What’s Your Favorite Tech Product of All Time?

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Over on Twitter (where I’m @harrymccracken), I asked my pals to tell me what their favorite tech product they’d ever owned was. I got scads of responses–and while this wasn’t a contest, the iPhone/iPod Touch got more mentions than any other item. Take a look at the Tweets after the jump, then chime in by leaving a comment about your most-loved gizmo, gadget, PC, software, or service…


Panasonic Sr Partner. My first mobile computer. It had a plasma display, built in thermal printer, and helped me with my body strength.



Single greatest? That would be my previous laptop, hands down--ThinkPad X61



I would say its the WD TV HD media player. Completely changed d way v watch movies at home. Goodbye DVD.



It's a tie between my immensely useful PS3 (60GB) and the HP Envy 13 I won on Technologizer! Please don't make me choose!



My Motorola Droid -- it is as close to the perfect personal device I've found so far and it is only getting better.



Sinclair Spectrum 128k



Easily the iPhone. Didn't expect it to be, but no question that's what it's become.



my favorite tech product is Iphone for being my first Cellphone, Digital Camera, Ipod, Portable Game player and GPS.



Either my first Handspring Palm device back in 2000, or the iPhone. Both fundamentally changed my day to day activities.



Mine would be the Nokia 6600 that I bought in college about 8 years back. Used it as TV Remote, Mp3 Player, Calc, etc etc.



My favorite tech product currently is my TMobile G1. Its my everything. Only thing it cant do is make coffee..yet.



my favorite tech product ever was that casio watch I had as a kid with the calculator. I pretended it was a time machine.



My Macbook pro. Was a hard-core Windows user for years, switched in 2009 and haven't looked back!



Pretty dorky, but: my Sony Watchman (c.1987) was best tech gift ever. A 2



my old palm lllc and a nokia phone with infrared port wireless emails circa 1999 ahh sweet



It was my HP Jornada 547 PDA. Got me hooked on news from a device in my pocket. Loved it ever since (8 devices later).



easily the iPhone 3GS. Too much you can do with this incredible tool.



Way back when Microsoft had its cordless phone with a call center managed from your computer. Best phone ever, I miss it.



My favorite tech product of the past 5 years is the DVR. It makes watching TV possible again.



The Sega Multi-Mega. (Sega CDX in the US) That was an awesome machine. Actually it still is. And you can quote me on that!



It is my G1, I am learning something New everyday, and that is Awesome!



Definitely the original GameBoy. Clunky, ugly, but you just knew it was where things were headed. Revolutionary device.



The Sharp PC-1500a. Writing adventure games in BASIC was my 1st programming experience



Sega Dreamcast. Not only did it suck down hours of my time, it innovated the console game market to the online world.



My Amiga 1000. It easily saw me through college and yet was so much fun!



generically, cell phones. specifically either my macbook or my xbox 360, probably the latter. maybe NES - too hard to tell



My old Acer C110 tablet PC. Cost too much, but was the most flexible and usable computer I've ever had. Even with WinXP 🙂



My sony ereader. 600 books in something the size of a reporters notepad.



IPOD Touch all the fun of I-Phone w/o the pain of AT&T



snoopy snow cone machine!! 🙂



the Form 2 by Jimmy Jane



Bose QuietComfort head phones (QC2 to be exact). Pure bliss!



Archos Jukebox 10GB HDD MP3 player. The thing was a tank—indestructible, and lasted me 4+ years before I retired it



my iPhone. for the first time I understood why I need a smartphone / pda. before that they were all toys to me.


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8 Comments For This Post

  1. Craig S. Mullins Says:

    My pick would be the IBM mainframe (starting with the System 360 in the 1960’s and continuing thru to the current z10).

  2. Lazlow St. Pierre Says:

    Either my PlayStation 2 or my Amiga 1200.

    They provided me with more value for money than any other electronic gizmo I have owned.

  3. ReynaldoRiv Says:

    The best responses are OBVIOUSLY the Snoopy Snow Cone Machine and the Casio Calculator Watch Time Machine. (^~^)

  4. Dave Barnes Says:


  5. Zatz Says:

    Sorry I missed the question. Over the years, I’ve owned many products that have inspired awe and joy while solving a problem in a better way. The Palm V and my first digital camera were pretty astounding in the late 90s. Years before that, the first Nintendo was great. After, my first Sidekick was also amazing. AIM from the car?! The last couple years, the Xbox 360 has been my favorite though – awesome collaborative gaming, movies on demand (rent/purchase or Netflix), and Windows Media Center extender. It also plays back sneaker net file from USB. Slim it down, silence the fan, add a Blu-ray drive and I’d buy one for every room.

  6. Andrew Edsor Says:

    Psion 3mx (after a Psion 3 and 3c). It proved to me that PDAs were truly useful and that it was possible to build a reliable easy to use computer.

  7. wmcoverdale Says:

    The PVR. I have the Dish 722. The ability to watch a TV program whenever you wish, and fast forward through commercials is for some a life changing experience.

  8. Robert Leax Says:

    Im surprised… for me its the HD tv’s. I can’t see myself watching a football game or playing video games on a 20″ anymore. The cell phone??? now my wife can call me whenever she wants (i have to leave it “at home” sometimes) The computer??? they keep on evolving through the years. The internet??? thats a close second.