Last Call for Apple Tablet Predictions

By  |  Friday, January 22, 2010 at 9:38 am

Final note: If you go here and spend a few minutes helping us guess what Apple’s tablet will be like, we’ll enter you in a drawing for a $100 Apple gift card. We’ll tally up your entries into an aggregate tablet prediction, and publish it next week before Apple’s event (which we’ll be covering live).

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  1. Steve Holman Says:

    OK… this came up top of the list on glims for “apple tablet predictions”. Don’t know why it says, “be first to comment”… sort of strange.

    Here’s my prediction: Everyone’s talking about which network it will connect to; the possibility of tremendous apps; virtual keyboard; multi-gesturing etc.

    I say all of that, obviously. But the REAL change will be handwriting recognition, translated optionally into a document with “hand-shortcuts” and gestures for formatting the doc.

    ALONGSIDE that will be the capability of being, (or just plain being) a graphic artist tablet, and perhaps a mild engineering interface as well. In other words, from designing new widgets, layouts, sketch/drafting/CAD… to graphic arts or just plain doodling, the tablet will do all of the above including translated handwriting.