TechCrunch Hacked

By  |  Monday, January 25, 2010 at 11:29 pm

Uberblog TechCrunch appears to have been hacked. At the moment, I’m getting either a blank screen or a “We’ll be back shortly.” message. Right before that, though, I got this (bad word censored by me, but I bet you can figure it out): looks like a porn torrent site or or somesuch–all I know for sure is that it looked so disreputable that I turned around and left within seconds of getting there.

And…the site’s back up. At least as of this moment. Details on what happened to come, I hope.

[FURTHER UPDATE, 12:20am PT: It’s down again.]

[EVEN FURTHER UPDATE, 12:56am PT: Site’s down, new message is up.]

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  1. Jimmy Burnett Says:

    TechCrunch getting hacked isn’t really big news. In fact websites getting hacked is so common now everyone is used to it. You just expect to get hacked… 🙂