:

    iBook, Applet

  44. DZ Says:

    I’m iRate! And iPoop on you! 😉

    (Still think iBook is the best bet.)

  45. RSW Says:


  46. Jerry Limonta Says:

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    Maybe some cool video or pics you’d like to add to our community?
    Share with us here:

  47. Matt Stein Says:

    Apple View

  48. Christopher G Says:

    Perhaps they will stick with the Apple theme and use iSlice or just plainly, Slice. I also think iCore works quite well.

  49. Tom B Says:


  50. Dattatray Jadhav Says:

    ifun tablet

  51. Raven Says:

    iSlate… Sorry but when they REGISTERED A TRADEMARK it makes it pretty obvious that that’s their most recent-known choice…

  52. Cllzzrd Says:


  53. ReynaldoRiv Says:

    Apple Reader

    Way better than iSlate which reminds me of the Flintstones, an image I’m sure Apple doesn’t want conjured up.

  54. Elliot Says:

    I didn’t read the rule correctly and posted 2 names. So, I’m abandoning MacSlate and MY OFFICIAL GUESS is the MacTablet.

  55. cajundog Says:

    The IPeel

  56. Gordon Meacham Says:

    WiiWait & wait & wait. (Actual guess at bottom)

    Seriously though, Steve is trying to change how people read – everything. And though the “fan-boy” haterz want to call it the iJob(s). “iSlate” seems very un-Apple regardless of the predictions. Nonetheless the fatigue is setting in has made the “iDontCare” an option on CNET.


  57. Marc Says:

    iPod Big Hands Edition

    Seriously, I think it will be iPad. I know others have also said this, but it seems to fit with iBook and iPod. It has to be one syllable.

  58. prolly right Says:

    It will be called…


  59. Kevin Says:

    I think it will be named the iPadd.

  60. Andrew Leal Says:


  61. Sam Khurgel Says:

    MacBook Touch

  62. Charles Says:

    the iASTBIESAR (as in iAmStupidToBelieveInEverySingleAppleRumor)

  63. Vin Dee Says:


  64. Aaron Neyer Says:

    Ipod Touch Mega



  66. Thomas Wood Says:

    How about….iport?

  67. Sheena Says:

    iSlate!! =)

  68. Balazs Says:

    Apple Slate

  69. anthy Says:

    I’m going to go with iSlate.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  70. Dennis Says:

    I go with AppTab

  71. Lily Kwan Says:


  72. tim Says:

    i like macbook touch

  73. nrnd Says:

    MacBook Table

  74. macguy Says:

    MacBook Slate

  75. wanda Says:


  76. Joe Says:

    ipot, utab, shetab, altab
    iwow, iwaw, alwaw
    ypod, ypad, allpad
    icoke, ucook, apok, appok.

  77. dennis jung Says:

    Itab… 😛

  78. Senth Says:

    (i.e., a page from a notebook)

    You guys are quite creative!

  79. robert couillard Says:


  80. Jerald Lutgring Says:


  81. ApplePie Says:


  82. WDM Says:

    The “ione”, and this is to be pronounced I-1

  83. Marcos Benevides Says:

    The iBook, definitely.

  84. Yossarian Says:


  85. Shawn Says:

    It will be the iSlate.

  86. Gary Violette Says:


  87. War Says:

    It’s going to be the macbook. They pretty much so axed most of the line as it is and moved most of the consumer devices under the macbook pro name. Also, the price point is probably going to be around the same as the macbook. They wouldn’t have two of their product competing with each other for essentially the same market. Also, the gray outline on the invitation is similar to a line art for the macbook. It could be total crap but that’s my logic.

  88. Poulpette Says:


  89. TheSource Says:


  90. Dan Says:


  91. marc whitehead Says:

    The Canvas (hence the paint splodges) … I don’t even think it will have an “i- “

  92. Ian Says:


  93. Marius Says:

    So who won this contest? No news in over a month!