Your Tech Wishes for 2010

By  |  Thursday, December 31, 2009 at 6:39 pm

We’ve done predictions. I made some resolutions on behalf of the PC industry. And today on Twitter, I asked my pals to share their own personal wishes for 2010.

Here (after the jump) is what they had to say–once you’ve read their hopes, dreams, and ambitions, share your own in the comments. Happy new year, and thanks for being part of the Technologizer community.


that the Apple Tablet finally comes out so we can stop making up rumors every quarter!



My tech wish for '10 is that US tech gets back to innovation instead of social networks and SocNet add-ons.



My #1 tech wish for 2010, that social media stops being antisocial media, that people truly connect, not broadcast



For the US to properly use tech in key areas like security and healthcare. No excuses anymore-it's necessary.



Hmmm. Off the top of my head- Google Voice allowed in the App Store.



Google buys Open Office and gives Microsoft some serious competition.



Flying car. Now.



my #1 tech-related wish for 2010: iPhone and Verizon sleep together. #ServiceOnDCMetroPlease



for me it would have to be the rollout of 4G/LTE and having access to true mobile broadband.



my tech-related wish: the MD offices would start adopting
the same scheduling technology used by



that my cheek learns not to hang up on people while I'm
talking on my iPhone. (Proximity sensor needs tweaking I think.)



#1 Tech Wish (#2) Is (Real) Competition For Google. Their Footprint Is Going Virtal & Thoughts Turn To Monopoly Concerns...



#1 Tech Wish: Apple To Revolutionize The Netbook/E-Reader/GPS Market With An (iSlate) Tablet That Offers True Convergence.



(True) ubiquity of access to TV shows on the Internet! None
of this 'don't put anything online until DVD release' crap.



I want the MS Courier. Seems far more useful to me than
just a tablet, and can double as a capable eBook reader



I don't know about 2010, but if I could find a likable combo tablet AND e-reader with great/replaceable batteries: SOLD.



I wish for a better AT&T Network (so I can get the full benefit from my iPhone)! Happy New Year!



I would like a slim, tablet like device that will spit out free money at the touch of a button anytime I want it



off the top of my head. An official Blackberry Twitter client
with all the bells and whistles and compatible with my 7130g.



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5 Comments For This Post

  1. ReynaldoRiv Says:

    I forgot one more wish! I want Apple to name their tablet the Apple Reader so that I can win that $100 gift card!!

  2. Sir Pent Says:

    I want a new Mac laptop to make recording our LIZARDS FROM AFAR music faster and easier. You can see what I’m talking about for free over at:

  3. Shane Says:

    I want affordable solid state hard drives with atleast 500 gigs of space.

  4. A Real Black Person Says:

    Shane you are the man.

    I thought the worst thing about Apple’s Ipod models was that some of them had a spinning hard drive. A spinning hard drive in a portable device is just asking to be broken.

    I want serious work to be done towards a viable quantum computer. I believe Google’s working on it but I wish development would pick up pace.

  5. wm coverdale Says:

    An aftermarket AM FM car radio with a flash hard drive, capable of recording at least one hour of audio with the ignition running or turned off, to enable you to play, pause, rewind, forward, 30 second forward, 10 second rewind any AM or FM program you did not want to lose when you had to leave you vehicle or were otherwise distracted.

    I am amazed that this TIVO audio experience is not routinely offered on new cars.